Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Case Of Overlooked.....

Case No. 1

Last Friday morning like any other morning, the moment I open my eyes the first thing that I think off and grab is my Mr Lappytoppy. I went immediately to my facebook click on my Farmville and cafeworld. But I noticed the movement of my cursor was so slow and suddenly there is no sign of it anymore. I try to move it around but it still wouldn’t work. I have no choice but to unplug it because I can’t even go to the start. Then I switched it back on, everything works fine but the cursor won’t appear eventhough I try lots of time to move the mouse around. Dalam hati I sudah berkira-kira that I’m gonna get a new one..wohoo... It is not that I don’t like or appreciate my current awesome laptop Sony Vaio , 16.4-inch WXGA (1600 x 900) but the thought of that I’m able to get anything easily due to my well..charm/manipulative way, yeah I admit ;P so I don’t really have a panic attack. I’m just so worried about stuff that I DL, pictures, my writing and all the website that I save in favourites if I have to reformat or send it to the shop.

I called up my husband and told him about it. He said not to worry and just wait for him till he got back. Meanwhile I went to my huge desktop which I rarely or hardly use in the study room to check on my farm and my cafe. After playing a while, I decided to do something else because I’m not use to sitting around, although the executive chair is huge and comfortable (yeah this ma’am is so lazy when she’s online that she is basically lying down, moving around in every position and every angle that she can fine and offcourse on bed). So I decided to continue with my baju melayu’s (lelaki) homework so that I don’t have to kelam kabut come Tuesday. Beside I learnt my lesson well of not to postponed or only do my homework at the last hour.

So when my husband came back for lunch, he went straight to my Mr Lappytoppy that was in the bedroom while I was outside doing my dressing making etc. After about a minute, he called me and told me it was ok and there is nothing wrong with it. I was surprised... there goes my impian to own a new lappy hahaha... He told me there was no problem with it because he can easily move using touch pad and the only glitch was... well.... THE MOUSE is not working anymore. Damn! How can I not realised that?? Then we changed the mouse...tada... it works wonder! Bloody hell... there I was worried about the stuff in my lappy (no, I don’t have any naughty stuff there..) and not knowing what was wrong with it all morning/afternoon.

Case No. 2

Still on the same day. I was not happy with the contact lenses that I just put (change monthly) on my right eyes. It has been acting out on me. I felt so uncomfortable and it was so annoying. It’s like there is a dust or sand. I blinked a few times those past few days but to no avail. Most of the time I see rainbow or some kind of piercing light and it makes my eyes itch and at the same time hurt too. I complained to my husband and we planned to go to the optical shop that I have been going for the past years this coming weekend.

Then after lunch I decided to put it the lenses on. (I was wearing my speck all morning/afternoon). I decided first, I need to check and see what was wrong with it (now why didn’t I think of it all this while?). When I went and check my right lenses, I was so surprised because it was tore and huge in the middle. I almost want to shout because it caused me a lot of discomfort not to mention the emotionally side of it... Damn! Like I said, how can I not see it, I did kinda sorta look at it before but didn’t see anything wrong with it. I guess I didn’t check it thoroughly. Then I called up my husband and told him what was wrong with it and he sound almost disbelieved. Before that he already told the optical staff of the problem and they told him to bring me over and to check my eyes and try the other type of lenses. And they thought the one that I’ve been using for many years now doesn’t suite me anymore. So when my husband went there in the evening to collect the rest of the new contact lenses, they were asking where I was because they thought I would come too and my husband told me about it and I guess they were laughing their arse off of me hahahaha...

I was wondering why can’t I think of something as simple as those two “incidents”? I guess I was so busy thinking about other bigger stuff that I overlooked or missed to see or not able to resolved a simple thing as that.

Me: Update from a hotel room ^^

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Adnan Sempit

After reading about lots of enticing review about cerita Adnan Sempit nie yang rata-rata mengatakan cerita nie sangat best dan sangat kelakar, I decided to watch it myself but I have some reservation, knowing how filem filem Melayu yang sungguh suck selama nie. Please don’t get me wrong, I bukan nak simply condemned but those who knows what I’m talking about would understand.

So dua hari lepas with not much anticipation and hope that I would enjoy myself, I told my husband that I wanna watch this movie. Terkejut yang amat dia, he didn’t expect it at all. He asked me again, what, are you sure? I said, yeah..I wanna watch this movie while trying to look serious but there is a hint of grin at the corner of my lips. Then after work dia pun beli ticket and around 8.30pm both of us keluar rumah.

Sampai je kat situ, dia kata nie mesti tak ramai sebab masa dia beli ticket earlier on, cuma dua row je yang ada org booked, itu pun sikit. I kata, hey, orang siap beratur la nak tengok movie nie. I kata, tengok tu..ramai orang tengah tunggu time nak masuk. Dia kata no...orang nak tengok cerita lain. I kata wanna bet? Bila dah masuk duduk, hah..ramainya. I kata so? what do you have to say now, sambil mengangkatkan kening I hehe.. Ada orang ada siap bawak baby umur 3 4 bulan and budak 3 4 tahun. I kata sudah dalam hati, sudah! nie mesti ada adegan menangis and kejar mengejar.

Anyway, the movie was supposed to start around 9.30pm tapi ada masalah technical so lambat la start. And sebelum tu ada snippet utk movie yang lain sebelum ada glitch and tekejut most of us bila ada sorang mamat nie bertempik, I mean really bertempek dan gelak bising-bising. Baru tengok gazette cerita lain dah kecoh and it was not even funny. I cakap kat husband I abis, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy it with this bloody monkey around.

