Glad It Was Over

Yesterday, I pegi mengundi and I think this was the 3rd time in my life. Bukan sebab I tak nak mengundi dulu, but sebab asyik pindah randah dari negeri ke negeri then ke luar negara kejap masa baru kahwin dulu..dekat je luar negara tu, seberang tambak johor je...(alasan tak masuk akal!) I hope I don’t have to move around anymore, yela tu..kalau la ku boleh terbang ke negara empat musim itu, sehelai sepinggang hatta berseluar dalam sekalipun pun sanggup ku redahi..hehehe... Tak ada semangat patriotik langsung..ampun IM4U...
Well..actually, I took it for granted before and I never thought that we would have a traitor that brought so many unnecessary chaos like right now. This year election is the most emotional one for me and I want to make sure that the current government remain the same. I feel so sad and angry to see most of the new generation has no moral value and not using their head to think through. I hate living in a country where one has suspicion of the others not to mentioned the maki-maki and stupid rumous that has been spreading around like crazy. I hate having to hate the people who support the other parties, be it my relatives or my close friends. I don’t like having that feeling. 

Having said that, I’m so glad that it was over and the government is still in power although the result is not what I expected...


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