Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009, Welcome 2010

2009...hmmm... What have I achieved so far? These are the question that always comes to mind at the end of each year for as long as I can remember.

Looking back... there are a few ups/down and things that had happened to me. It’s not much though. There are things that I regret so much and I wish I never done it or went through with it. I always told myself past is past but I can’t help being sad and angry at the same time. I hate what I did. I can’t stop blaming myself and how stupid I am.

Back to what have I achieved so far.... well, I learn how to sew and make my own dress. I’m still a rookie though but I can see that I’m in a right path. And my lesson with the school will be over by end of January next year but I thought of pursuing it further. I have lots of plan in mind for the future. I can feel that 2010 would bring something good to my/our life.

Ok now about the habit that I picked up this year... the bad thing is, I cursed and swore like "The Sopranos" when I’m pissed off. I really really need to stop this because I might be in a situation where I would be surrounded by some relatives or a respected people and out of nowhere those “beautiful” language might come out of my mouth...oh God imagine...

The good thing is, I learned to control my patience (yeah right, sapa yg sepak mesin jahit aritu dan mengomel sambil mencangkung kat LRT?). I’m more understanding and I would quickly say sorry if I did something wrong even if it is not my mistake to my husband. I look on the good side of other people. But the biggest achievement so far for me was and still, is that I managed to carry on with my dressmaking project. I was so worried that this would be another “the half way thing” like my other projects such as piano lesson, knitting, beading/accessories and sketching/drawing. But I’m glad that I still want to continue with my latest project. Thanks God! In fact, I planned to pursue it further by learning a different design other than the one the school give us. I planned to do a personal/solo or with my friends and having an outside class with the teacher. I planned to take up a curtain, pillow case etc. package that the school have but the timing was not right. I don’t know how it goes, we’ll see. Finally, I’m not a “half way girl” anymore, well not for this project anyway. I do hope this good attitude would carry on even on other future project.

As for my diet, eating right and exercise well..... mmm..well.. I kinda...let it go and not following the regime... haha... I will go back to my threadmill soon...(janji pelesu), you see I’m so busy right now... (alasan). I tried not to eat too much but I’m always hungry (cakap je kau memang tamak). Yea yea, I will try again...

So there’s not much happened to me this year but I don’t like 2009. Except for towards end of this year where I start to see some progression in my life. I hope 2010 will bring something new, exciting, fresh and most importantly... I hope both of us will have a good and healthy life, become a better person, mature as our age progress and be closer to God The Almighty. Amin.

This is the quote given to me by my sister through texting earlier on ;

Count the garden by the flowers, never by the leaves that fall. Count your life with smile and not the tears that roll. May your NEW YEAR 2010 filled with happiness and Joy... Happy New Year Everyone....

P/S : Budak Kecik (one of our rabbit), passed away peacefully 2 days before New Year sob sob... bye Miss Grey @ Ketua Penyangak @ Budak Kecik @ Si Tamak, hope to see you someday.....

Have a Little Faith - Mitch Albom

My husband bought me this book as a birthday present about a couple months ago. And I abis baca buku nie about 3 weeks ago. So this is the last book that I read for this year.

What can I tell you about this book? Well..not much sebab this is the book yang I tak berapa suka dalam semua buku-buku Mitch Albom yang I ada. This book is more about his relationship with his rabbi and pastor of My Brother’s Keeper. It is also his personal spiritual journey or finding or rediscovering of his belief/religion. But it is more about a story of his rabbi. Banyak bende-bende baru yang dapat I pelajari tentang agama Judaism dan perangai dorang nie. Serba sedikit menyentuh pasal system pembelajaran (ada sekolah khas yang sungguh bersistem untuk anak-anak dorang nie) tentang agama dorang yang telah di pupuk sejak kecil lagi. Lesson yang di ajar... you wouldn’t believe it. No wonder kaum dorang nie pandai-pandai, selain dari pandai memanipulasi segala-gala di dunia nie. I try to keep an open mind about this whole thing, I mengambil langkah neutral dalam pembacaan ini. I ambik dan jadikan panduan apa yang patut. I have to agree with some of what was said but I can’t help being menyampah.

Ok secara ringkasnya kisah nie pasal rabbi dia suruh dia tulis and bagi eulogy (kisah hidup etc.) for his future funeral. So bermula la hubungan antara dua insan nih.... (wah mcm info drama RTM je).

Mitch menulis pasal kisah rabbi dia seolah-olah rabbi dia nie adalah saint. Macam perfect giler. Although banyak pengajaran dapat I perolehi such as hubungan antara manusia dan juga dengan Tuhan. Yang pasti cerita nie biasa-biasa saje dan langsung tak menyedihkan walau I baca review kat paper ada yang kata sedih sampai menangis-nangis.. but untuk orang secengeng I, buku ini tidak bisa menititskan airmata I walau sezarah pun.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ke Craftworld Shop

Masa pegi class on Monday night Siti showed me a pencil like “kapur” where you can refill for fabric use which was so cool and a bobbin needles where you can terus jahit with your sewing machine without having to take it off during the process and it wouldn’t break at all. She bought it at Craftworld SS/2, in fact she has been telling me for quite a while, so yesterday afternoon I decided that I want to go there, let just say it was a spur of the moment thing. I called up my husband and told him about it and kebetulan dia on the way nak balik. Before that I dah checked through the internet about the location and name of the shop. Then I texted Siti to confirmed of the shop's bane as she always referred to the place as SS2. Siti asked me whether I want to go there, I said after asar and I tanya dia nak kirim apa, she said she want a weight fabric. So lepas asar both of us (me and hubby) keluar but we’re not using our car, instead we used LRT because kalau nak pegi area SS memang jam around this time and beside we don’t know mana tempatnya.

