Reality Show (that I watch) – End of Season

The X-Factor UK/US
I was so happy because my ayam tambatan, Little Mix won The X-Factor UK 2011 Season 8. It was the first time that a group become a winner and on top of that a girl group. The moment they announced the winner, kakak nie pun menjerit kegirangan hehe… I started following these series from season 6 and 7. Had I know that it had been shown from 2004 (first X-Factor UK), I would have watched it. I know some might say I’m too old for these kind of reality show whose follower are usually are a kid or teens. But hey, age and for the love of music/song has no boundaries regardless how old you are. Let just say darah seni di dalam diri ini sentiasa membara and there is no sign of stopping anytime soon kui kui kui. Itu belum lagi I nak review pasal SYTYCD or DWTS hehe.. Nevertheless, I’m happy with the result. So, it’s the end of season 8. Oh I can’t wait for 2012, next season.

About The X-Factor US, which is currently ongoing right now, semi final, I was so sad and cried when last week, saw Rachel Crow my cutie pie, ayam tambatan was eliminated from the competition. She has the likeable personality and not too mentioned how talented this kid is. Her voice, omg, amazing. She is just 13 years old. Nie semua kerja si Nicole S yang bodoh tu. Apa guna jadi judge kalau you can’t make up your mind or decide and that you need somebody else opinion. Bangang and sungguh drama queen yang overacting. Kejap-kejap nak nangis when it was time to decide who should leave. Ngada-ngada, everything has to be about her, kekonon tak sampai hati la tu, podah… people can tell whether it is genuine or fake la. Hari-hari terakhir The X-Factor US bakal suram tanpa dapat menyaksikan buah hati I, Rachel Crow nyanyi. I was never this sad before when my favourite’s kalah ke or kena eliminated but this time siap bergenang air mata I and berhari-hari I sedih tau. Masa dia nyanyi for survival song (sebelum judges decide) she made the audience, plus me and the judges to tears that is how good she was. Sungguh touching and buat bulu roma I meremang. Masa announced dia dapat the lowest vote and out of the competition sebab si bang**g tu tak dapat decide and bagi deadlocked, Rachel terkejut and terduduk. Then mak dia belari dapatkan dia and dia meraung-raung menangis. Oh.. luluh hati I menyaksikan saat itu. What do you expect she’s a 13 years old girl. Budak-budak kan honest, apa yang dorang rasakan, dorang luahkan terus and tak ada hypocrite. Malam tu, I dengan husband I tak tidur sampai dinihari (ya, the pakcik yang buta seni nie bukan main lagi bagi dia punya opnion, berapi-api lagi menyuarakan ketidakpuasan hatinya. Berjaya jugak I menarik dia secara perlahan-lahan ke dunia I hehe… Husband I nie senang je nak influence muahaha..) sebab asyik discuss pasal kes nie and sesambil tu I surfed and baca-baca comment orang yang mengutuk si Nicole drama queen tu.

A day or two later, I have to accept that is her fate. You see, betapa affected nya I. Alahai.. kakak korang nie kan.. But I’m sure she will have a bright future in the industry and I came across a few stories about her being approached by the Disney people. Yes, way to go Rachel.

Young Apprentice UK
Semalam was the final of Young Apprentice UK nih. Young Apprentice UK nie untuk budak-budak remaja around 16/17 years old. (Oh yeah before this I dah tengok Junior Apprentice UK, not bad and very entertaining). Best sebab dorang nie walaupun muda but their vision and aspiration are very high. Task yang di beri pun bukan calang-calang and sama macam task untuk The Apprentice yang biasa kita tengok selama nie. Orang yang lebih berusia dari dorang pun easily boleh kalah. I was so impress with their performance (not all though) and no wonder la some of anak-anak omputih nie cepat matang and more advance dari kita nie. I dengan husband I dah agak si Zara Brownless nie memang akan menang in comparison tu mamat yang minat bidang economist tu, James McCullagh. Sebab mamat nie one thing tak nak dengar orang punya opinion although it can be useful sometime because he’s taking the risk but still, Zara memang patut menang and dapat the 25,000.00 pound tu.

The Amazing Race Season 19
Both of us are so happy that Ernie and Cindy won this season amazing race. Bila nampak Ernie and Cindy nie belari kat finishing line. I apa lagi as usual siap menjerit tepuk tangan hehehe… I memang support this team sebab dorang jarang or tak argue langsung. Beside Cindy nie is the brain (bekas A student and beside she is Asian hehe.. yea I bias) and sangat driven.

