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Roti Jala Yang Simple..

I was supposed to update my blog earlier on today but I thought I should wait for something that I might cook this evening but it was not to be.

I better update this one before the night ended for next day..

I was so hungry yesterday afternoon, so I decided to cook/make this roti jala or kalau direct translation it would be net bread wakaka.. I have been having this urge for a few days but was too lazy to even lift a bowl hehe.. But then I remember my darling husband kept hinting to me that it would be nice if we were to cook together. Yela sayang.. And furthermore I was hungry like hell.

So I went to look for my recipe books and found a few. I'm not too keen on the ingredient and how it was made so I decided to change all together and made my own recipe. On top of that I don't really trust it. So sekarang maknanya, this is my recipe ler kan and I would like to share it with you. Bahan-bahannya; 300gm tepung gandum, 250ml susu cair, 2 biji telur, 1/2 sudu kecil garam, 1 sudu kec…

Sunday's Update

(I tak pernah try pakai bulu mata palsu so I decided to buy and try it one of these days)

Yesterday we went to KLCC to do a little bit of shopping etc. It has been such a long time since I last come here, ada la dalam berbulan jugak. Kalau datang pun terus straight pegi Cinema. Anyway, the reason why I went there was because I was curious and I want to see how Sephora in KLCC's looks like.

After lunch at Madam Kwan’s as usual we would go to Kinokuniya Book Store. Oh, I was so happy because I finally found satu buku fashion Jepun yang bagi tunjuk ajar in details macam mana nak jahit leher baju. All this while banyak kain hancur I kerjakan sebab I was not satisfied with what I did and ada yang tak jadi. I tak sabar nak follow yang according to the book but I don’t have the time right now. Too many things to do with so little time. But I’m glad baju untuk hari raya dah antar kat tailor, nasib baik dia masih nak accept because I hantar sampai tiga pasang. I don’t know yang extra two tu…

Hari Nie Ke Taman Bunga

Hari nie I snappy snappy ke Taman Bunga. Actually, we were supposed to go last week but you know emergency cir bir ekeke. I was worried masa on the way nak pegi tengahari tadi sebabkan mana la tau tiba-tiba I cir bir kan.. (tak abis-abis kisah cir bir I nie eh? Malam tadi dah terkena balik, I think it must be the Sushi. Now Sushi la pulak jadi suspect la pulak kan). We had our lunch at Taman Burung or Hornbill’s Restaurant. The food was quite pricey, nasi goreng cina I cost about RM18.00 and my husband’s curry and nasi putih cost about RM16.00. Mula-mula ingat nak order air mineral but bila I tengok sebotol RM9.00 terus I cancel and order air suam aje. I’m not being stingy but to me it was quite melampau la for that price. The food tak ada la sedap mana, boleh la untuk alas perut. Service cepat but the waiter/waitress agak kelam kabut, kita kena panggil sebab orang ramai. Husband I cakap, macam kat oversea aje sebab 90% was a foreigner yang makan and bersiar-siar kat situ.
After lunch,…

I Tengok Miss USA 2011

I was toying with the idea of cutting my hair these past few days. I thought of Jaclyn Victor’s hair style. So I’ve been broaching the idea to my darling husband. Unfortunately and as always, dia sudah veto siang-siang. I told him, I’m bored with this long hair and I look like a nenek rockers yang tak sedar diri and stuck in the 80’s time capsule. But pakcik wouldn’t budge. I mean, what is the point of having a long hair when you have to tie it all the time as you are so rimas and kekadang I sanggul like the late mak enon. Dah la my hair nie nipis and nampak kulit kepala lagi.
Dalam penuh kelesuan ini, I decided to watch Miss USA that I DL a few days ago. But I was mad because I already know who was the winner masa I surfed aritu, damn! I thought mesti tak best since I dah tau siapa menang kan and I was a bit hesitate to watch. But I teruskan jua niat murni ini (hehe) sebab I memang suka tengok whatever Miss Miss kat bumi nie, and I’m glad I did because it was so much fun and the conte…

Update Orang Emo..