For as long as I can remember this was the second time in my life that I used LRT. The first time masa mula-mula launched dulu. Sampai situ terus beli card, time nak masukkan card pun macam orang sakai sebab tak tau and terbalik lagi. Terjengau-jengau kejap. Bila LRT sampai, wah, I was so excited, maklum kira tak pernah naik la. Masuk je dah tak ada tempat duduk, I choose dekat tepi corner pintu. Mula-mula tu seronok tengok rumah orang and view dari tingkap sebab boleh tengok dari atas eventhough pemandangan was so yike at most of the place. Yela, dengan longkang besar and belakang rumah orang.

After a while I dah mula bored sebab station LRT yang kita orang akan stop nanti is so far away from the LRT that we naik tu. It was at the second last of the LRT station nunnn kat Taman Bahagia. I was getting tired of standing and with the people yang ramai berhimpit-himpit kat dalam. I dah mula stress and sesak nafas, rasa nak muntah pun ada. I start complaint kat husband I and throw a little bit of tantrum. I masamkan muka yang memang dah kelat ini. I siap mengomel macam mak nenek tapi volume I, I lower kan la, tak mo la orang dengarkan tau malu la jugak. Husband I try to eased my "pain". I buat muka monyok yang amat. I kata penat la bediri nie... padahal ada sorang perempuan pregnant 8 9 bulan masuk sama dengan I and bediri on the opposite site of me relak aje.
I memang teruk la.

Then I dah tak tahan, I kata kat husband I, I don’t care I want to sit. Dia kata duduk kat atas kaki kasut dia, I kata tak apa. Tanpa memperdulikan orang ramai sekeliling I, I terus duduk mencangkung tepi pintu dengan tangan I memegang besi tepi pintu tu..hahahaha... kaki I penat bediri takan I nak menyeksa diri. Bila I dah duduk mencangkung tu, tak ada la nampak view view yang sungguh tidak mempersonakan itu instead nampak awan je la.... Sesambil tu mata I asyik tengok station stop punya sign kat atas ceiling LRT and siap kira berapa station lagi.

Bila dah sampai aje, I was so relieved, cepat-cepat I sedut udara kat luar sebab rasa macam nak muntah angin je. Then cepat-cepat kita orang dapatkan teksi sebab hujan turun renyai-renyai. The place is not far from the LRT station Taman Bahagia tu. Nasib baik tak jam nak ke situ. Masuk kedai tu I tengok, Craftworld shop nie mainly is for those yang suka craftwork, patches etc. and barangan for menjahit baju is not much but ada la bende yang dekat kedai yang specifically jual barangan menjahit tak ada but kat sini ada i.e. kapur refill etc. I bought a few of the stuff kat situ and after a while kita orang balik.

Yeaaaaaa...balik pun naik LRT jugak...tensionnn... kalau dekat tak apa la jugak, ini jauh yang amat. Tak ada choice, nak suruh teksi driver hantar balik KL dia kata jam giler kalau time time macam tu. Sampai LRT station Taman Bahagia, husband I beli ticket to the last LRT station, station Kelana which was one station away from station Taman Bahagia nie, dia takut I tak ada tempat duduk, kang ada yang kena duduk mencangkung balik nanti hehehe...

Dekat pukul 8pm baru sampai our LRT station. I told my husband I swear, this is going to be the last time I ke situ or even naik LRT. Tak sanggup rasanya, kalau dekat mungkin I boleh consider tapi kalau nak ke LRT station Taman Bahagia way man. Sampai je terus kita orang pegi makan, laparrr ooo....Oh kita orang dapat discount ticket kat Craftworld tu and dorang akan call and ask us to collect the discount ticket bila ready nanti. I kata kat husband I, you pegi sorang, I tak mau pegi dah....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Stupid Sewing Machine

Last night I went to my class as usual but this time I brought along my portable sewing machine. It was my first time actually. So when it comes the time to use it, all of a sudden, sewing machine bajingan tu tak dapat berfungsi dengan betul. I was so mad, as it was not the first time it had happened to me. In fact this was like a third time. Masa mula-mula kena tu, husband I dah bawak pegi tempat membeli tu and within second orang tu dah dapat betulkan. Then about a week later the thing started to act lagi. But after a few slam bam dari I, tiba-tiba jadi ok balik. Then a few weeks later, dia start buat hal lagi sekali. Then lepas I hentam hentam dia ok lagi sekali. After that everything went smoothly, or so I thought. And last night, the stupid bloody sewing machine buat hal lagi..I was so mad, I siap tendang lagi.. I dah tak boleh tahan dah... kesian dorang yang tengok tu hahaha...mesti tekejut sebab first time I naik angin macam tu. Mana tak, dekat sejam I cuba nak perbetulkan and my jarum siap bengkok lagi... After that I called up my husband and ranting about how mad I am.. dia kata no worries...

Masa husband I datang ambik I malam tadi, apa lagi I mengomel and menyumpah seranah sewing machine singer tak guna tu. I kata I tak mau dengar perkataan singer and I don’t want to have anything to do with it anymore. Because ini kali ketiga machine brand tu buat hal kat I. First time husband I belikan was at Bintulu, mula-mula lagi dah buat perangai and then the second time husband I belikan was when we was in our old house, second sewing machine tu macam kes yang pertama, benang asyik kusut and now this one the third time, bawah tempat letak skoci asyik terangkat and stuck I punya kain sampai koyak!

Anyway, hari nie I datang class lagi so kiranya dua hari berturut-turut, malam tadi and this morning. Class pagi nie start pukul 10am to 2pm. Cikgu Aishah kena cepat-cepatkan class because by end of this month dia dah berhenti dan diberhentikan kerja. Ada masalah between her and the management. Oh my, not again tukar cikgu. Her teaching was/is ok and I enjoyed learning from her walaupun dia kerek. Apa nak buat.. But she told me that she still can teach me outside the class i.e. coming to her house and will teach me a different pattern/style/design. Apparently she overheard me talking to Yati about package yang I nak ambik tapi sekolah tu dah batalkan/bekukan I think, I’m not sure. So I said yes when she approached me about the new lesson.