Ok I nak comment kelemahan cerita nie dulu yang sepatutnya pengarah kena pandang. First, just because orang tu kaya, must they makan anak beranak kat tempat mewah? Apa salahnya makan dan berborak kat rumah and also berkain pelikat ke, it would be more natural. Asal kaya je, mesti makan kat restaurant hebat (yang part anak beranak la, yang part Nadia ajar Adnan tu tak pe sebab lojik). Second, when you compete and bid for the same tender, takan you nak share information with your rival and do your work together eventhough he/she happen to be your bf/gf? You are competing with each other for God sake! Lastly, takan la company akan terus approve one tender even before checking/reviewing/comparing etc. terus agree at that very moment, which took like a few second. It took days/weeks untuk agree and bagi tender kat mana-mana company. I yang surirumah nie pun tau... Lain kali analyse betul-betul, bende kecik-kecik macam nie walaupun kecik tapi penting untuk mengindahkan lagi jalan cerita. Don’t make us feel like we are stupid!

Now the best thing about this movie;

Start-start aje cerita nie dah kelakar... Oh my God, it was soooo hilarious...funny yang amat. I never expect it to be this giler kelakar... adeeihhh... Dari mula sampai abis I gelak sakan..apalagi mamat mereng kat belakang, macam nak pecah, suara dia ketawa yang sungguh exaggerate itu, belum lagi part dia sibuk bagi comment meraung kat movie tu... gila tak?, mesti mamat nie mengalami depression yang sungguh hebat. That is why he is acting like that. Anyway, sambil menonton sambil tu la budak umur 3 4 bulan tu menangis hahahhaa..then budak yang umur 3 4 tahun bekejaran kat bawah... Ya Tuhan, what an experienced it was...hahahaha... I pun tak tau nak cakap apa...

Back to the movie, like I said it was soo bloody crazy hilarious... Pelakon semua best-best and semua berjaya menjiwai watak especially Adnan/Shaheizy tu. Watak dia selamba je dan tak membosankan langsung...Serious, sakit muka I gelak, satu panggung gelak wooo...I had such a great time watching this movie and I’m glad I did. I suka walaupun cerita ada yang tak lojik tapi tak lojik itula yang membuatkan ianya menjadi. It was so believable. I suggest korang tengok la cerita nie, I pasti you all will agree with me. Cayalah, every minute and second of the movie will make you laugh or giggle. Sampai ending pun cerita nie masih buat I ketawa terbahak bahak, kelakar yang amat. I keluar panggung pun masih gelak lagi... Oh, watak Jofri tu meloyakan tekak I, macam lakonan zaman batu je, lakonan anak orang kaya yang di buat-buat sungguh keterlaluan.

Me : Last Friday, both of us tengok movie Legion, I malas nak review, not worth my time although membariskan pelakon-pelakon hebat. Part angel berlawan je best, siap dengan sayap kembang-kembang but sekejap je pun... Movie Legion nie tak tengok pun tak pe...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Life On The Refrigerator Door by Alice Kuipers

I bought this book during BBW Sales last month and it cost about RM8.00, worth buying huh? ^^.

I’d read/finished this book in just one day about two days ago. It is a simple book with a few sentences/lines in each page. True to the title, the story revolved around the relationship and the communication between a mother and her daughter, leaving notes to each other on the door of a refrigerator. It was different, unique and interesting book to hold on to. It was the first time that I came upon this kind of genre where everything was written on a notes and became a story.

Example, the mother asked the daughter to buy them an egg, bread, milk etc. Or the daughter (name Claire), asked for an allowance/cash, her key, going out babysit, at her bestfriend's house, what she cooked or that someone/friends called etc.. They fought, the made up, they expressed and professed their feeling to each other. And there’s so much love between them too. I can picture every scenario that took place, especially the one where they sit outside to catch the sun or walk along the river. Anyway, as you read along, you can see how the story would end and where it began. It was very touching but it still fail to make me cry. I guess because I already anticipated how it is going to be. A very good but sad story......

Me : Wohoo, I’m glad that I’m able to reach my target to read one book a month. Well, this is only the first month but I do hope it will carry I want to call it my new resolution? Not really because I planned for it for quite sometime...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chef Academy

(Chef Novelli)

Base on the title above offcourse most of you dah tau, nie mesti pasal masakan isn’t it. Yes it is. I came upon this series when I was surfing as usual. So I decided let’ justs give it a try and I pun DL la tor nie. I dah tengok series nie sampai abis/ finale. They have all kind of character plus the yummy one.. ;p. Chef Novelli nie suka kenakan student dia but at the same time he is serious when it comes to food. I was captivated by his skill of cooking and apa-apa dia masak semua menjadi and nampak macam sedap aje. I terliur and teringin nak makan masakan dia everytime dia finished cooking up all the dishes. One thing, he make is so easy but yet it was somewhat classy and detail.

(Pic from

(With the students masak atas kapal)

Chef Novelli’s english memang bagus tapi pelat dengan French nya yang membuatkan sometime kelakar bila dengar. Series nie memang best sesangat. Antara adegan yang paling menarik part Chef Novelli suruh Emmanuel bertelanjang bulat dengan hanya memakai apron untuk surprise Tracie yang menang in one of the test. Apalagi si Tracie yang tua tapi miang tu ambik kesempatan raba montot Emmanuel. Sampai assistant Chef Novelli nie pun tak tahan dengan Emmanuel hehehe...

