Weekend Update

Hari nie I plan to just stay at home je as I want to cook and do my homework. Pagi-pagi lagi I dah masukkan baju ke washing machine and rendam ikan as I want to make kari kepala ikan. Lagipun dah lama I tak masak. Then husband I bangun ajak makan kat luar. Sudahhh... I make him a promise that I tak nak lama-lama since homework tak buat lagi. Kita orang keluar after zuhur so lunch lambat around 2.30pm. Sampai kat cosy house orang ramai macam biasa but still ada seat. Lepas makan husband I ajak pegi Aussino kat sini and belikan I two pillows. I sebenarnya tak mau since kat rumah masih ok lagi but he insist since dia dah beli semalam. I angkat blanket sekali, mula-mula I pilih colour pink but decided on brown sebab macam budak-budak pulak..ohh is this antara tanda-tanda penuaan... ohhh tidakkk... On the way balik we stop over at Ampang Point untuk beli jambu potong. I think this is going to be my last time makan jambu as I peratikan perut I akan buncit each time I belasah itu buah. Kang Gab bagi nama sis roy lak.. huhuhu...

On the way back, I received a call from my ex-colleague which was a surprised since I berenti tak pernah pun dia call, is not that I want her to call me anyway. She told me how she still has my number and that she never forgot me. Then she said how could I not remember her since I tanya masa dia kata hello, who is she. I said, you didn’t give me your number masa I berenti aritu.. again, is not that I want to have her number. Lepas bertukar-tukar khabar (I didn’t tell her that I belajar menjahit as I don’t feel the need to do so, in fact my mom doesn’t even know about it), she told me about how she took care of her father before he passed away a few months ago. I felt sorry for her..she was sad.. Anyway, she’s is old somewhere around late 50’s to early 60’s. Then I asked her ada apa.. since you know, kalau orang tu lama tak call and suddenly dia call mesti dia nak something or dia nak jual something kat kita kan.. (eh.. tak baik I tuduh-tuduh orang macam tu).

Then she said she wanted to meet with me. I cakap kita buat appointment dulu, although if possible I don’t want to see her. I will find an excuse when the times come. (Oh I forgot, she owe me some money sometime back, but I dah halalkan long time ago. Maybe she wants to pay me back? I don’t know.. but like I said I tak mau la). And no, we never have any problem when we worked in the same office/company before. Infact we were good with each other. Is just that, I kan kera sumbang and beside I malas nak berjumpa-jumpa my ex-colleague, sebab nanti tak ada cerita lain, asyik pasal bende-bende or gossip yang lepas kat office and company aje, penat la. Anyway, she was known to have a biggie biggie mouth and she was always the first to know about news or gossips around the office or company. She was my source of entertainment in a way and always told me/us whatever she knows... and I would always careful when I’m around her knowing how she were but she’s ok and generous to all of us.

This sound weird, I just bummed into another of my ex-colleague last week. We talked for a while and I’m glad that she looks happy to see me. We kiss kiss left/right left/right.. We exchanged number and she even asked me to come over to her house. I know I wouldn’t be coming to anybody’s house anytime soon. For as long as I can remember, I always have a good working relationship with all of my ex-colleague except for one crazy lady who was so emotionally unstable and scared the shit out of me..

Me : Wah seminggu berturut-turut I update my blog.. Ini sudah baguss... I hope I will keep it up..


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