Just now at the class, we were discussing about which or what design yang I nak belajar dulu. I told her I want to learn how to make a gown/dress. Nanti dia akan bagi I buku latihan, I akan buat pola sendiri and bring it to the class to show her but we wouldn’t be using sekolah punya facility. No way man.. even kertas pun I beli sendiri. I cuma bawak pola tu nanti and show it to her that’s all.

About the stupid sewing machine, my husband called me up masa kat class tadi and told me that dia dah hantar sewing machine bajingan tu and dapat exchange with industrial sewing machine, but yang this one untuk jahitan lurus (yang digunakan di kilang-kilang) bukan yang jahit tepi tu yang tu I dah ada. Kat class yang I belajar nie pun ada and just now I guna yang jenis tu and it is good for my practice before the new sewing machine arrive to our house tomorrow. As for portable sewing machine, we planned to buy brand brother or similar to it but we're not in a hurry.


(Di halaman rumah)

I have no idea what to write but the weird thing was when I keluar sight seeing, macam-macam topic datang kat kepala I. Kalau dalam kereta, husband I borak dengan I, memang I tak dengar sebab my mind stray away into what I’m thinking, wondering and dreaming. Then bila sampai rumah, kepala hotak I blank balik.

Anyway, dalam ber’farming’ nih, I come to understand character orang-orang secara dalaman, who and how they think, although tak ada la secara terperinci but sikit-sikit tu kita boleh kenal orang tu macamana. Contohnya dalam soal pembahagian share. I noticed tak banyak yang nak share their wealth with others. I hairan sebab bila share orang, secepat kilat dia nak sapu but when it comes to hers or his, dia skip and tak mau publish/share. It is a give and take situation. Takan you nak take but you don’t give? Why do they have that kind of attitude/character? I know it is just a game and everybody have their own right to give or to share. But without they realising it, their true character shows regardless in real life or in a game because human being tend to act and fall into their habit. Tak kira la apa bangsa, mat salleh ke, arab ke, melayu ke, etc.. sama je.. Sebab human behaviour tak mengenal bangsa atau agama sekalipun...

(Belakang backyard bersama wagon, harvester (biru), tractor (for plowing) dan seeder (untuk menanam))

As for me, I don’t mind sharing whatever I have with the public. I dapat and the other party pun dapat jugak. Apa yang ruginya kita memberi or share kita punya wealth. It is just a game. Bukan kita bagi harta/duit kita betul-betul. Kadang-kadang I pikir, kalau la I boleh stop dorang yang kedekut nie dari ambik apa-apa yang I publish for those yang share macam I, tak ke bagus. I percaya kepada prinsip the more you give, the more you get. Because we will get a lot out of it, percayalah. Kat game pun boleh dapat ‘rezeki’ kalau niat dan tak stingy macam real life. I may not be “rich” yet (ada la ratus ratus ribu kat account, kataku belagak) tapi I punya tanah dah tahap plantation (22 x 22). My level pun dah 28 walau tak sampai sebulan ber’farming’. (Yela tu, hari-hari mengadap farmville, maunya tak cepat naik level kah kah kah...). And I’m waiting for the mighty plantation yang masih belum dibuka/coming soon. So much for wanting to be a pekebun kecil-kecilan hahahaha.....

(Bersama binatang ternakan)

As for free gifts, hari-hari I send free gifts to all my neighbours i.e. yang bagi I regularly, meaning returning each other gifts and yang tak bagi tu I still hantar for a few times and bila dia still ambik but tak bagi/return, I akan stop because quota satu hari hanya untuk 60 orang and offcourse I akan bagi keutamaan pada my loyal gifter. And bila ada extra “vacancy” only then I bagi kat yang tak bagi tu, itupun depends.

But well, lain orang lain la corak game dorang. Whatever their reasons ...only they know why... Wah, seriousnya I kui kui kui....

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Maal Hijrah 1431

It is not to late for me to wish Selamat Menyambut Tahun Baru Maal Hijrah 1431 buat semua umat Islam di seluruh dunia. To tell you the truth, I don’t know much about kisah penghijrahan Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. dari Kota Makkah ke Madinah nie until I checked from the internet and discussed with my husband. I discovered that it was the most important event in the calendar of Islam. I think I pernah tanya dulu but I tak ingat kot.

I jumpa somewhere kat internet earlier on today.. This is for those yang jahil macam I.

Sejarah Ringkas Hijrah

UMUMNYA hijrah bermaksud berpindah dari satu tempat ke satu tempat yang lain. Penghijrahan komuniti Muslim pada zaman Rasulullah SAW berlaku sebanyak tiga kali. Pertama, hijrah ke Habsyah pada 615 Masihi, kedua juga ke Habsyah pada 617 Masihi dan ketiga ialah hijrah Rasul SAW ke Yathrib pada 622 masihi. Mengenai hijrah ke Yathrib, Rasulullah SAW ada menceritakan dalam hadisnya yang bermaksud: “Aku melihat dalam tidurku aku berhijrah dari Makkah ke satu tanah yang banyak pokok kurma. Pada mulanya aku menyangka Yamamah atau Hajar, rupa-rupanya ia adalah Madinah, iaitu Yathrib.” – (Hadis riwayat Bukhari) Pada peringkat awal, Rasulullah hanya memperkenalkan Islam kepada sahabat terdekat dan ahli keluarga baginda. Apabila baginda menerima perintah daripada Allah SWT supaya berdakwah secara terbuka, baginda segera akur. Baginda mengumpul beberapa pengikut di Makkah. Begitupun, kumpulan kecil Muslim itu terdedah kepada maut berikutan ancaman daripada kaum kafir, terutama bangsa Quraish, yang menyeksa mereka dengan teruk. Bagi mengelakkan ancaman itu, Rasulullah SAW mengarahkan pengikutnya supaya keluar dari Makkah secara senyap-senyap ke Madinah (ketika itu dikenali sebagai Yathrib).