Like I said earlier berbagai bagai character student kat academy tu such as : Kyle Daley, 29 – a sous chef from San Diego (hidup penuh struggle masa kecik kecik dulu, left his house masa umur dia 14 tahun due to environment rumah yang teruk dan menang top student kat Chef Academy nie); Emmanuel DelCour, 27 - a graphic artist from Bordeaux, France (selalu datang lambat sampai kena warning, sentiasa blur tapi sungguh cool); Zoe Feigenbaum, 26 - a culinary school graduate from New York (very competitive, banyak cakap dan tidak disukai oleh a few students); Leonard Goodloe, 28 – Culinary school of Italy graduate from San Antonio (mamat cool berambut unique dan cuma fail sekali) ; Sarah Jacobsen, 29 – a wedding caterer from Wheeling IL (drama queen, pengampu dan paling I menyampah); Kyle Kupiszewski (a.k.a. Kup),– a Navy sub cook from Allentown, PA (muka sentiasa serious, (outspoken, susah nak senyum, serious all the time, a bit garang dan betul-betul jantan); Carissa Loughead, 26 – a former events planner who claims she “lost her job for this opportunity” from Charlotte (cute, kelakar dan sentiasa happy), NC; Tracie Norfleet, 46 – a TV commercial producer from Venice beach (tak ada skill dan masak kat rumah aje tapi selalu menjadi pilihan Chef Novelli), CA; Suzanne Winn, 46 – a housewife from Mission Viejo, CA (rupa dan rambut ala -ala Dolly Parton, kelakar, sentiasa bermake up tebal dan pakai hills, tak pernah siang ikan in her life, takut naik kapal tapi I suka dia and the only student yang fail - sian).

(Emmanuel DelCour si jejaka french, graphic artis yang juga pelakon porno nie, tak tau whether dia masih lagi beraksi atau tidak.. dia punya abs..yum yum hahha)

To know more details surf aja atas nama Chef Academy dan banyak la hit yang korang boleh jumpa.

Me : Namun begitu abs si gumukku itu tiada tandingannya hehe..

Monday, January 25, 2010

Another Example Of Stupidity

Dah mampos buat cara mampos la.
Oleh : AdukaTaruna

Dah mampos buat cara mampos la. Boleh plak simpan mayat nak tunggu Datuk Bendahara balik dari shopping. Boleh meeting isytihar sedang terlentang. Pada hal dah mampos pagi tadi. Pergi mampos sama lu. Bodoh punya kerajaan spesis stupid
(Apa dia rasa kalau orang cakap macam tu pasal father or family dia?)

Petang semalam I surf as usual then I stumbled upon another “not interesting” blog. Title is a bit catchy “ Permohonan Maaf Kepada Seluruh Rakyat Malaysia”. I immediately clicked and wah... tekejut I baca the reason why dia minta maaf. I tak pernah dengar nama or tahu pasal mamat nih. Tapi secara tak langsung dia menjadi “cheap thrill” akibat dari kelancangan mulut/jari dia seperti kes Hani Tarmizi but worse! How could he be so stupid enough to say such thing? I’m not a Johorean but I can understand how they must have felt when their leader/head of state di hina macam tu. Tak ada respect langsung. Sungguh keterlaluan, angkuh dan bongkak statement dia. I thought kita orang timur dari kecik dah dibekalkan dengan sifat-sifat mulia dan hormat menghormati. Then I baca comments and surfed blog yang memperkatakan tentang dia.

So malam tadi, I dah agak mesti keluar kat news. I dah siap-siap tunggu depan tv/berita. Yup, keluar kat berita malam tadi. And permohonan kemaafan dia tidak di terima. Ini big case. Mana boleh dibiarkan macam tu sebab kalau dibiarkan sewenang-wenangnya semua orang akan buat seperti yang dia buat. Then what is the point of having a Sultan/Raja yang menjadi payung negara yang berdaulat tapi you boleh mengeluarkan kata kata biadap macam tu?

Me : Instead of being disrespect pada yang dah pergi baiklah disedekahkan Al-Fatihah.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Untuk Makluman Encik Nakkal @ Beskut

Untuk pengetahuan Encik Nakkal, di atas adalah Mesin Jahit Tepi BUKAN Mesin Jahit Lurus. Beberapa bulan yang lepas saya telahpun meng upload/posted mesin ini di blog saya yang lama semasa baru membelinya dulu. Mungkin Encik Nakkal telah lupa, tapi tidak mengapa kerana saya dengan berbesar hati dan penuh gembira menjelaskan kekeliruan Encik Nakkal itu. Mesin Jahit Tepi seperti yang telah diketahui umum hanya untuk mengemaskinikan kain yang telah digunting agar tidak terburai dan benang kain tidak terkeluar dengan sewenang-wenangnya.

Kegunaan Mesin Jahit Tepi adalah amat jauh berbeza dari Mesin Jahit Lurus (gambar telah saya posted/published beberapa hari yang lepas) kerana seperti yang telah saya terangkan tempoh hari, Mesin Jahit Lurus hanya untuk menjahit apa-apa jenis design/pattern yang lurus sahaja, contohnya langsir, cadar tilam dan sebagainya (baju, seluar semua boleh janji lurus). Sementelah, nama pun Lurus. Selain daripada itu Mesin Jahit Tepi menggunakan tiga benang, iaitu untuk bahagian atas, bawah dan di tengah sementara Mesin Jahit Lurus hanya memerlukan satu benang sahaja. Mesin Jahit Lurus juga boleh digunakan untuk menjadi leather/kulit dan juga kasut. Mesin Jahit Lurus juga adalah mesin yang tahan lasak dan kebanyakkan digunakan di kilang-kilang untuk membuat/menjahit pakaian. Seingat-ingat saya tiada syllabus atau nama lain dalam bahasa melayu bagi mesin-mesin yang telah saya jelaskan disini.