There is a lot of stuff going around me these past few days. These kinda thing affected me emotionally, mentally and drain me off my energy. I worried about things too much and I realised that I can’t count on anybody except for my husband. People tend to be so selfish and think about themselves only. I realised that I shouldn't get involved with other people on a personal basis from now on. I guess it is about time for me to move into a new chapter in my life and leave unecessary thing behind.

As for the future, Dek don’t worry… you will be ok…

Last Saturday ke Pasar Seni

Hari nie around 2pm both of us keluar sebab yesterday husband I suggested that we go to Pasar Seni for my photo session. On the way nak ke situ, husband I suggested that we go to Putrajaya or Taman Bunga instead. But since hujan we decided tostick to the original plan aje. Sampai situ I tengok orang tak ramai and mula la cari angle yang I rasa ok for me to snap.

I was sort of disappointed as I didn’t see many “nice” or menepati jiwa I untuk gambar-gambar di ambil. Nak ambik gambar kat luar, tiba-tiba I rasa kelaparan la pulak kan. So both of us pegi makan kat Ginger Restaurant. Masa tengah order-order tiba-tiba perut I memulas yang amat, I decided to make a dash to the toilet. Lama la jugak I melepas, sampai husband I risau and called me. I think it must be the roti canai that we ate for breakfast early in the morning. But I tak makan kuah kari tu banyak-banyak, I cuma celup kat ujung roti aje, asal ambik rasa, but I’m pretty sure the kuah was the culprit.

Balik kat restaurant tu, I mak…

Anti Social In FB?

If you notice, semenjak dua menjak nie I rajin bukak fb and kadang-kadang berborak kat situ. Tak ada la active sangat but once in a while I would menyampuk sana sini on which I see fit. I tengok jugak orang dia macam mana. Kalau orang tu jenis sensitive I tak comment apa-apa kat status dia sebab I try my best to steer out of any controversial or things that might hurt other people’s feeling. Bende yang nothing to me might be something big to them kan. Manusia punya fikiran mana sama. Most of the time I don’t know how to comment base on their posting. Some are so emotional that I’m scared if I say something, I yang kena and I yang akan malu because everybody can read what was said. So I better senyap aje.

Although I suka berborak-borak dengan kawan-kawan or sedara kat situ but I don’t post anything on my wall. The reason was because I don’t know what to say. I know, sounds pelikkan. Maybe, I’m the type yang la tu. Yes I malu and segan to express something there or to tell w…

Random Thought

After two days, I thought I’m out this cir bir situation but it was not to be. Petang semalam tiba-tiba perut I memulas yang amat and terus menerpa ke bilik kecil itu. Rasa macam nak pengsan, dengan peluh yang keluar merata-rata. Mata I berpinar-pinar and suasana nampak kelam. Dalam keadaan I macam tu, I sempat lagi terpikir, jangan la I mati dalam posisi begini, di mana seluar kecil separuh kaki dan muka kekal meneran ..wakaka.. Asyik ingat nak mati je sekarang kan.. eee..takut la. Anyway, hari nie incident semalam tidak berlaku. I guess it must be the pretzel yang I makan semalam. Pretzel la jadi mangsa pulak kan. I baru teringat sebelum I cir bir yang teruk minggu lepas, I ada makan sikit sebelum tu and tak silap I dulu dulu pun I cir bir sebab Pretzel jugak la…now that I think of it, down memory lane la pulak kannn..