Satu hari pada tahun 622M, iaitu kira-kira 12 tahun selepas berdakwah di Makkah, Rasulullah SAW diberitahu kaum kafirun Makkah merancang membunuh baginda untuk memusnahkan Islam. Malah penduduk Madinah yang baru memeluk Islam juga gembira dapat bertemu Rasulullah (SAW). Jelaslah, sebelum tibanya Rasulullah di Madinah, Islam semakin kukuh di tempat baru itu, sesuatu yang tidak berlaku ketika berada di Makkah. Maka pada hari Isnin 8 Rabiulawal bersamaan 20 September 622M, Rasulullah (SAW) akhirnya tiba di Quba, sempadan Madinah dan benar-benar masuk ke Kota Madinah pada 12 Rabiulawal, hari Jumaat dan mendirikan solat Jumaat yang pertama di Kampung Bani Amar. Kaum Muslimin semua keluar untuk menyambut baginda. Bertitik tolak dari itu, Rasulullah (SAW) mula membina sebuah negara Islam yang megah. Baginda memupukkan persaudaraan di kalangan umat Muslim dan menyeru mereka supaya menegakkan yang hak dan mengikut segala perintah Allah SWT. Kesan daripada penghijrahan Rasulullah (SAW) dari Makkah ke Madinah adalah satu catatan penting sehingga umat Islam menjadikan tahun peristiwa bersejarah ini sebagai tahun permulaan kalendar Islam.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Gifts by Cecelia Ahern

Dalam busy busy ber”farming” dan melakukan segala activity lain sempat lagi I spend a few precious moment with my book. Biar hectic macam mana sekalipun I will try to squeeze some time for it. Tak kira la time membuang ke, pasti ku capai dengan segeranya. So after two weeks, finally habis jugak buku nie I baca. Apa yang boleh I perkatakan... WOW! Ini la buku fiction yang terbaik pernah I baca dalam hidup I. Belum lagi I temui mana-mana buku yang membuatkan I teruja. Mula-mula tu rasa macam tak best je... tapi lepas a few pages... I terus terpaku....Perjalanan cerita yang mempunyai character, Gabe, yang penuh mistery dan terungkai di penghujung cerita. Berbagai bagai conclusion yang cuba I justify. Kemunculan Gabe membuatkan hidup Lou tidak keruan. Cerita berkisar tentang hidup Lou yang sungguh busy hingga tiada masa bersama keluarga, betapa Lou curang dengan isterinya yang baik itu, kealpaan Lou terhadap ibu bapanya, kerakusan Lou mengejar pangkat dan kedudukan di dalam syarikat membuatkan dia menjadi paranoid.

I menangis teresak-esak towards the end of this book. I ulang balik part-part yang buat airmata I mengalir dengan deras, I nangis lagi. Punyala sentimental Queen sorang nie, yang tak mandi lagi masa tu hehehe.. Nasib baik husband I tak ada sebab best betul melayan perasaan hiba I nie. Kalau dia ada mesti I tak dapat menikmati dengan begitu jitu. Sedih memang teramat-amat sedih. Bila I teringat balik, I akan jadi sebak. Serious... Olahan dan gambaran yang Cecelia tulis, oh my.. she is so brilliant. Her attention to details is superb! The way she described each and every character was so spot on!

Then lepas abis I baca, I called husband I and bagitau betapa best dan sedihnya I baca buku nie hehehe... Abis I nak share dengan siapa? How I wish ada book club kat sini so that I boleh buat discussion and analyse sama-sama, mesti seronokkan?

Yang pasti you all should read this book, I guarantee sesiapa yang suka baca buku berbentuk begini akan agree dengan I. Oh... sediakan tissue banyak banyak....

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ugly Truth

I hairan la kenapa kebanyakkan (tak semua) orang perempuan atau kawan perempuan yang I kenali atau temui suka show off dekat I? Baik yang dah kahwin atau yang masih single.. sama je. Kenapa dorang rasa threatened by me? Kenapa yang ugly (pada pandangan mata I) perasan diri lawa? Why must they tell me that ramai lelaki tergila gilakan dorang? Yang peliknya rupa dorang, like I said are so damn ugly, muka tua walaupun still muda dari segi umur, badan bau busuk dan shape badan buruk, tak pandai bermekap, tak ada style langsung and the way they dress up...oh my God, punya la hideous! Kenapa tak sedar diri? Kenapa tak tengok cermin lama-lama? I was like, WHAT? (tapi dalam hati la). I peratikan rupa dorang dalam dalam masa dorang start bragging kat I sambil tu I berfikir are they serious? Sebabkan I tak pernah pun cakap yang RAMAI laki tergila-gilakan I (before or after I kahwin) or that I have something special about me etc. Why must I say that? Apa yang I nak prove by saying such thing? I’m confident with who and what I am. I don’t need to tell people about this and that which is so nonsense to me. Beside, apa yang nak dibanggakan kalau RAMAI orang nie or orang tu syok kat kita? Ye ke orang syok kat kita atau saje mengatal and nak try minah nie boleh ke tak? The truth is guys look at you like a sex object la..jangan ingat dorang ndakkan you sepenuh hati, intan payung atau terpegun dengan “kejelitaan” you. Jantan-jantan kabaret nie pun manusia jugak, kentut pun bau. They have their weakness and strength just like us. What are so special being crazy about by another human being, lain la kalau laki atau bini kita.

