Happy Birthday To You, Darling

Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday to Dear Husband, Happy Birthday To You… Yes today is my husband’s birthday. He’s getting older and so am I. Suck kan! Hari nie husband I saje cuti since I told him, it is his most important day of his life and he should take a leave. Banyak plan kita orang today but everything cancelled because pagi-pagi lagi perut I rasa sebu and I termuntah-muntah and no I’m not pregnant. Actually, malam tadi after solat maghrib both of us went to TGIF and when we requested for ribs yang nampak sungguh juicy kat menu, we were told that they were out of stock and on the 18th baru ada. And then when I requested for other type of ribs on the other menu, the waitress cakap nanti dia tanya kat kitchen, when she came back she told me ada pula ribs (pelikkan?). But husband I cakap, it’s ok and that we should go elsewhere. Then we went to Tony Roma’s at Pavillion and had a wonderful dinner celebration there. Lepas makan, jalan-jalan kejap kat atas but sekejap aje sebab it was time to close. And we promised to each other that we will come again and make sure to come early so that we wouldn’t be in a rush. Husband I pulak, kejap-kejap ajak tengok wayang. I kata nanti la, I ngantuk la… sian dia. But I will agree eventually but malam tadi I malas and nak tengok wayang kena ikut mood jugak. But bersedia la dengar husband I complaint pasal lanun-lanun yang bising nanti.

So, today, we didn’t go anywhere, like I said, perut I sebu and termuntah-muntah, habis semua ribs I tekeluar balik pagi tadi. Pagi tu I wish and nyanyikan husband I lagi sekali but this time I ikut versi dan slang zaman filem black and white ala ala Latifah Omar, Selamat Hari Jadi..wakaka.. tersengih-sengih husband I. Hari nie sampai ke malam I rasa I nyanyikan husband I dekat 50 kali hahaha.. bila dia pandang I je, mula la I nyanyi kat dia wakaka.. I told my husband I don’t want to go out today and said sorry profusely. Dia kata it’s ok, we can always go out some other time and beside, his birthday is not that important. Eh, I kata sangat penting because he is so special in my life…hehe jiwang. I feel bad for not buying any present for him. I told him I tak dapat belikan dia hadiah because he is always around me and he said, it’s ok because I nie la hadiah dia.. adehh..ayat hero telefilem I nih. Like I said, it is not that I don’t want but he is constantly around me. He wouldn’t let me out of my own. Kalau nak keluar kena tunggu dia and kalau nak berjalan-jalan mesti dia ada kat sebelah. So susah la I nak buat surprise atau apa-apa kan.

My husband is not the type yang control. I understand why he did what he did, it is his responsibility and I don’t mind this kind of arrangement at all since I pun malas nak jalan sorang-sorang. Even kalau I buat appointment nak jumpa kawan I, my husband will send me to the place that I and my friend plan nak jumpa. And he would called me up every ½ hour. I have to stop in a middle of a conversation, just to answer his call. And we will go out from his office early and wait at a certain spot where he can see me and I can see him. I know it is kind of too much in your opinion but I’m used to it and yeah, that is how overprotective he is. So I decided that I don’t want to meet up with my friend anymore as I don’t want him to be worried and that he can’t concentrate on his job. Mula-mula dulu I pelik jugak and I thought he was too much but I keep it to myself, I never told him how I felt. After I’ve been doing a lot of thinking/analysing, I realised and saw how his late father treated him and the rest of the family. He is just a caring husband and worried for my safety. There is no reason why I should nak memberontak or against him. But the bad side is, I’m not independent.

Anyway, today I masak and both of us just melepak-lepak kat rumah aje. It is a wonderful day of resting and relaxing. Again, Happy Birthday To You Darling, I malas nak buat ucapan or bersalahsilah panjang-panjang. But my wish for you my husband yang sungguh wonderful, amazing, awesome and fantastic, may you sentiasa happy, umur panjang, sentiasa dalam keadaan sihat, sentiasa dilindungi Allah and mudah-mudahan you masuk syurga. Amin.


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