America’s Next Top Model “All Stars”
ANTM this season penuh dengan some controversy and of course cat fight sekali kan. To tell you the truth, I don’t enjoy yang this season because muka-muka yang compete nie dah basi, yela kan kita dah pernah tengok dorang nie before this, so there is nothing new or fresh. Kira yang bertanding nie hampeh je la kan. Challenge pun kureng, tah la macam tak kena je. But I was so happy that Liza D’ Amato won for this season because I suka dia punya personality yang sungguh crazy itu. Dia tak ada la cantik or that kulit dia semacam je but she is one of my favourite’s. As for Angelea Preston tu, I memang nyampah kat minah sekor nie, she was so defensive and kejap-kejap ngamuk and tak nak kalah pulak tu. Kurang asam pun iya. Lepas tu perasan bagus aje. Kālau la personality dia menarik, sure I suka kat dia jugak. Oh during the final judgement tu ada controversy sebabkan she was supposed to be the top three alongside Lisa and Allison Harvard, si mata besar yang cool itu. It is still unknown why Angelea was not on the final judging. Ada a few rumours I baca but kepastiannya masih tidak diketahui. I hope the mystery will be reveal someday.

Project Runway Season 9
Tengah I surfed around about two weekes ago, I realised that I missed Project Runway Season 9 latest. How can I miss one of my reality favourite show nie yang dah habis? Oh, this can’t be happening. So cepat-cepat la DL and I refrain myself from surfed around on the news because I don’t want to know who is the winner. Tak syok la kalau dah tau, there will be no surpise anymore kan. So I make sure I tak tersalah masuk fashion website ke.

So last week I tengok marathon dari first episode of the season 9 nie sampai finale. Berhari-hari jugak I nak abiskan, satu hari, dua tiga series I tengok sekali. Maunya tak pening kepala I kan. Kadang-kadang husband I join in bila dia balik dari kerja. Mostly, I sorang-sorang je. And I’m happy to tell you that Anya Ayoung-Chee won, she is my one and only favourite during this season 9. She is so talented and she just learned how to sew about 4 months ago. Oh, she was also a Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe 2008. She is so cool, calm, relax, personality dia sungguh-sungguh mempersonakan and the way she dress up sangat la hip nya. Tapi sexy la kan. Well.. she has the body, why not show it to the world. Baju-baju yang dia designed are awesome.

Si gay Josh tu punya la dengki and sakit hati kat dia each time she won the prize and top 3 winner for the challenge, bukan main lagi mamat nie menyumpah-nyumpah, dengan mata-mata and gelekkan kepala, kutuk-kutuk dia. Ah, sungguh diva lalaki itu. Anya tau mamat nie panas hati kat dia masa dia menang challenge and dapat duit, tapi dia cool aje and still talk to him and peluk-peluk lagi.

(“Anya was a contestant on Season 9 of the American television show Project Runway.[2] Despite learning to sew a few months before the show began,[3] she placed in at least the top three of most of the challenges, and eventually won the competition on October 27th 2011. Through winning the competition, Anya earned $100,00 from L'Oreal Paris to begin her own line, Pilar. Not only that, she also was featured in a fashion spread in Marie Claire and received a $50,000 technology suite by Hp and Intel for the chance to design and sell merchandise, as well as a parthership with If that wasn't enough, Anya was voted the fan favorite for a Twitter contest and received another 10 grand.[4]” from

Ingatkan Anya tak dapat masuk final sebab on the last show masa dorang nak kena tunjuk kat fashion week, hers was the lowest one by the judge but kalau dah nasib nak menang, judges decided bagi dia masuk final. So instead of top 3, jadi top 4 kat fashion week. Oh, during one of the series dia hilang duit masa tengah shopping nak beli kain kat mood but she wouldn’t the challenge too dengan kain yang tak cukup and kena bleach kain yang untuk patung, menggunakan segala technique dan kepakaran beliau.

Well, season 9 nie is one of the most interesting series in Project Runway series.

Sekian review I yang panjang lebar pasal reality show yang telah tamat for the season and I telah tengok for 2011. Survivor and The X-Factor US Season 1 are coming to the end soon.


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