I was wondering apa yang dorang try to tell me sebenarnya. Yang dorang nie “mengoda”? “fantastic”? “menawan”? hingga membuatkan lelaki sekayu alam pandang pandang or puji puji dorang sampai juling mata or abis air liur? Porrrahhlah.... personality pun tak ada langsung ada hati nak auta kat I. Ingat I nie tak ada mata atau telinga tengok perawakan or keterampilan dorang? But then again maybe memang betul jugak ada lelaki yang tergila-gilakan dorang.. Tapi yang ndakkan dorang nie pun tak ada taste, low mentality and tak ada class. Tak ada class bukan dari segi kemewahan atau harta benda serta pangkat tapi dari segi akal fikiran.

Yang peliknya, tak pernah sekalipun dalam hidup I jumpa or kenal perempuan cantik (pada pandangan mata I) bangga diri, perasan lawa, or fussing about how lelaki tekejar-kejar kat dorang. In fact kawan kawan perempuan I yang lawa nie are so down to earth, humble, kind, stylish yang amat dan mempunyai personality yang cukup hebat. Kalau seanggun Camelia nak perasan atau cerita yang lelaki tergila-gilakan dia, that I can understand sebab dia adalah salah seorang wanita yang serba indah dari segi luaran dan dalaman. Dan yang tak lawa pada pandangan orang lain tapi kalau sedar diri, secara tak langsung akan terserlah lah keayuan diri yang memang telah sedia ada tanpa perlu di uar uarkan..

I tak kisah kalau ada orang cerita or letak gambar pasal kemasyhuran, kejelitaan, keseksian, pasal betapa dorang digila-gilai or apa-apa sekali lah..dalam blog ke, Wordpress ke, facebook ke, website dorang sendiri ke or even kat majalah pun. Itu HAK dorang nak cerita apa-apa whatever they want to say, tell and share tapi jangan la datang personally, one to one, live telecast kat I and start bragging kat I sebab I ada HAK untuk tidak mendengar dan melayan story bangang dorang and I don't give a shit!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Me, Talking Nonsense...

Lama dah I abaikan blog I nih... jangan la jadi macam blog blog yang sudah, bukak tutup bukak tutup delete. Nie Farmville punya pasal la.. Ish jangan salahkan Farmville beb... it’s me.. I’m the one who should be able to control myself and not letting the game control over me...isn’t it? I akan reduce my time kat situ and concentrate with some other important thing in life such as spend more time with God which I have neglect for as long as I can remember, hey...but I don’t miss my daily prayer yea... What I’m saying is that, bila susah or sakit manja manja sikit baru ingat Tuhan... I nie tak patut la... Sekarang nie kan, I kalau tiba-tiba sakit sikit aje terus ingat dah nak mati la.. mula la kelam kabut ingat mende mende tak baik yang I pernah buat dan still ongoing nih, i.e. bergossip, cursing, kutuk-kutuk orang... tak baik tau...

Lepas tu mula la I susah hati sebab tau mesti kena hukum kat akhirat nanti...huhu... Kadang-kadang I pikir, kenapa la masa kecik-kecik I tak mati aje so that terus masuk syurga.. (apa la). Atau pun kenapa la masa zaman kanak-kanak dulu I tak terjun dari bangunan tingkat 10 tempat kita orang tinggal (yang menempatkan Malaysian punya tentera laut) masa kat Singapore masa daddy jadi navy dulu.. I pernah tau terpikir nak terjun ala ala superman. Dalam hati I kata masa tu, mesti best nie terbang macam kat tv tu, sejuk and rambut mesti berterbangan kena tiup angin. Sesambil tu boleh sentuh awan yang umpama kapas itu. Punya la tingginya imagination..., thanks God, I never follow through with my crazy idea. Nasib baik I tak mental. Dan teringat kalau I mati tak sempat nak pakai baju pengantin kembang-kembang colour putih siap ada crown kat kepala nanti. Wah..umur baru 5 6 tahun tapi dah pikir jauh tu... sabar je. I kan siap berangan kahwin dengan bakal suami pakai baju tuxedo lagi masa kecik kecik dulu... Man.. I’m that weird! Itu belum lagi I perasan sorang-sorang tepi tingkap sambil membayangkan rupa bakal suami yang samar-samar itu... aduhai.. kecik-kecik dah plan kahwin.. gilerrr...

Anyway, apa yang I omelkan tengah malam buta nie? I was supposed to go to sleep by now. In fact I dah berjanji pada diri sendiri tak mau tidur lambat-lambat lagi..but look at me now.. talking nonsense... Okla..I nak berus gigi, basuh kaki and zzzzzzzzz..nite nite... or morning...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


(Diriku di celah-celah tanaman blueberries yang sedang ku harvest. Rambut blonde telah di colour ke black kerana rambut telah rosak disebabkan pancaran sang mentari semasa bercucuk tanam dan di tocang dua kerana keadaan cuaca yang teramat panas)

I’ve been slacking lately. This is due to the bloody Farmville. I went to school late, I did my homework at the last minute, I terkejar-kejar when it comes the time to cook/prepare the meal, I lost appetite to eat, I slept late each night i.e. 2.00 am, woke up early, I missed and didn’t have enough time to watch the torr that I DL for quite some time now except for X Factor, itupun selalu lambat tengok. My mind is consumed by what am I’m going to do next kat my farm i.e. nak beli apa, tanam apa, pukul berapa dah boleh harvest, farm sapa I nak kena fertilise, nak hantar free gifts lagi etc... Seem that I don’t have any time for anything nowadays. oh dear! Itu belum lagi I nak cerita bab my cafe world tu...

And most importantly, I didn’t blog regularly like I used too. There are a lot of things that I want to share about my thoughts, etc. but like I said this bloody Farmville really took lots of my time. I bukan ada satu je account, in fact I got two just for playing that!