Well, hari nie I tak ada mood, sungguh tak ada mood. I think maybe this is part of a recovery process which effect my emotion and I think sebab “bestfriend” I, Miss …


Last Saturday I masih mengalami cir bir but it was not as bad as Friday (my husband bought a medicine from pharmacy as the one that I took from the doctor was not working at all). I cuma cir bir 4 kali aje, pagi semalam sekali and today belum lagi. I hope it would go soon. That night (Saturday) when I took my bath I was so shocked to see that my stomach was full of this red rashes like ruam panas and mengerutu. I quickly took my bath and told my husband. And mula la I surfed internet nak tau apakah puncanya. Other part of my body tak ada except for kat stomach aje. Mula la I ingat I kena denggi la, ini la itu la, tiba-tiba rasa sesak nafas la, rasa macam nak pengsan la, ingat dah nak mati la, that it is going to be my last night in this world. Oh dear.. husband I sibuk la call Glenegales enquiry this and that… Mula-mula ingat nak pegi malam tu jugak but we decided to wait until tomorrow morning kalau rashes tak turun-turun. Sungguh dramatic kami laki bini nie. Then malam tu I tak dapa…


Case 1
I memecahkan record sendiri dengan cir bir sebanyak 6 kali tengahari semalam. Yea, 6 kali belari-lari mendapatkan bilik kecik itu. Kejap-kejap tu jugak la I bertimbang with the hope that berat badan akan turun which is not to be grrr… And so far as of this writing I dah kena sekali tadi. I hope jangan la kena lagi sebab kalau dah nak keluar tak de nya boleh di tahan-tahan.

Case 2
Anyway, I ada banyak bende nak share but nanti dulu sebab keadaan I yang masih dalam langkah berjaga-jaga nie membuatkan I tak dapat nak tulis betul-betul. I tulis sikit-sikit je eh. Oh, korang ada tengok Jozan tak malam tadi, kelakar la..especially yang the first segment tu..hehehe.. I hope dorang or Sepah menang. As for Jambu, tu geli la I nengok, nak muntah pun ada. R2 and Nabil, you guys can forget about it.
Case 3
Hari nie kat paper MCMC dah block a few site termasuk pirate bay. I try a few times tadi tapi tak dapat masuk. Well.. there is always a way. Apa la.. nak buat macam kat China pulak. It would…

I Yang Tak Sihat...

I terbangun pagi semalam bila I perasan satu badan I basah kuyup macam kena hujan. I rasa haus sangat and badan I panas. Betul la doctor tu cakap I kena fever. I bangun around 6am and minum air season barli sejuk. I minum sikit-sikit. Then I rasa lega and bila masuk nak sembahyang tiba-tiba badan I mengigil. I tutup kipas. Then I try to go to sleep. I tak dapat tidur lena, kejap-kejap terbangun. I tukar baju and tidur balik sebab basah kuyup. I terbangun around 1pm and badan/baju I basah lagi.
I mandi, lunch and makan ubat. Lepas solat I tertidur sampai pukul 6pm. I bangun and dinner..itupun tak lalu, makan ubat and ngantuk. I think ubat tu kasi I ngantuk kot. But I feel much more better.
Then pagi nie lepas solat subuh I tertidur dengan tidak nyenyaknya. Pukul 11.30am I terbangun. I pegi dapur I tengok husband I dah siap-siapkan milo cuma tunggu I letak air panas. Semalam pun dia buat macam tu tapi hari nie dia siap letak note yang diselitkan di tudung sweet la that husb…

Ke Klinik dan Hati Yang Panas

Masa nak bangun sembahyang subuh pagi tadi, I rasa lain macam aje ulu hati I nie.. pedih-pedih, sendawa angin, perut berbunyi and rasa uneasy yang amat. Lepas solat, husband I buatkan air milo panas and roti bakar. Then I makan ubat actal. Tapi macam tak surut aje.
Lepas husband I pegi kerja, I jalan mundar-mandir. Ingat nak sambung tidur balik but perut I dah mula nak menganas. I tengok tv kat luar and after a while I terlena sekejap and I decided to take a nap kejap kat bilik. Sebelum tu I tanak bubur and rendam ayam. Around 11am, husband I called tanya macam mana. I mintak dia hantar I ke clinic. I tak nak mandi dulu sebab I akan mandi selepas balik dari clinic, you know la all kind of penyakit around.
Around 12.15am, husband I datang ambik. Sampai my favourite’s clinic I tengok, wah ramainya orang. Tunggu punya tunggu, I tengok orang yang datang kemudian dah kena panggil. But since I thought mesti lepas nie my turn kot. Then I tengok lagi orang lain masuk dulu, although it was supp…

Ayat-Ayat Cinta la Pulak kan...