Diharap dengan penjelasan ini tidak timbul lagi kekeliruan Encik Nakkal terhadap mesin mesin yang saya telah ada. Dan ini bermakna saya ada 3 mesin, Mesin Jahit Lurus, Mesin Jahit Tepi dan Portable Mesin brother itu. Sekian, terimakasih. :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My New Sewing Machines

(My new sewing machine brand brother NV30^^)

70 stitch types
F.A.S.T needle threading system
1 step automatic buttonhole
7 Point feed
Drop feed lever
LCD display screen
LED sewing light
Quick start bobbin
Stitch length/width adjustment
Automatic bobbin winding
Hard casing
NV30 / Innovis 30 computerised sewing machine will inspire you to be creative.The NV30 / Innovis 30 offers fantastic versatility. The electronic “jog dial” provides fingertip control to choose from 70 stitch patterns, including 7 buttonholes. The LCD screen means you can see at glance information about the stitch you have chosen, and the electronically controlled functions allow you to adjust the stitch sizes in a much more precise and simple way.

Oh did I tell you that I dah tukar sewing machine baru? Lupa nak cerita, about a month ago, my husband bought me an industry machine khas untuk jahit lurus after I ngomel pasal singer yang sungguh tak guna tu. Masa cina tu hantar ke rumah tiba-tiba husband I pointed to another box. I kata apa dia, dia kata your new portable sewing machine. I was like, What? You bought me a new one? Dia senyum, I was speechles and offcourse la happy kan. I check, Wah! brand brother. Wow, pada I sungguh canggih manggih, computerised berbagai and macam-macam feature yang I tak pernah I tau before this. Dah sebulan and so far belum buat hal lagi, tak tau la in the future. I hope not, please don’t or tak pasal-pasal jadi mangsa tendangan I yang terbaru. I pegi kelas I bawak sekali sebab untuk memudahkan kerja I, beside I tak suka pakai yang kat kelas singer colour hitam yang selalu buat hal tu. Tapi owner kat sekolah tu dah beransur-ansur tukar ke industry machine jahit lurus (macam kat bawah nie).

(My Industry Sewing Machine untuk jahit lurus)

Yang jahit lurus kat rumah tu I tak guna lagi sebab I have no use of it so far, tunggu I buat baju nanti baru la I guna lagipun nak kena tau handle macam mana sebab, laju and susah nak control, nak kena biasakan. Tapi kalau untuk jahit langsir memang beguna. Untuk jahit kasut and kulit pun boleh. Dangerous jugak kalau tak hati-hati. I siap letak pagar lagi sebab takut terjahit kat jari... takuttt....Mula- mula I bukak sebab susah nak masuk jarum tapi lepas tu I decided baiklah I pasang semula. Haritu baru nak guna, enjin dah buat hal, then cina technician datang and ganti enjin baru. Lepas tu husband I suruh letak lampu worth RM100.00, terang benderang.

(Bahagian kaki, kena pandai control sebab a bit tricky and mudah terlajak kalau tak biasa)

I belum tahu what is my future and what I plan to do but yang pasti abis aje all my lesson I akan mulakan untuk membuat baju-baju I. Fabric banyak dah beli tunggu nak buat aje. Oh, malam tadi Yati bagitau I ada lesson baru, belajar buat jacket, slack, corset, gown etc., starting next week. I rasa macam nak sambung lagi tapi tengok la macam mana. Penat sangat bila balik dari belajar nie.. sakit pinggang. I ingat I sorang je rupanya budak-budak kat situ pun sama... Anyway, I nak kena habiskan semua lesson I before embark on a new journey...wah..hebatnya bunyi.

Me : :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ayam Penyet dan Masak Lemak Pucuk Ubi

Yesterday evening both of us decided to makan kat luar (again), lunch ada lagi kat rumah tapi teringin nak makan kat Popeye (selepas upload gambar kat blog haha). On the way nak ke situ, lalu dekat deretan restaurant then I ternampak nama Restaurant Ayam Penyet. Actually masa pegi The Curve/Power House, being the adventurous eater I ajak husband makan kat situ. Being the not adventurous guy at all, dia bagi macam-macam reason tapi dia tak akan menolak kalau I insist tapi I malas nak dengar songeh dia tu.

(Ayam Penyet or Smashed Chicken)

Like I said I ternampak nama Restaurant Ayam Penyet nie, I cakap, you mesti tak nak makan kat situ kalau I ajak, susahlah tak adventurous macam I. Dia hesitate and finally agreed. I pulak buat-buat jual mahal and guna reverse physcology, I kata tak pe la, nevermind la, etc. I nak buat dia rasa guilty. Immediately dia kata ok, sungguh senang I nak sicko kan itu abang haha... I kata takpe kita tengok kat dalam shopping complex mana tau ada yang lain lagi (ewah I main tarik tali lagi).