Ok, here’s the story, first time I masuk Farmville nie, I tengok, alahai boringnya, plow, tanam, harvest, same ol’ cycle. But when I visited my anak buah’s and some of my friend’s farm tiba-tiba I rasa macam best aje. I was impressed with their farm yang besar, angkuh, perkasa dan ada yang cute itu. Napsu hati serakah I mula berbisik secara halus, why don’t I give it a try, see whether I like it or not and see where it will lead me. I xde la nak bukak plantation sebesar alam (cakap sekarang). I cuma nak bukak kebun kecil kecilan je (cakap sekarang jugak). So I pun memulakan menjadi dengan petani miskin bermodalkan deposit yang sangat ciput tanpa pinjaman bank. Makin lama tanaman I makin luas. Tapi I masih tak puas hati sebab duit asyik sikit aje bila kena plow and tanam balik. Kadang-kadang I akan dipanggil untuk baja tanaman jiran-jiran dan tolong-tolong apa yang patut. Dapat la jugak upah dalam beberapa coins.

Sesambil tu I sibuk la menternak barang seekor dua binatang ternakan. I siap buat deal dengan fiez suruh dia bagi I binatang tiap-tiap hari and dia pulak mintak chicken. Kekadang I mintak chicken, kekadang tu I mintak reindeer and kekadang balik kepada chicken semula. Maklumla both of us dah ada chicken cop. Then I suruh dia cakap kat adik dia suruh add I, the more neighbour, the more money you can get from visiting (like I said earlier on) farm dorang. I masih tak puas hati lagi sebab I masih kekurangan cash walaupun dah ada berpuluh ribu kat account. I pun pujuk husband I suruh join so that dia boleh bagi I gift tiap-tiap hari (tujuan sebenar). I berjanji manis dengan dia, I gambarkan betapa seronoknya ada ladang sendiri yang besar-besar in the future nanti. Bila I masuk farm I, I tunjukkan reaksi overacting I yang bestnya I bercucuk tanam, walaupun tak ada apa-apa pun sangat. I ajar dia macam mana nak harvest, I mintak dia punya opinion which crops yang paling senang I dapat untung. I siap ber “calculator” lagi sebab nak tau, time, money and xp yang paling flexible, kira macam accountant tersohor yang cari jalan macam mana nak lari dari tax gituuu... hehehe..

Husband I yang senang termakan pujuk rayu I terus create email baru and sign up kat facebook. I punyala excited, maklumla nak dapat free gifts dari dia hari-hari. Tapi bila dia try nak masuk Farmville kat laptop dia tak dapat-dapat pulak. I mula la frust, then after checking a few times, we found out that dia punya laptop tak ada flash card. I kata jom pegi Low Yatt beli laptop baru untuk you. Dia kata xpe la boleh guna desktop I since I guna my laptop aje. And beside he planned to buy a new laptop next year since ada latest technology tah apa-apa tah. I kata allright la.. kira modus operandi tak berapa menjadi (hampa I dalam senyap tapi muka pura-pura tersenyum manis dengan berkata, it's ok...kalau la dia tau gelora di jiwa I nih) sebab I tau dia malas nak masuk beli study tu.

Tapi perasaan tamak, ingin cepat kaya dengan segera serta memiliki dan mengumpul harta sentiasa bermain-main di fikiran I. Ini membuatkan otak cunning I bergerak tak tentu arah. I perbanyakkan menanam dan I mula dapat banyak neighbour dari serta dunia hasil penat lelah I beramah tamah dengan dorang. Dari satu kawan ke satu kawan add I and some of them email I suruh add dorang serta laki dan anak dorang sekali hahahaha.. I kini memiliki lebih dari 100 orang neighbour... kwah kwah kwah..kataku penuh bongkak (mesti ada yang 1000 neighbour nie gelakkan I.. hehe..). Nampaknya kami mempunyai agenda yang sama dan semangat tamak haloba yang sungguh jitu. Kira I sekarang nie antara yang popular kat community itu. Disebabkan ke “famousan” I nie, I punya Christmas tree sudah penuh dengan hadiah-hadiah dari neighbour I sebelum Christmas lagi. I terpaksa buat announcement yang belagak iaitu, I xmo lagi Christmas present tapi free gifts are welcome (mana boleh idup tanpa free gifts nih). Tapi dorang still hantar Christmas present kat I, I tak de choice I jual la, satu is 5 coins kalau sehari dapat dalam 50 kira boleh la beli seed baru yang mahal-mahal atau simpan untuk beli harta. Kini I berjaya expand tanah sebanyak dua kali dan sekarang nie tengah berkira-kira nak beli rumah ke atau barn ke atau shed...tapi dikit dikit lama-lama jadi hangit... I yang dah tak sedar diri sebab dah mula senang sikit ini telah lupa pada account I yang kedua ini.. yea I umpama ice cream lupakan cone nye...

So Mr GabanZ Murugasu, sis harap sis punya explanation ini berjaya merawat hatimu yang penuh sangsi bermuslihat ala ala lagak hero tamil black and white itu. Dan menjawab persoalan mengapa sis ada dua account facebook/Farmville kui kui kui kui....

Yang pasti (ada lagi..ingat dah abis tulis), I seriously need to reschedule my time nicely or else I go crazy....

Me : Tapikan I nak jadi pekebun with a small scale je la..I xmo la ber”plantation” hebat itu.. (like I said, cakap sekarang)...

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Anugerah Skrin 2009

(Jadi pengkritik la pulak)

Husband I tanya earlier on yesterday evening, I tak tengok Anugerah Skrin 2009 ke? I said, ah.. tak kuasa I nak tengok artis-artis (or whoever yang involve in the industry) perasan nih. I tak anti semua, please don’t get me wrong. I’m talking about a few yang tah apa-apa lakonan and tak well known langsung tapi belagak tak sedar diri. But when I glanced at the telly and saw Afdlin was one of the presenters, I told myself, I have to watch this since he is well known for blurting out some funny line spontaneously. Sambil bercucuk tanam sambil tu la jugak I tengok-tengok. Kira multitasker la...