Petang semalam I decided to watch this Ayat-Ayat Cinta’s movie at TV3. The reason was because, there were a lot of buzz about this movie when it was first came out. Rata-rata orang puji-puji, menyayat hati and kata cerita nie best yang amat bla bla bla. Well… let just say…, it wasted my three hours on which I can never get it back.
Mengarutnya cerita nie in my opinion. Reason? Punya la banyak lelaki Indonesia kat Egypt, si Fahri nie jugak yang jadi rebutan. Noura la, Aisha la, Maria la..semua tergila-gilakan dia. Apa la specialnya lelaki nie, sebabkan bertimbun lelaki alim kat Universiti Al-Azhar tu, si kerempeng nie jugak jadi igauan. Nak kata keperibadian dia hebat, I don’t see any pun? Another yang menjadi tanda tanya I, Aisha jumpa Fahri kat dalam bas and tiba-tiba je family Aisha suh Aisha bukak hijab sebab nak tunjuk kat Fahri yang bakal suami. Mana family Aisha kenal Fahri?
Si Noura pulak, orang dah selamatkan dia, tiba-tiba kata Fahri nie rogol dia. Bukan kah dia dah terlepas d…

Masakan Hari Ini Dan Yang Lepas...

Hari nie I masak ayam masak lemak cili padi. I dah tau nak masak style apa dah. As for sayur, biasa la, sayur goreng fish ball. I malas nak upload gambar sayur sebab bukan menu utama.

Last week I masak ayam masak kicap. Selalunya I guna cili hidup potong nipis-nipis but that day I decided to use cili yang dah dimesin, beli kat supermarket. Tak kuasa I nak blend.

Last week, I masak ikan selar masak sambal. I suka makan ikan nie kalau goreng rangup-rangup.

Last week, I masak masak lemak pucuk manis labu kuning. Menu nie pun lama I dah tak masak..

Last week I masak rendang ayam. Lama I dah tak buat menu nie and I decided to cook this because I terjumpa resepinya yang sangat ringkas and kejap aje nak buat.
Sekian masakan I minggu lepas dan hari ini.

To Bird Park

Today we went to the Bird Park. We’ve planned since last week. We went there around 12pm and went back around 2pm. Tak lama as we couldn’t stand the weather and the walking became so tiring. There were many people and we’re glad there is a parking space available when we got there. It is my second time and I think it is going to be my last as it was so hot and I’m sweating like I just took a shower. Nasib baik ada canopy and it is quite breezy but still the sweat sangat melekitkan badan. We brought some egg sandwhiches and fried noodles from home as we thought of having a picnic around the area (instead we bring our food back and eat at home haha..).

I got a stomach discomfort and I guess it must be from the mangoes that I ate yesterday or maybe grapes from last night. Kacau la, it would come and go and I feel like I want to punch my stomach. There were not much bird species walking around except for the flamingos and peacocks. Most of them are in cage so I don’t really like to take th…

Update Tak Ada Cerita

(Ikan tenggiri masak asam pedas) Firstly, I nak ucapkan Selamat Hari Gawai Dayak kepada semua yang celebrate this important event. As usual I tak balik and in fact dah berbelas tahun I tak balik. Tak tau la in the future.

Today I masak ikan tengiri asam pedas, lama dah teringin nak makan and masak, baru hari nie berkesempatan. I tak ada apa story yang interesting pun hari nie other than bertenggek and berborak kejap-kejap kat fb. Actually ada banyak bende nak share tapi malas la pulakkan..

Note : I dah update my flickr...