Weekend Updates


I was extra busy when it comes to weekend because that was the time that I can take my sweet sweet time and browse around (longer time, where else kalau hari biasa kelam kabut and kejap-kejap tengok jam) to look for and buy whatever that comes to mind. So last Saturday we went to Ikea to buy some stuff etc.. Sedang I mencari-cari something, I heard a few of the ladies baya makcik makcik standing not far from me and whispering to each other and mentioning the word “Nora Nora”.. I was wondering who this “Nora” is when I turned to my side and well.. it was Nora Danish... She was so cute, petite and very pretty (the wonder of make up). A few of her fans (mestila kalau dah nak bergambar bersama kan...) asked her and to take pictures together with her. Baiknya dia melayan and langsung tak sombong and she was very cooperative. As for me, I tak ada tegur or ambik gambar with her because, to me she is just like any other shopper around and beside I respect her space. Dia datang untuk shopping bukan untuk bermesra dengan peminat. Lagipun I tak taksub kat artis artis nie (yela tu.. masa remaja tu lain la). And masa I tunggu husand I bayar kat counter, she was again..standing beside me.


We went to MIL/BIL house for an engagement of one of our anak sedara, Aiza. It was a surprised to us as we were only told last Friday. The decision was made at the last minute thing although Aiza had planned with her now fiancĂ©e for a quite something before. So the parents were a kelam kabut with the arrangement of the caterer and everything. We reached their house right before Zuhur.. (macam la jauh rumah hehe..) and after helping sikit-sikit I went to see her in her room and asked her, why was it done in a rush.. So she told me the reason why, and that those few months right before the engagement there were lots of heartache, his fiancee’s family matters etc... She was so stressed up. I told her that she should come to me and told me if she need any moral support or someone to talk to.. (tau je la auntie yang penuh motivasi nih..).

Then I do the make up for her and we make do with what we had. If she just told, me I would have brought some from home or go shopping with her to buy all kind of stuff. But I understand, she was stressed up, busy with everything and all. Then she asked me to make baju nikah for her (which will be in December 2010)..with lace and all.. Telan air liur I dengar because I’m still a rookie hehehe..but I rasa terharu that she wants me to make/sew for her on the most important day of her life. So I said I will try on a different fabric and let her try first. But I told myself kalau I buat tak jadi or tak cantik I will send to a boutique.

Anyway, the engagement went well and I jadi pengiring..aisymen malunya because I have to sit with her in the middle of the ruang tamu infront of everybody because all of them wants to see her.. and on top of that I’m the only one and the kids yang tak pakai tudung kat that occasion. Apa lagi rambut I berterbangan macam langsuir di tiup angin kua kua kua kuaaaaaaaaa....

Masa borak-borak dengan sedara mara husband, sempat lagi sedara husband I nak hantar tempahan baju kat I after she asked me what I have been doing and I told her I baru abis belajar menjahit. Rasa macam nak lari je sebab I segan sangat (sebab I don’t really know them, kira tak berapa mesra la) sorang-sorang nak hantar tempahan kat I. Lepas bermesra-mesraan dengan tetamu di tingkat atas, I pun make my way down stairs and bermesra with another group of family member yang muda-muda as for kat atas tu para-para tetamu pompuan and yang veteran-veteran..I nie kira separa mudaaaaa and vet huhuhu..I hate it!) and another anak sedara Aida, asked me to make baju kurung/Raya for her and her daughter/our cucu sedara Arina... Actually she asked me the last time I went to the house during Arina’s and Syahmi’s birthday about two months ago but we were busy during that time so we didn’t have much time to talk, I just said ok. So last Sunday, I dah siap-siap bawak measurement tape, book and a pen dari rumah as I know it would be the only opportunity for me to meet up with her and other family member because of our busy schedule and we only have rare moment to be together kalau tak family gathering nie. Dia dah siap-siap ada kain which she kept in the house. I pun sibuk la measure dia and Arina the princess itu.. I remind her again... a few times that I punya product nie bukan product boutique..rumah mari je... she said..tak apa..dia tak kisah..But again I told myself..kalau tak jadi I akan belikan dia kain baru and buat lagi sekali... kira tak confident la nie..sebab selalu asyik buat baju sendirik je kan.... I kan part lain I tak risau..part pinggang je... nervous I.

Lepas bermesra-mesraan for a while... we decided to balik. So on the way home, my nosey husband tanya, apa yang I korek-korek dari Aiza and kenapa buat engagement in a rush etc... so I pun cakap sikit-sikit such as bakal mak mentua dia tarik skill.. Then husband I cakap kalau macam tu kenapa nak teruskan with the hubungan... I reply,... dearrrr.... remember during our time dulu? With that my husband bagai tersedar dari mimpi and said..a’hah eh....


Anonymous said…
tempahan baju raya masih dibuka?


Misty said…
hehehe cucu sedara dah menempah....

hey nakkal I miss you bro..

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