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I was supposed to update my blog and tells a story la (konon) but since lady of leisure nie tiba-tiba wandering around a lot lately, makanya blog beliau di tinggalkan tanpa rasa belas kasihan.

There had been a lot of things going on last week, with the killing in Norway which came as a shocked to everyone around the world. The country that was supposed to be one of the safest and peaceful in the world turned out to be so tragic, all because of a one person. And then, the demised of Amy Winehouse which comes as a no surprised, to most people. So these past days I went and watched in youtube her last concert in June at Belgrade… Oh dear, teruknya, she appeared to be drunk and dazed. As much as she tried to sing, she stumbled and can’t remember the lyrics to her song. On top of that she got booed…

Anyway, we didn’t go out last weekend like we usually did for my snapping moment. I was so lazy to even get up from the bed. All I did was berbaring sambil berangan berada di kayangan memikirkan …

Suami Dan Emosi Ini..

I was so lazy to update my blog these past few days.. Kalau lama x berblog bila nak start balik jadi malas la pulak. Beside, I’m having those unpleasant moment which come every month la kan.
So as usual bila “bestfriend” I datang lag, I akan terdampar menahan kenikmatan yang berpanjangan ini. Disebabkan nikmat yang sangat, I tak dapat tidur satu malam. I don’t want to take the pill tahan sakit because nanti jadi kebiasaan and I tak berani nak minum-minum or try petua-petua sebab knowing how sensitive my stomach is. Selain dari itu, I rasa pedih-pedih ulu hati macam gastrick and kembung-kembung perut. I guess it comes with a package.
Since I tak dapat tidur semalamam, around 7 or 8am in the morning baru la mata I mengantuk. Sebelum pegi kerja husband I tanya nak makan apa.. I said I don’t know because I tak ada selera nak makan apa-apa. I tak nak makan makanan kat luar, so I told him nanti I try to wake up early and cook for us.
Dia balik tengahari, I masih terbaring sebab tak larat …

Ke Pesta Flora, Putrajaya

I woke up early last Saturday morning to cook a breakfast. Yeah, I know BREAKFAST! I sangat-sangat jarang breakfast. Tapi haritu, I siap buat nasi goreng lagi. Lagipun, we had planned to go to the Flora Festival at Putrajaya. We were supposed to go last week but due to the berSHIT’s perhimpunan, we decided to postponed it. After breakfast, I was looking through my wardrobe to see what I’m gonna wear and I saw one nice t-shirt in yellow colour. Then I pikir, huh! I don’t want to wear this colour shirt/t-shirt, nanti orang ingat I nak buat perhimpunan haram kat situ pulak since orang ramai, furthermore it happened just last week and still fresh in anybody’s mind. No way beb! I tak akan support dengan yene ma yang terang-terangan menghina agama suci I dan kumpulan-kumpulan yang berkompromi dengan beliau.
Emo la pulak, anyway, we went out around 11.40am. We reached there around 12.30pm or less, I can’t remember. The weather was cloudy, due to the haze but still panas and as usual la kan b…

Dear Zura/Zue-Rogue

Dear Zura/Zue-Rogue,
Thank you so much for the nice comments.
I’m touched with the wish on my jodoh and I really appreciate it very much. Terasa bagai ada gelombang di tekak ini...hehe..
Don’t be sorry for having those beautiful emotion because I know you are a sincere person, I can feel it (psikik la pulak).
Thank you for reading my blog yang tiada istimewanya ini. It is a great pleasure for me to share some of my personal life story with you.
Last but not least, thanks a million time, for accepting me (my personal life story) for who and what I am and not judging me...

A Sweet Gift

Last week my husband came back as usual for lunch. Just before lunch he got up from his chair and went back to the door. I was wandering what was going on. Then he surprised me with a gift of a Floral Collection Rose Soap from Marks & Spencer, RM25. From his eyes, I can see the anticipation of what my reaction would be. I was not expecting at all. Then I gave him the biggest and the sweetest smile that I can muster of and kiss his cheek. I told him I love it and thank you so much and that he shouldn’t bought it, as we just bought a few toiletries two weeks ago which can last me till end of August.
He said don't worry about it and that when he walked past the M&S on the way back, he remembered that I love this kind of stuff and thought he should get something for me. And from now on, every month he will buy a different floral collection soap such as Lavender, Magnolia etc. or any kind of toiletries, so that I would always have a stock ready whenever I want to use it. He is s…

Ungrateful People!