Masuk kat dalam shopping complex, eh ada lagi Restaurant Ayam Penyet nih. I kata so? Dia kata jom la. Pelayan kat situ datang, jemput both of us masuk and explain tentang food dorang. Pekat bahasa indon dia. I tanya nie sama ke dengan yang kat luar tu, dia kata lain kedai. Tanya pandangan dia apa food yang patut order..dia pun bagi a few suggestion.

(Masak Lemak Pucuk Ubi)

Tak sampai 10 minutes food dah sampai. Wah! bagus service. Dishes pun panas-panas lagi.. Not bad, ayam ada rasa sikit macam ayam goreng biasa tapi bau rempah/ramuan harum dan menaikkan selera. Masak lemak pucuk ubi dia...oh wow... sangat pedas dan tapi sungguh lazat.

Me : Nak bukak blog baru just for food ke tak nak nih... lamanye I pikir haha...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend - Fri, Sat & Sun

Friday Evening 15th Jan, 2010

This past few days I was kinda busy and I thought of blogging something tapikan rasa macam tak dapat tulis apa-apa. Entahlah..idea tu ada tapi bila nak compose a sentence macam tak jalan aje hahaha... Dua tiga kali I pegi kat blog, konon nak dapat ilham tapi blank je.

(Pendant Marilyn Monroe dari dekat)

(Sembur kat badan lepas mandi..ahh... refreshing)

So anyway, last Friday evening, both of us cadang nak pegi makan and ntah macam mana agenda makan bertukar menjadi shopping mopping. We went to this kiosk selling vintage accessories, bags, dress etc. I immediately fell in love with some of the stuff there and took a few including a summer dress and a spring sweater yang nipis sesuai untuk negara kita nie. I tertarik dengan a quite number of body mist displayed on the table and decided to take one... bau sungguh harum dan menyegarkan.

(Air ruby yang pink tu sungguh delicious)

Lepas shopping both of us decided to try the new fastfood restaurant, actually tak tau pun ada fastfood nie but bila tengok macam sedap je orang kat situ makan, terus je masuk. Fastfood Popeye (hehe..teringatkan spinach), sungguh lazat pada tastebud I. Ayam disediakan panas-panas, mash potatoes tu...yummy, I suka sebab ada crunchy... Air ruby yang pink tu...bestnyaaa...

(Mash potatoes yang sungguh enak dan tiramisu strawberry... yum yum..)

(Fried chicken yang sungguh sedap dimakan panas-panas)

Saturday 16th Jan, 2010

(Dim Sum at Quality Hotel)

Next day, Saturday, husband I invited and treated all of our anak buah to come and have dim sum with us at Quality Hotel. Same group yang pegi karaoke that day except IE sebab dia kena diahroea. Husband I tempah bilik kat restaurant tu as we want more privacy. The food was nice as always and kenyang giler. Balik dari situ, both of us cari fabric untuk buat another baju melayu for my husband (currently I tengah belajar buat baju melayu lelaki) and a few cotton fabric untuk buat baju kurung for myself. I also bought a few books including buku panduan menjahit berbagai-bagai jenis pakaian. Malam, husband I ajak tengok movie but after checking through kat internet tak ada pun yang menarik beside I was so tired. So we decided to just stay at home for the night.

Sunday 17th Jan, 2010

Bangun lambat sebab Saturday night, we slept around 4am which was very late indeed. I tengok my Tor and husband I tengok tv. Tengahari dia beli lunch for both of us and then kita orang tidur balik. Malam tadi, dia tengok bola I tengok Tor CSI NY yang I DL. I missed a lot sebab I tak ada masa nak tengok.


Me : I'm toying with the idea nak bukak satu blog khas untuk letak gambar food... still thinking about it.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

American Idol 2010 Season 9

(image from

American Idol 2010 with season 9 is back.. wohoo..

Petang semalam I dah siap-siap goreng nasi for dinner before 6pm sebab it was the time that AI start. Husband I lambat balik pulak, kejap-kejap I tengok jam sebab I don’t want to miss it hehe.. macam budak budak. Bila dah pukul 6pm I terus makan dulu, tapi slow-slow sambil tu I dah on kan tv kat bilik. I tak nak tengok kat living room.

This year Paula Abdul dah tak ada and tempat dia digantikan oleh Ellen DeGeneres. But yesterday she was not there, I think dia akan muncul during top 20 agaknya. So guest judge for yesterday was Victoria Beckham. Biasalah minah nie punya dress up. Tapikan surprisingly she was very well mannered, well spoken and very polite. Suara dia lembut aje, bila dia bagi comment and tegur pun baik-baik aje. Even bila dia sound Simon sebab Simon rolled his eyes pun punyala baiknya. I jadi suka pulak dengan dia. I thought she would be snobbish or belagak ke or not approachable ke.. Tapikan I memang suka minah nie punya taste in style tapi not yang nampak silicone breast tu.. I know dia kurus and macam jerangkung but ok apa I suka body macam tu.. nampak muda. Even kalau dia buat plastic surgery kat muka dia pun, pada I it is ok, dia nak nampak lawa, muda and tegang. Tapi breast dia tu nampak memang fake la kan.

Anyway, as usual bila audition aje, ada yang best and yang tak best, ada yang stylish ada yang perasan, annoying dan tak sedar diri. Yang tak sedar diri tu yang I tak tahan. Sometime I hairan la.. macam mana dorang boleh tak sedar yang suara dorang tu teruk nak mampus and don’t get me started with their sense of dressing. Kenapa la makhluk makhluk jenis nie wujud kat dunia? Kenapa la dorang tak boleh differentiate the way they sing and the professional singer yang dorang dengar or tengok kat tv tu? Kenapa la telinga dorang terbalik? Kenapa la mak bapak sedara mara dorang are so blindly support anak or family tanpa dorang sedar yang anak or family dorang just can’t sing. I mean I admired and envied family yang supportive nie tapi maybe because dorang dari gene yang sama agaknya yang membuatkan dorang tak sedar akan “kehodohan” suara anak/family dorang?

