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I'm Back For Good!

Hey, we have been back in KL for more than two weeks! Yes, tak ada balik Bangkok lagi. I was so happy and excited although a bit shocked when my husband told me that we're going back for good. I was depressed for quite some time when I was in Bangkok and I missed my home badly. Oh, I nak cerita pasal kisah kepulangan I ini dulu. A week before nak balik, movers came to the house to angkut all the barang that we have accumulated for the past nine months. Most of the thing was of course my clothes and barangan dapur. There were 16 boxes all together. Lepas barangan di angkat oleh movers, both of us went out to do some last minute shopping itupun tak lama shopping because of the weather that was so freaking hot sampai pening kepala I. On top of that we can't go out at night due to the curfew. So memang kelam kabut and main grab aje. Balik rumah and masa nak masukkan baju dalam bag, we found out that our luggage was quite heavy and obviously it was terlebih muatan. So …