MasterChef Malaysia La Kan....

I antara peminat setia masterchef Malaysia yang sedang keudaraan sekarang ini. I tak pernah miss dari episode pertama (except yang 5 mins) until now. Dari mula-mula bersiaran lagi I dah suka, although ramai yang kutuk-kutuk program nie. Pada I best apa, although tidak mencapai standard I or should I say masih di tahap tidak memuaskan when in comes to the challenge when they were supposed to cook something but still given a resepi yang diberi. Although (banyaknya guna perkataan although) sukatan tak diberi but still bahan-bahan diberi dalam resepi which is unfair when compared to the US punya version. I think as someone who has a passion in cooking, their taste palate should know better and automatically dah boleh tau whats is the ingredients in the dish/meal yang disediakan. Oh yeah, the kitchen was impressive to me and I love that, the jury are very particular about the kebersihan and how they prepared their food.

I already have a clear favourites, I support budak-budak muda such as Danial, Amir and Saiful. Being that young and still managed to produce a good quality of food is a talent and gifted to me. As for yang dah berusia tu, I guess they learn from experienced. I tidak menidakkan kebolehan yang dah berumur itu and I know the more experienced the better they can be and offcourse talent is playing a big role in it. But I still go for the younger generation. Imagine… 10 years from now, people like Danial or Amir will be more and excellent or should I say brilliant chef. I can’t wait to see them during that time, kalau I hidup lagi la. I just hope jangan la dorang ni jadi penagih dadah, putar alam or tukang kongkek atau kena kongkek dengan perempuan atau lelaki kan. But pada I yang membuatkan cerita nie menarik was because all of them came from a different background and also kerja. But yet the managed to cook some of the most amazing food around.

Ok part yang seterusnya, I nak kutuk pasal contestants pulak. Here’s the thing, this is a competition. Yang korang nangis-nangis bila orang tu kena eliminated, apahal? Nak nangis boleh but berpada la kan, especially si Emelda tu and also some of the contestant. Sorry Em, if you read this. I love you girl. Siap kena guna inhaler lagi adeihh. I know you feeling-feeling sebab they are your good and close friend but like I said, please don’t deviate yourself from the real reason why you masuk masterchef nie, it is because you want to win. That’s all.. fullstop! Korang patut suka kalau your competitor tu dah blah. Tak payah nak buat kisah sedih or classic black and white movie. I don’t know, maybe I’m the coldhearted kinda person or should I say heartless?? Err..sapa la yang selalu cari tissue paper bila tengok movie yang merana-rana (pointing at myself hehe…). But then again maybe the situation was so tense that they tend to be emotional?

Ok next, still nak kutuk contestant nie. First and foremost don’t try to be the saviour or the one that took the blame for other people or everybody. Tak payah nak gentlemen-gentlemen or kekonon honest nak tunjuk “hero”. Why do you want to put yourself in a chopping block or danger. The best thing is senyap aje unless jury tu call your name and told you about your mistake, otherwise senyap je la. Don’t call the unnecessary attention to yourself. Part nie memang buat I betul-betul menyampah. I sungguh-sungguh meluat tau. I don’t know why la korang macam tu, maybe typical Malaysian punya character/attitude ke or maybe I yang selfish ke... nevertherless..I stand by with my view and believe. Everyone for him or herself.

Ok next about the jury. Dalam tiga jury kat situ paling I suka sekali offcourse Papa Joe. He is my favourites. Reason? Because dia sangat cool, cara dia bercakap memang macam hero ala-ala smooth talker and grandfatherly. He is such a calm person. I wish he was my father or my grandpa or even my uncle. And the way he dress up, sungguh kemas dan berkarisma. Cara dia berkerja dan ketelitiannya itu, sungguh hebat. I memang respect Papa Joe. He is someone that I look up. Chef Zubir..hmm.. Chef Zubir, what can I say about Chef Zubir. He’s ok but I don’t like the way he talk or when explaining to the contestant. Telinga I sakit la, dia cakap dengan gaya or tone yang menekan and sometime, he makes them like they are from a special school, you get what I mean, cakap slow-slow macam guru besar? Macam cakap dengan murid-murid tadika pun yea jugak. Gaya classic pun ada jugak. Chef Riz..hmm.. I don’t know whose his fashion consultant. I just can’t believe that he or Astro Ria would let him get away with that style. I wish someone would tell him or what kind of a fashion statement did he try to make? And I wish I jadi dia punya fashion consultant and I’m pretty sure I know how to dress him up. But I suka cara penyampaian or cara dia bercakap. He is as cool and smart as Papa Joe. He knows what he’s talking about and knows his food well. He is one of my favourite too. But, ada but jugak… the recent event sungguh memalukan and I siap berdebat hebat dengan husband I pasal kes tu.