Yang separuh tu datang macam nak pegi bergaduh or dress up like a clown (kalau suara sedap tak pe jugak)... I hairan la. Tak terpikir ke when you pegi audition that you have to impress the judges? And separuh lagi tu perangai punya la kurang ajar and cocky. Macam mana la you nak ambik ati judges with that kind of attitude. I know it is good to be yourself but not to the extent that you think the judges would understand who and where your’re coming from?

Tapikan those yang suara sedap/merdu and dress up appropriately are so cool, humble, kind and well mannered. And separuh tu tak confident and takut-takut. Pelikkan? Tapi yang suara macam kesyialan, selain belagak, aduhhh makk... confident nya setinggi Gunung Everest! I think dorang nie gila kot?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I know it is kinda late for some but not for me to talk about Azam/Resolution in the middle of January but then it is still in January. To me personally it is good kalau anybody ada azam at the beginning of every year. Especially kalau ada azam yang baik-baik, contohnya yang hendak memperbaiki kelemahan diri because at least they know that what they did all this while was wrong or hurt anybody’s feeling with their action or word. It is good to have something to hold on to or something that you’re looking forward or try something different and new such as plan nak take up scuba diving ke, sky jumping ke, belajar buat kek ke or apa-apa la, yang boleh improve diri sendiri. And there is no better time to do it or plan for it then at the beginning of the year. It is like starting a new leaf. I don’t see anything wrong with it. I like to hear or read about it and mana tau I boleh ikut azam dorang.

It doesn’t matter whether they will follow it through or not. It doesn’t matter kalau hangat-hangat or sekerat jalan sekalipun. At least they give it a try or aiming to do something rather than just sitting around doing nothing and complaining pasal orang yang berazam nih. Just because you tak ada azam or azam you yang dulu dulu tu sekerat jalan, that you have the right to condemn those that want to start something good for themselves. What if azam orang tu menjadi and they follow it through for the rest of their life? So whose going to benefit from that? Them not you...

So what is your problem?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Yesterday evening husband I called me up and told me that dia dah beli two tickets to watch Avatar in 3D. Dia kata show cuma ada pukul 8.45pm. I kata no probs. Lama tak tengok wayang pun, the last time was I think The Chronicles of Narnia kot... huiii lamanya. Then I terpikir pasal farm I yang suppose to be harvest around that time. But ahh.. who cares.. I should be in control of the game not the game kan. Husband I balik dah siap-siap beli kebab sebab takut kelam kabut nak makan nanti. So around 8.10pm kita orang keluar. I told him I nak bagels untuk bawak masuk panggung. When it was time for us untuk masuk we all beli jugak pop corn/drinks.

On the way nak masuk I sempat lagi buang air kecil, tau je la pompuan kalau tak ke toilet sebelum apa-apa acara sekalipun memang tak sah. Bila nak masuk dalam panggung tu ada orang dah sediakan speck 3D untuk digunakan masa menonton. Actually it was not my first time pakai speck 3D untuk tengok wayang sebab masa makan angin kat warnerbros theme park kat Australia dulu pun ada jugak pakai tapi sekejap aje tak sampai ½ hours sebab cerita cartoon je.

Nevertheless it was a new experienced for the both of us because this was the first time that we got to watched it in the movie for like 2 ½ hours. Memang best and lively. Nasib baik penonton tak buat sial cuma yang seated belakang kita orang ada jugak sekali sekala tunjuk bagus dengan bagitau what was the name of the character even before kat wayang tu cakap. Selalunya orang yang inferiority complex and sombong bodoh aje ada attitude macam nie. Dorang nie tak sedar yang they make a fool of themself and that their true stupid colour are shown. Idiot! The best part was part yang tak funny pun ketawa macam nak giler... monkey!

So anyway, like I said it was so much fun except for the monkeys behind us. Sedih jugak tengok part part yang menyedihkan, airmata I tak la keluar cuma begenang dalam mata hehehe... Best cerita nie, walau tengkuk I tak berapa selesa sebab yela kalau tengok tv kat rumah boleh baring baring, kalau tengok wayang senget kiri kanan je la.

On the way nak balik husband I cakap, nie la birthday celebration treat dia hehehe... Happy Belated Birthday la Darling....

Me : My husband was so impressed with the movie that he couldn't stop talking about it till today... :)

Birthday/AJL 24

Last Sunday (10th Jan) was my husband’s birthday and mula ingat nak lepak-lepak kat rumah because we didn’t plan anything. We planned to have dinner next week as malam nie I nak tengok AJL but when we on our hp, we received sms and missed call from anak buah tanya ada nak pegi mana ke. Then dorang bagitau nak celebrate birthday husband I and cousin dorang which selang sehari from each other, my husband 10th and Yan 11th. Dorang ajak Karaoke, I bukannya suka pegi tempat-tempat macam tu dengan bau rokok dan aircond yang sejuknya but since anak buah punya perancangan takan both of us say no pulak lagipun kita orang sayang kat dorang semua.