Well... it was sort of disappointed (very). Gandingan dia dan Fara Fauzana tu tak menjadi dan tak ada chemistry langsung. At times, it was meleret-leret and punchline that left you termangu-mangu and also wandering what the hell were they try to convey to you.. you know what I mean? Sometime I cringe my nose and frown my head without realising it. Or was it me who didn’t get the joke, if I want to call it a joke? I pulak yang segan kat dorang and felt sorry for them. And cara both of them try to mengajuk atau memelatkan lidah i.e. berbahasa melayu tapi pelat arab...oh dear....

Ok, I was again surprised, when I saw the theme or “the dress/outfit”. I was like, why did they chose this theme, of all the theme in the world. Kenapa tak choose baju tradisional kan lebih manis dan menawan. I know, dah banyak theme, batik, songket, sutera etc. etc. but why not choose from negeri-negeri yang ada kat Malaysia nie instead of Arabian theme. I’m not asking them to wear cawat though but you know.. I’m sorry Afdlin, no offend I minat your work but you made to look like a clown or maybe it was meant to look funny? I’m not sure. But ramai jugak yang tak ikut theme termasuk la orang-orang penting kat situ.

As for pemenang-pemenang tu, congratulation to them. I tak nak comment on that as I only watched a few of the telefilem and what I can see, semua yang tercalon adalah hebat-hebat belaka regardless yang menang atau pun tidak and I don’t want to call it “tak bernasib baik” sebab dah dicalonkan pun dah nasib baik. Yang penting, you berkarya kerana you love it so bloody much not because nak glamour or money which offcourse is a bonus and not talentless (either as an actor/actress, director, producer or whoever involve in the industry etc.)

So anyway, I love yang membuat persembahan malam tadi, semua best-best especially Aizat, Jack, Black and Lan oh and offcourse Misha and Bob. Suara..wohoo... korang memang fantastico!

Me : Macam kenal aje mata kat poster theme tu, oh yeah it’s her (rolling my eyes) and who else yang menyanyi sebagai penutup tirai.....

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Teater Natrah

About 2 weeks ago I dah bagitau husband I yang I nak tengok teater nie. Publisiti bukan main hebat with the controversy of the main character of a young little star yang demand pasal harga bayaran who was the first choice and end up the beautiful Maya Karin got the part. So yesterday afternoon, husband I called up and bagitau I nak tengok for which slot, I kata as long as it is not Monday and Thursday as I have a class on that day. As for Friday nie, I nak tengok Muzik Muzik final. He told me that Saturday was already fully booked and except for Rabu malam, only that day aje I free and ada kosong and the seating was very limited. Mind you, lady of leisure pun ada tight schedule nih! Haha...He bought the RM 151.60 seat sebab biasa la Miss Queen nie, xmo duduk jauh jauh, mesti nak tengah-tengah dan dekat dengan stage or I tak mo tengok langsung. I mean what is the point of watching or be entertained by it if you can only see from far? Actually dia nak beli yang RM100.00 seating, which was closer to the stage but dah takde seat.

During bersiap-siapan tu, sempat lagi I jenguk-jenguk my kebun (belum standard ladang lagi tuh) and borak dengan fiez and roxy. I suruh husband I bakarkan roti kaya/butter sebab I tak tau nak makan apa and takut lapar although masakan tengahari ada lagi, tapi nyonya nie demand bukan main, so we plan balik nanti la makan somewhere. On the way, stop sekejap kat station minyak, isi minyak and beli air. Masa nak dekat sampai, sempat lagi husband I tanya boleh bawak air ke... I kata you ingat nie panggung wayang ke... tergelak I...adeeihh macam la tak pernah pegi before this hahaha... Sampai je, wah susahnya nak cari tempat parking kat situ, kena park kat belakang nasib baik tak jauh sangat. I ingatkan both of us dah lambat, kelam kabut jugak. We all ikut jalan belakang and sempat lagi I guna toilet kat belakang stage. Then terus ikut jalan tepi ke depan and terus masuk. Nasib baik tempat duduk space dia luas sebab it was in between orang lalu..legaa...Tak lama kemudian, all of us was asked to stand up and sing our national anthem. Husband I kata kena bangun nyanyi ke, I kata, you nie tak ada semangat patrotik langsung, ush..dia kata kat I, tau pun malu..

Maka bermula la kisah.... ok, this is how I see it and my point of view towards the Natrah’s theatre...First and foremost I don’t know much about teater ke belakon ke or anything about it. My comment is base on me as an audience/penonton yang suka menonton teater although not much tapi around 10 kat IB tu. But I do think I have the right to give such comment or criticise on it. Here goes, pada I jalan cerita nie mmm.. tak berapa best, bosan dan adakala memenatkan. But there are part yang I rasa touched when Natrah di paksa berpisah dengan Che Aminah nie, sedih part tarik-tarik tu and another part masa dia jumpa Che Aminah, siap bawak bekal and suap-suap kat dia lagi, masa tu Mansor and Mak Wok ada sekali, rasa macam ada gelombang kat tekak I... Dari segi lakonan, Umi Aida, Maya, Remy and all the actor/actress, berjaya membawa watak masing-masing but terlampau banyak extra sungguh menyesakkan stage itu. At times it can be bercelaru and sometime the extra tu comey-comey, muda muda (with the help of makeup and lighting, offcourse) dari Maya Karin dengan rambut rebonding/lurus dorang tu. Tak realistic langsung.

Overall, cerita nie tak berapa best pada I disebabkan oleh garapan yang longgar (cewah) and part-part yang menyentuh perasaan or yang penting patutnya ditekankan lagi, love story yang kurang berkesan and tak berapa ada chemistry between the two sebab tak banyak scene romantic or even the crucial part kat court tu. Like I said semua pelakon tu berjaya membawa watak masing-masing but in terms of menjiwai watak...well... let just say Umi Aida la yang paling berkesan (serak suara dia, nie mesti terlampau banyak menjerit, menangis and she is going to have to do that until next week, must be a gruelling thing to do in the name of theatre eh? Or should I say for the love of the arts).

