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Pandora Dari Hong Kong
 Like I told you in my previous entry that I will write an entry about what I got from Hong Kong. 

Here goes...

One the first day that we came to Hong Kong, after putting our bag in the hotel, we decided to walking around and checking their shopping mall (which was next to our hotel on which we didn’t know until much later) and planning to buy some groceries such as eggs, bread etc. Although halal food is easy to find but we still need those basic food for our bekal and also you know la tengah-tengah malam tiba-tiba lapar and still jugak bawak mee in my mug lagi. So anyway, on the way to their supermarket, we saw a Pandora shop, so we browse around and took their booklet for the season. Dalam bilik hotel beside looking at their booklet, we went and check the internet. Husband I cakap, why don’t you beli sebijik charm bracelet so that bila you tengok, it will remind you that you bought it in Hong Kong. I told him, I planned to buy something as a reminder too bu…