Tengahari tu tiba-tiba rasa sakit perut yang amat. Sudah...I start “membuang”, habis je terus rasa letih and cepat- cepat makan ubat. Nasib baik la Karaoke tu plan pegi around 5.00pm. I sempat la take a nap for about 10 minutes. Bangun je dah kelaparan but I tak berani nak makan apa-apa sebab takut nak “membuang” balik.

Around 5pm kita orang bertolak dari rumah and sampai-sampai dorang dah ada dalam bilik. Si Abang order pizza hut and dorang dah mula nyanyi. Dorang pujuk dalam paksa I nyanyi..ish tak mo la... suara I tak sedap and tak dapat tarik tinggi-tinggi maklumla I kan penyanyi R&B aje hehehehe... mana ada nyaring-nyaring hehehe.. Si Abang bukan main lagi menyanyi siap pejam-pejam mata, dengan tangan-tangan and bediri lagi. Aiza yang memang suka menyanyi tak melepaskan peluang and suara dia sungguh merdu serta nyaring. Bagi la lagu apa semua dia boleh sapu. Then it was my time, I bagi macam-macam excuses, I kata sakit perut la, tak tau nyanyi. Dorang kata tak kira, sesiapa yang ada dalam nie kena nyanyi. Sudah.

Ndak tak nak I kena jugak nyanyi so I pilih lagu well... who else Sheila Majid.. title Dia.. bedebom! Haha... Bila nyanyi tanpa mike boleh pulak tarik but bila nyanyi guna mike/karaoke memang out. I mintak Aiza tolong part chorus sebab suara I tak boleh naik. Habis je nyanyi I rasa sungguh lega. Husband I kata..wah suara sedapnya.. dia saje je nak ambik ati I :P. After about 2 hours kita orang pun balik. Oh yea.. husband I pun kena paksa nyanyi jugak, OMG I laughed like hell..sebab dia nyanyi macam orang baca suratkhabar tulisan jawi (merangkak-rangkak)... hahahahahahaha....

AJL 24

Habis aje karaoke, cepat-cepat kita orang balik sebab tak nak miss AJL 24. The only program on tv that I wouldn’t want miss it for the world (untuk local). Sampai rumah mandi cepat-cepat and terus I duduk depan tv. I tak nak comment banyak-banyak sebab tak ada pun yang I nak comment other than I was so happy with the result and all the singers/performers malam tu. Show yang sungguh hebat and semua penyanyi bagi all out. I suka dengan AJL sekarang nie especially right now sebab menampilkan/memilih penyanyi muda, baru yang fresh dan bertenaga. Dan yang paling penting memiliki suara yang sedap dan lain daripada yang lain. Tak la muka yang sama macam M. Nasir ke Jamal Abdillah ke or Siti Nurhaliza tu... bosannn... dah la genre muzik tak berubah and outdated!

Anyway, best best sebab semua favourites I were chosen even Black yang I tak minat pun deserved to win sebab vocal dia memang power. As for Aizat lirik, lagu, suara dan persembahan dia for lagu Pergi memang superb! Same goes to Yuna and Faizal.. Congrats to the winners and for those yang tak menang (penyanyi, composer and penulis lirik) you all are still the best cuma luck untuk mengondol apa-apa kemenangan was not on their side.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Visiting Si Girl Yang Naughty

(kira pose manja la tu hehe.. )

Last Saturday we went to visit my sister and her family. Actually dari last year lagi nak visit tapi asyik tertangguh with other things to do. Rindu pada dia and my nieces. Nasib baik dah siap-siap beli toys for the little one and a few shirts untuk anak dara remaja tu. Kita orang bertolak around 11.00am sebab nak stop beli breakfast and donut for them. Sampai sana around 12.30pm and the weather as usual tersangat panas dan humid nya. Me and my husband betul-betul tak tahan pegi situ and that was the main reason malas nak kesana, dengan peluhnya even on full blast aircond kereta pun rasa macam dalam oven.

The moment sampai kat pintu, I tengok si comel tu dah tunggu lepas tu belari masuk dalam. Cutenyaaaa niece I yang sorang nie. Geram I, kecik je badan dia tapi isi dan tulang keras.. Rasa macam nak bawak balik, action pulak tu, banyak songeh dan manja yang amat. Nak geget je. Naughty yang amat. Husband I yang memang famous dikalangan anak-anak buah dia sebagai seorang pembuli yang hebat, apa lagi ambik kesempatan usik dia.. cute betul dia dua orang. So Girl sibuk la dia main toys yang kita orang bagi.

(Perasan orang nak ambik gambar dia hehe..)

As for Bigail, she was so excited dapat baju baju yang kita orang bagi. Risau pulak I masa membeli aritu tu, yela budak-budak sekarang banyak taste dalam berfesyen nih. I bagi a few books for my sis yang I beli masa Big Bad Wolves Sale that day. I bagitau my sis, Fiez, Manda and Roxy kim salam kat dia, aritu lupa nak cakap kat hp. Lepas puas berborak and kacau-kacau budak comel tu kita orang siap nak ke pekan for lunch. Si Girl bila tau je nak bejalan (sebab Mummy dia siap tukar baju and pakaikan kasut macam orang kemasukkan hehehe...). Terus dia dah siap-siap bediri depan pintu, bila pintu grill dibukak belari terus ke gate, I cepat-cepat kejar. Husband I saje je kunci gate dari luar sebab nak girl menjerit...Kecoh kita orang kat luar. I marahkan husband I sebab usik dia, si Girl pulak duduk menangis adeeihh... Then I bukak gate and girl terus belari ke jalan (I siap jerit panggil dia... cemas masa tu) sampai tersungkur, berbekas luka kat lutut dia, dia nangis kejap then dia cepat-cepat masuk belakang kereta kita orang. OMG, gila ganas budak nih. Husband I usik lagi suruh dia keluar, dia buat tak tau aje... Husband I buat-buat tutup pintu kereta, dia pandang pun tak, dengan penuh confident duduk kat tengah-tengah seat... hahahaha..