I thought during the show ada intermission like they always do but I was surprised sebab tak ada break langsung. I dah mula pikir I want to take a break myself and go to the toilet. It was fast, short and it took only 1 ½ hours je (thanks God!). Nasib baik sekejap or I’ll be screaming my head out. Habis aje, I pegi toilet cepat-cepat and terus caio, I didn’t wait or queue like most of the people yang nak mintak sign autograph or take picture with the actors. Tak kuasa I, beside I nak makan (although both of us are not hungry) and worried about my padi yang tak harvest lagi..hahahaha...

Ok now this is my personal opinion towards the whole story. I’ve been going through Natrah punya kisah nie dari dulu lagi although not religiously but each time cerita dia keluar kat paper, internet or any book yang I browse through kat bookstore I mesti baca (although tak sepenuhnya kat kedai buku ler...maunya berhari-hari bercamping kat situ). Pada I la, Natrah should be with her real parents, regardless dia dibesarkan oleh family lain. Why? Because no matter what, she should be with her rightful parents, they have a right on her because she is still underage although dia dibesarkan oleh family “angkat” secara islam. Family “angkat” dia tak ada paper yang mengatakan dia diserahkan secara rela oleh family flesh and blood dia. So that is another point why she has to go back to her real family. Yes it is so kejam because dia dibesarkan dengan sepenuh kasih sayang oleh Che Aminah nie dan dipisahkan macam tu but it is the way it is. Lain la kalau dia dah 21 or over..then she can decide on her own. But kesian jugak, dorang kena tipu and dibawa ke Singapura, kesudahannya, kena pisah abruptly. Maunya tak pedih jiwa raga, putus kasih sayang macam tu aje.. sekejap ada depan mata and the next it was taken away from you. During those commotion, cepat-cepat family “angkat” dia suruh dia kahwin dengan Mansor. I don’t know whether that is their tactic, in order to avoid the extradition ke whatever it is, but I guess both of them fall in love and genuinely love each other. But the one that hurt the most was Che Aminah...

Like I said this is how I see it and please lain orang lain la pandangan peribadi dorang about this Natrah’s teater or about the life of those yang involve. I suggest you all pergi IB and tengok view may varies from others.

I was wondering, what if Natrah/Maria nie dibesarkan secara Kristian or Che Aminah nie bukan islam, will her real family fought like hell to get her back?

Me : Masa I tengah bersiap-siap, sempat lagi si minah tu sms I promote lagi pasal product dia.. What the heck! I cakap I’m preparing to watch the teater..

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Coretan I

Last Sunday, we went again to Amcorp Mall sebab husband I ajak beli lagi. I was so excited or should I say, excited giler.. macam nak menjerit aje... well, which I did by the way hahaha.. Walaupun husband I bukan pembaca buku tapi his support mean so much to me. Sayang dia.... Seronok ooo... buku murah, baru dan masih latest lagi although I don't know some of the writer but dari narration yang I baca kat belakang macam bagus aje. Don't forget that, some of the unknown writers or books, kalau kita pandai cari memang best cuma maybe their talent are overlook etc. I dapat rasakan buku-buku yang kita orang pilih nie best. Tak sabar I nak "mengembara" ke dunia itu...

Tapikan semenjak dua menjak nie I tersangat la busy nye. Dengan project menjahit I lagi and now ada facebook nie I sibuk je nak bertani dan masak untuk pelanggan kat cafe world I tu hahaha... I tak sempat lagi nak tengok torr yang I dah DL dan buku yang I currently reading nie pun tak abis-abis although a few pages lagi tinggal. And also I nak kemas bilik study, buku-buku yang di beli belum I alihkan and susun kat bilik study and masih kat master bedroom lagi... much thing to do and so little time. And I hope I tak neglect my blog and I will try to arrange my schedule nicely. Siapa kata housewives banyak masa? Kita orang lagi busy tau.. belum lagi part masak, basuh baju etc... ahhhhh.....

Semalam Ida yang datang cuci rumah I datang, she called me up the other night asking me boleh ke dia datang. Sebenarnya dia lama dah tak datang sebab I tak nak, bukan apa, dia nak datang at the odd hours i.e. weekend and petang.. I kata kat dia kalau nak datang, datang la weekdays and pagi. Weekend is my time with my dearest. So semalam dia datang kemas rumah I, thanks God for Ida, rumah I spotless and I was so happy.

Petang semalam pegi kelas macam biasa. I tak da mood so I sambil lewa je nak bersiap. Tah lah, there are times kita tak ada mood nak buat apa-apa. Kat kelas pun I tak belajar sangat, borak je lebih. Bukan I je, Siti pun macam tu...macam malas je kita orang. Kesudahannya baju tak siap hehehe... I made a mistake for using kapur yang tak terang so I tak nampak la lorekkan and point-point yang sepatutynya I sambung, so bertambah la kelesuan lagi. I pujuk Cikgu Aishah suruh buat...sian dia, dengan berat hati dia buat...hehehe..dia kalah dengan pujukkan I. Lepas tu I buat muka sedih sedih lagi... lakonan 1st class I berjaya mencairkan hatinya hehehe... thanks cikgu unca uncit... hehehehe...

Facebook - Balik rumah sibuk la I masuk cafe nak tengok apa makanan yang dah masak, masak apa-apa yang patut then I pegi tengok kebun I and siap-siap tuai apa-apa sayur yang dah matang...bekebun sekejap sambil tengok Amazing Race...

Sekian kisah I malam tadi... ohh... I nak kena masak nie...dah lambattt......