Last Friday was my last day ganti puasa.. horaayy… finally abis jugak... I lost about 1 kg those three days but gained it back today..damn it! Not much happened to me last weekend as we’re just stayed at home due to the berSHIT group roaming around our capital city causing all the commotion around. Such an ungrateful SOB!
Talking about ungrateful, there is a lot of "frustration" “little people” around who always think that they are the victim or victimised by the system so on but little did they know that they are used by certain politician who are another SOB who is greedy and not satisfied until they are in power.
These “little people” are so easily influenced, closed minded and never venture out of their country or even if they do, they are just plained ignorance. I’m sure they don’t know what they are actually doing, I can assure you that. I’ve not travelled much but I’ve been to a few countries, met and experienced all kind of things. I remembered when I was asked wher…

Being There For A Friend

Remember there was one line of entry that I mentioned about how I went to see a close friend, that she cried on my shoulder for the longest time and that I can't tell you what was the reason? And also about another entry that I worried about things too much? Yeah, it was about her. I’ve known her for about two years and she is a nice, helpful and kind person. Because of her kindness sometime people tend to take advantage on her. From time to time we would meet up in her office just to talk and she said she enjoyed my company. But this past month, she was having some personal issue and it took a tremendous toll on her, mentally, emotionally and somewhat physically. We would leave and replies each other’s messages and she would poured her heart out to me and as a friend I would try to soothe her pain and from time to time I would give her lots of motivational talk. She would be saying how it hurt so much or that how sad she was. Sometime she would cry when she think about it and as…

Puasa Ganti Hari-Hari Terakhir

I was supposed to write an entry about other stuff but since I puasa ganti hari nie, so I told myself might as well I ikut tema..wah.. nak buat entry or publish entry pun ikut tema-tema la kan.

I have three more days to go, meaning this friday will be my last day. I serik la, tak mau lambat-lambat ganti puasa lagi. Lepas raya nie nanti I akan ganti cepat-cepat. But actually kalau nak ikutkan two months ago I sepatutnya dah abis ganti tapi disebabkan oleh gastric yang teruk terus I stop half way. I hope this time I will be ok Insyallah..
So gambar nie was my makanan berbuka puasa petang tadi and merangkap sahur untuk pagi esok. I masak simple aje but husband I was so excited, nak makan nie la itu la..macam la dia puasa haha.. Pagi esok dia suruh I kejutkan dia sebab dia nak sahur sama-sama so that tengahari dia tak payah balik lunch.

Anyway, pagi tadi lepas sahur I jalan-jalan kat blog yang I selalu pegi then I decided to masuk kat blog yang famous itu. I pernah masuk blog dia sekali dua …

My Amnesia Girl

Last Friday while flippng through the channel, I decided to check on astro box office’s movies for this month. Selama nie I jarang tengok astro box office movie although melanggan tiap-tiap bulan. I tengok ada satu cerita baru nak start, cerita Philipine bahasa tagalog tapi ada subtitle english la kan, kalau tak sure tak paham. I baca synopsis, macam biasa je… Then memula, ingat nak keluar dinner but I macam tak ada hati nak keluar beside tak tau apa nak makan, so I tengok movie nie sambil lewa on the first few minutes but after that oh dear….I terus hooked on it.
Cerita nie sangat sangat best. I ketawa terbahak-bahak, tersenyum malu and menangis berjuraian air mata. This is one of the best romantic/love story yang pernah I tengok. Cara pertemuan, percintaan berkasih-kasihan, dialog yang sungguh-sungguh kelakar dan cheesy serta syahdu membuat I terbuai bersama arus perasaan yang sarat dengan emosi ini. Tidak memerlukan pelakon yang handsome atau cantik atau berdarah campuran, menambahk…

Ke Taman KLCC

Yesterday, Sunday, we were planning to just stay at home since Saturday dah pegi zoo and snapping around but as usual mesti tak ikut plan. Around 3pm both of us keluar without breakfast and imagine betapa kosongnya perut. Mula-mula nak makan kat Cosy House than we changed our mind since nak ber snapping kat KLCC, jadi might as well pegi je terus ke situ. We decided to have our late lunch which was around 3.30pm at Little Penang. Lepas makan terus keluar ke taman KLCC.
I have never venture out to taman KLCC nie because I only do my shopping or makan-makan indoor aje. So this was my first time ever! Can you believe it after years of going to KLCC! At first I have no expectation of what I’m going to find as I saw the scene at the fountain was not as desirable as I expected, air fountain tak ada, maybe malam kot baru ada. Then I saw lots of foreigners and local alike lepak-lepak kat tepi fountain yang tak ada air fountain tu. The weather was hot as usual and I sweat a lot although it was a…

Ke Zoo

Yesterday which was Saturday, we went to the Zoo. Yeah finally after puas di pujuk oleh peminat Animal Planet itu. My husband has been hinting to me about visiting a zoo for as long as I can remember. But I always find an excuse not to go there. After much persuasion and begging from him, I decided to give in to him. We went out quite late around 2.30pm to have our lunch and reached the zoo around 3.30pm. We were told that the daily show was around 11.00am and 3.00pm. Well, we obviously missed it but we can always go anytime we want as it is not far from our house. Anyway, the ticket was RM15 per person. Opening hours is from 9am to 5pm.
Masuk aje, wahh.. tiba-tiba I jadi so excited. The last time I went there was in 1992 if I'm not mistaken. That was a very long time ago. When I saw the animals in the cages suddenly I feel so sad. It broke my heart to see them in such a small confinement/area, not much space to move around and was separated from their cousins around the world. Esp…