I miss blogging so much but time doesn’t seems to be on my side this day. And I just doesn’t know how to divide my time properly. In fact, I feel like deleting my FB as I have no use of it other than playing Farmville and Fashion World. There are also a lot of things that had happened to me recently, such as refurbished my office (again), bought a few furniture to put some stuff there, more of a knick knack kinda thing. I also made a few baju kurung for the little Arina for her hari raya and I haven’t started with her mother. We (the hubby and I), plan to repaint our room back to white again. I made my first blouse and it was not to my liking. It was horrible but it’s ok, it was a trial and error thing. I made or should I say, try to make a few baju kurung modern (without the back zip), and I made a few mistakes along the way, such as the dress are too big or that the part of the arm (armpit) are a bit tight or I accidentally made a hole on the arm or that I sewed it wrongly etcs. I bought a few fabrics for a clothes that I had design and plan to make in the future and bought a few threads with all kind of colours. I was also busy looking for so many things going/hunting from one fabric shop to another, looking for the right fabric for a new curtain which we never change or wash ever since we moved to this house which was I think more than 10 years ago! Let me tell you what had happened to us while shopping around for it. It was quite an experience especially when you dealing with “idiots”.

After we measured and do lots of calculation which took us about a few hours we finally when on our first “geram adventure”. We went to the first shop and told the sales assistant what we want and she asked us to choose which fabric that we want. We told her we want the quotation and we go on and choose our fabric.. and that is when it all happened. After we made our final chose we went to look for her and told her that we already made our mind but she doesn’t seems to care (I think because we told her that we want to know what is quotation first). She went about to do other stuff. My husband went to her and standing beside her but she just can’t be bothered.. A while later she came to us and started to do the calculating with half hearted. Dalam hati I sudah geram. We have to like menyembah her. After she gave us the price I was shocked because it was so expensive, for two sliding door, two panel of windows (2 set) and one panel of window it cost us almost thousand dollars! As for the “upah tempah” from that shop, we have to add another four hundred dollars so it would cost us one thousand four hundred dollars and on top of that, the fabric was not that nice anyway and kain tak cukup. Then we asked for the calculation and was told that we could not take it unless we bought the things from them. Hati I sudah panas. Dahlah buat tak tau and now our calculation yang setengah mati I measured and kira, she doesn’t want to give it to us. Then she told us there would be a new fabric/material next week and she doesn’t know whether we will like it and that we want to tempah we have to order it now because maybe next week they wouldn’t want to accept it anymore. I told her I would come next week.After we went out of the shop, both of us agreed that we doesn’t want to have anything to do with that place anymore.

Then we went to another shop and after looking and found what we think we like (which we don’t but we were so desperate), we went to the sales assistant and told him. He cut a piece of both that we want and we went to discussed. He asked for the measurement of our window/sliding door but we told him we already measured and for him to calculate for us so that we know how much we have to pay. Man, this guy was so rude, he make us like we are so stupid. I decided to leave and told him that we will come back tomorrow. I was so mad but I still maintain my cool and my husband told me that we would look somewhere else tomorrow.

The next day we went to another shop and after choosing what we want and told the sales assistant. Well.. let me just tell you, the process was so easy and he didn’t ask much question. After we calculate together, it cost us more than half the price then the first shop that we went to before. We were so happy and I’ve planned to sew it even before we bought the fabric although I never learn how to make/do it. I’ve just worried about the Roman Blind design but after much inspection etc... I think I can do it or like my husband said, kalau tak jadi tak apa...we’ll think of something...


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