Goodbye Miss Houston

I was so shocked when I read in the internet/yahoo that Whitney Houston had passed away at the age of 48 today.  My first thought was, ini mesti drug abuse but the reason was still unknown.  I quickly sms Wo.  I rasa sedih although I tak ada la minat dia mati-mati but hell! during our (me and Wo) teen’s life, her song was all around us.  I’m going to tell you about my memories with her and how I see it.  I first heard “Saving All My Love For You” when I was around 16 years old and terus I terpersona. I tak pernah dengar suara orang sesedap tu masa tu and that she can belted out suara setinggi itu was so amazing. I tengok cover album, eh, why did she look old with the make up and all. Then Wo cakap, cuba listen to her song lyric closely.  And we realised that the song was about perempuan yang ada affair dengan laki orang.  But nevertheless, we still love the song and sing it all the time.  Then one by one hit song from her came out.  Kalau pegi club lagu “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and “How Will I Know” mesti ada, kalau DJ tak mainkan rasa macam tak kena je malam tu.  We would dance and sing to her song as loud as we can.  Hari-hari kita orang pasang cassette (sadis!) dia masa tu.

During those years, I would read through a teen magazine about her and watched her video clip each time keluar kat tv.  Masa tu MTV etc. mana ada lagi.  Not to mention internet, jauh sekali.  So we got our info from the magazine or newspaper je la.  And we never miss any of Grammy Award, just to see her and all the singer/group perform during that time.  I always knew that each time her name was being nominated, she will definitely win. Yang I kurang syok tu bila dia nyanyi mesti muka dia berminyak-minyak and berpeluh.  Spotlight kuat kot atas stage.  Then, there were one gossip saying that before she was married to Bobby Brown, Bobby was Janet Jackson’s boyfriend and that Janet nie cakap kat Whitney yang Bobby sure tak terpikat kat dia since dia tak pandai menari.  Then I dengar/baca Whitney nie dah diva-diva, macam-macam demand la.  So berbagai-bagai gossip dan version keluar pasal dia. Bila dia kahwin dengan Bobby Brown, music industry kat sana kata she make a big mistake sebab Bobby nie wild and out of control.

I remember, there was one time I went out with my husband (masa tu we are still friend and belum jadi boyfriend lagi).  We were at one of a karaoke center.  Masa tu karaoke belum ada bilik lagi and it was lika a stage where everybody can see you macam audience.  And we were so fed up listening to the amoi-amoi monopoly the stage and syok sendiri nyanyi lagu china dorang yang tak habis-habis tu.  So I got up of my seat, when to the stage and requested to sing.  When it was my turn, I chose Whitney’s “Greatest Love of All”.  Habis nyanyi, husband I, the loudest one to clapped his hand and I’m the only one who sang an English song.  We went back right after that and when we were in the car, husband I cakap, wow, sedapnya suara I, ayat Casanova la tu.. Mana ada sedap, I nyanyi ikut I punya key yang langsung tak tinggi wakaka…

(some of my collection album of hers)

Then bila filem dia “The Bodyguard” with Kevin Costner (a hot actor during that time), I baru kahwin masa tu and watched it with my husband kat laser disc yang sebesar piring hitam masa.  Oh, I was surprised that she can act very well. To me, this movie is a success and my favourite all time movie. Ditambah dengan lagu-lagu yang sungguh menarik and right after watching the movie we went out to buy the soundtrack of the cassette (sadis lagi!).  Bila I nak bersenam aerobic masa tu, I akan pasang lagu “Queen Of The Night or “I’m Your Baby Tonight” or kalau I rasa touching I akan dengar lagu “I Have Nothing” hehehe… uish jangan gelak wakaka…
Over the years macam-macam kisah pasal dia abuse drug or that dia berperangai macam-macam yang I dengar.  Kena pukul, gaduh-gaduh and berbaik balik dengan laki dia la, pegi rehab la.  There was a few times that I saw dia nyanyi with a raspy voice and that dia nyanyi tak sampai and tak dapat tarik lagu tinggi-tinggi.  I felt bad for her.  When, she make a come back, I wish this time dia tak akan buat hal lagi kan sebab sayang suara dia sungguh sedap.  But I never lost hope that she will recover.  Rugi betul because she has an amazing voice.  The last time I saw her was when she was being interviewed and guest at Oprah’s.  And the last time I tengok dia nyanyi live was when she was at The X-Factor UK (Season 6) on which baju dia ada malfunction and terbukak kat belakang…….

Oh antara video clip yang paling I suka sekali ialah Exhale (Shoop Shoop).  She looks so happy and fresh.  And I love the movie too.   I’m so glad that I still have a few of her album and my precious one is Whitney Houston : The Greatest Hits that I bought more than 10 years ago.

Tiba-tiba hati I menjadi hiba… she was part of my memories after all…

Rest in peace Miss Houston, I hope you will finally find your peace..


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