I feel like Chef Riz has let me down in a way. I bukan main lagi mempertahankan dia and I can’t believe that he’s actually go that far and sanggup lagi mempertahankan his cv’s and statement before that. I cakap kat husband I, he is not that stupid to lie over something serious like this, husband I cakap pulak well.. he is, because why would the people kat tempat dia berkerja kat NY denied his claim. I cakap maybe orang dengki kat dia and tengok la he even defend his claim. Husband I cakap, people do anything to lie to get what they want. I cakap we’ll see what his father has to say tomorrow (we argued two nights ago sampai tidur dekat pukul 2.00am berdebat pasal kes tu, dengan mata pejam-pejam atas katil, lampu dah tutup masa tu, nak tidurkan). I siap pointed my finger to my husband, I cakap lagi, whatever it is, I put myself in Chef Riz’s shoes and that he has the same thinking or principal like I do..and I believe him. And look where did it get me? Finally, dia mengaku and his dad pun tak support what he had done. Didn’t he know that once he’s a well known figure, people will try to dig (mostly the bad stuff) everything about him? Especially orang-orang yang dengki kat dia or someone close to him. That is why, it is best to come up clean rather than try to defend (at first) or that don’t lie or cheat if you know that you are going to be famous or that having someone famous in your family.

Balik kerja petang semalam, I read Chef Wan’s fb statement to my husband. He look at me, smile and said.. betul tak dia cakap. I kata yea yea.. sambil menjeling tajam kat dia. I was so disappointed at Chef Riz nie but I still support him and I don’t hate him at all in fact I felt sorry for him, mesti embarrassed besar and sure ada yang make fun of him. I hope he or anybody yang nak famous or tengah famous, terus terang aje kalau orang tanya about your past or benda-benda sensitive or what have you done before or don’t try to defend it, if it is a lie. He is just a human being, like you and me. We make/made mistake or make a wrong judgement everynow and then. We learned from it and hope we wouldn’t do the same mistake again. But if we do, we pick ourself up and Chef Riz, held your head high and don’t worry what other people think of you. If they want to say something nasty to or about you, let them be. That is their issue not you. My thought of you before and after the “incident” never change or waiver. As far as I’m concern and many more people out there, we still on your side all through the way. Let’s move on Chef Riz.

Lastly, on the food, tengok contestant nie masak, terus bersemangat I nak try resepi-resepi dorang and kejap-kejap telan air liur je. Tak lama lagi ada la I start nak hias-hias makanan bagai wakaka… Tapikan best la dorang masak, so creative and food presentation wise, menarik. I salute you guys. And I wish I jadi food taster/tester kat situ, kira represent the people la kan.. but this kakak tak boleh la makan makanan yang pedas and masam. Demand la pulak wakaka… Oh yeah, before I forget to mention, I suka la dorang nie semua cakap bahasa melayu tak kira cina ke india, macam sedap je. Sungguh menarik di dengar dan bahasa yang digunakan kadang-kadang ala-ala puitis. So anyway, good luck to all of you that are still in the show..ahak!


Amylia Aldrin said…
hehehe glad u have positive view about this show sbb i pun suka tgk regardless all the kutuk2 and negative comments i read on twitter

i suka chef yg masa boot camp tu. x ingat nama dia. i think he is more experienced than chef riz.
Misty said…
Best apa, show nie kan...

Kat bootcamp tu nama dia Chef Yahaya and and Chef Priya I agree, I think he (if you're talking about Chef Yahaya) is more experienced that Chef Riz but I wish chef Jeffry jadi jury sebab his face is always smilling, looks kind and attentive...(and offcourse experienced too...)
Amylia Aldrin said…
chef jeffry saper pulak?
Misty said…
aisey.. chef jemputan yang dulu tu, yang segment Felix lawan Chef Jeffy untuk dapatkan pin kebal.. kalau Chef Jeffrey nie jadi one of the jury kan best ;~)

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