(Aksi malu)

Kita orang makan kat our usual place each time we go there. Si Girl sibuk nak air ice blended soursoup, mulut dia masa rasa air tu (dengan sudu) buat I gelak giler.. Air ice blended kan sejuk, mulut dan muka dia was so funny. Kejap-kejap mintak and husband I as usual buat-buat tarik air tu. Then I teringat Fiez suruh ambik gambar. Susahnya nak ambik gambar dia, punya la sibuk berposing dan tak mau duduk diam (yang kat gambar tu...itula hasilnya). Abis makan, pegi ke shopping complex yang amat kecik itu sebab I nak beli towel untuk cover badan I sebab panas kena cahaya matahari dari dalam kereta. And sempat beli lagi toys untuk si naughty tu and a few titbits for Bigail. Si Girl nie tak padan dengan kecik, naugthy yang amat tapi I lebih suka lagi budak nakal/activemacam dia dari yang senyap sebab tak best la sebab tak dapat kacau and gelakkan dorang.

(Tak boleh duduk diam)
Then balik rumah my sis borak kejap and after a while both of us berangkat balik. One thing I hate visiting my sister was that, tempat dia tinggal tu panas yang amat sampai melekit-lekit. Balik rumah seluruh badan I and husband gatal-gatal as usual. How I wish dorang tinggal dekat, hari-hari I datang.

Me : So Fiez, nie la gambar yang sempat sis snapped :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Good Riddance Kerek!

I’ve been busy this past two days. Hari Khamis malam 31st I ada kelas, the last with cikgu kerek tu. Sebab lepas nie dia akan ke negeri lain mengajar kat sana. But siang tu me and Siti ada kelas dengan dia bukan kat kelas/sekolah tapi kelas persendirian (untuk dress yang kita org design the other day) kat one place nie. Janji pukul 11 - 12 dia datang pukul 1pm. Sebelum tu I called tanya bawak mesin jahit sendiri ke, dia kata mana sempat kata datang pukul 11am, padahal sendiri datang lambat. Typical. I’m glad I siap-siap beli makanan for lunch and also the drink sekali. Sementara tunggu dia sampai, both of us makan dulu. Butik nie kecik aje but comfortable. I guna meja, Siti tertonggeng kat lantai, sian nengok dia. So dlm mengajar-ngajar tu sesambil macam biasa la I begurau dengan kerek tu. Tapi kerek tu tiba-tiba sentap kat I or should I say brush me off. I was so surprised padahal I gurau manja aje. I selalu begurau dengan dia but this time she was way too much. Lepas tu I terus diam and concentrate on my stuff and talk with Siti only. Then after a while, dia tak perasan pun yang dia dah menguris hati I, dia kekonon nak joke dengan I, I bo layan je. I don’t even look at her. I rasa macam nak blah and smash dia but since I dah berjanji pada diri sendiri nak buang semua bende-bende yang tak baik so I tahan hati aje. Lagipun I pay her for her lesson bukan free which was not worth at all dengan masa dan cara dia mengajar tu.

Bila dia perasan yang I buat tak tau dia pandang I, I buat derk aje as I can’t be bothered anymore. I can be very rude if I want to regardless who you are but I selalu tanamkan dalam hati jangan menjatuhkan maruah orang dengan melaser orang. Towards the end I ada la jugak berborak dengan dia but itu pun pasal lesson and tak ada joke-joke lagi. Dia try nak masuk-masuk dalam perbualan I dengan Siti but I shut her off with not including her in the conversation. Bila dah time nak balik, I ingat tak mau salam dia but like I said I nak buang attitude yang tak baik so I salam dia but I don’t even look at her. That would be the last time that I want to be associate with her, I don’t want to have to do anything with her or hear her voice ever again.

Tau tak sepanjang-panjang I hidup kat dunia nie I tak pernah jumpa anak dara mulut laser and macma bagus macam kerek nie, this was the first time that is why I selalu bagi je dia balik. She has not respect for orang yang tua dari dia. Kekadang bila I berborak borak and usik mengusik dengan Siti tiba-tiba dia mencelah and sound kita orang like we are a small kid. Apa kes? Even Mas pun tak suka dengan dia on the first day she came to the class! Imagine, Mas yang so cool itu pun boleh ngadu kat I pasal dia. If the kerek is going to have that kind of attitude/character, trust me, she will get what she deserved in the future. As for me, it did bruised my ego a little bit but she is not worth my anger.

As for the lesson that she taught us, which we pay (I need to say that often), I put it aside and I’m not going to do the project soon. For a price of RM120.00 per person/lesson, bagi pola and tunjuk ajar for like 5 hours dan tak potong kain lagi and lepas nie tak ada continuation untuk ajar further... What a waste!

But I do glad that she wouldn’t be teaching us anymore and hope the new teacher wouldn’t be like her but as I can see cikgu yang bakal ajar kita orang nie lembut je when I had a conversation with her oh and cikgu nie pun noticed and also agreed with me akan attitude si kerek tu.

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