Weekend Update


Last weekend, Friday and Saturday both of us berturut-turut ke KLCC.. Friday evening to sebab husband I ajak berbuka kat Madam Kwan. Dia kesian tengok I asyik masak hari-hari. Lagipun dia nak belikan I buku sebab due date of getting discount kalau semua dah kena stamp dekat kad Kinokuniya was by the end of this November. Kita orang selalu lupa nak guna kad kinokuniya yang lepas-lepas. We came just in time for my berbuka but bila waitress tu hantar air, I terus minum sebab lupa yang I puasa. Tiba-tiba I teringat, eh dah masuk time ke. I tengok jam macam 5 minit lagi nak berbuka but my husband assured me that dah masuk, I was hesitate and rasa macam tak sure aje. But its ok la.. God knows that I tak sengaja. Both of us order Nasi Bojari, as I don’t know what else to order. Menu sama aje, tak berubah dari dulu sampai sekarang. How I wish they added more menu so that we will have other selection. I makan tak habis pun. Oh I order wonton soup and itupun tak habis.

Lepas makan terus I pegi Kinokuniya andhusband I pegi ke kedai sport. I masuk aje, something caught my eyes. The book was called Hotshots. The book is about 40 years of great news images by newspaper The Star/photographers. Terus I melekat kat situ and belek-belek. I sungguh tertarik kat buku tu, rasa nostalgia pun ada browsing through the pictures and reading the story that comes with it. After that I went around and select a few books. I sungguh gembira rasa macam nak tinggal je kat kedai buku kalau boleh. Husband I tak beli apa-apa buku as usual, dah puas I pujuk-pujuk and telling him the benefit of reading but to no avail. Yes, Kadang-kadang sakit hati I sebab it’s knowledge. And I want him to read what I read so that we can discuss about it and I want to know or hear his point of view. Alasan dia, dia dah puas baca buku masa sekolah dulu. Apa punya alasan. Itu belum lagi part dia belagak cakap dalam sejam dia boleh habis baca satu buku tebal, nyampah I, pegang buku pun I tak pernah tengok ada hati nak cakap besar. Bila I cakap sudah la…, mula la tersengih dengan muka tak malu. Sungguh cocky kan?

Lepas I capai a few, husband I suruh tambah lagi, I kata tak apa la. Sometime husband I akan recommend I a few books after dia baca narrative kat belakang. Sometime ada a few books yang I hesitate nak beli ke tak nak,I akan letak balik and I saw my husband, pandang I and akan ambik senyap-senyap and hide behind his back which he always did. And I will pretend that I don’t know what he’s doing (but I guess sometime he knows that I know). That is sort of our manja-manja “game”. Then he would ask me to hand over any book that I have chose and cepat-cepat nak pegi bayar. Then he told me to walk around while waiting for him to pay and choose more books. I akan tanya kenapa nak bayar or pegi dua tiga kali kat counter and he would say it’s ok. When we done with our book shopping, he would hand me the plastic containing the books and asked me to look inside. I would be “surprised” and would thank him profusely. There would be a twinkle in his eyes and a smile of excited, that he managed to do something special for me. This sort of thing, his way of showing and shower me with much attention, even if it is just a books, are the thing that makes me fall in love again and again with him… (melodramatic la pulak kan…). So anyway, since there’s a gift of RM50 of the coupon because we managed to get it all stamped up from buying the books, I pun teringat the Hotshots book that I saw when I first came in just now. Sungguh sesuai untuk dijadikan coffee table book but I think I’m going to put in my bookshelf je. So I grabbed it immediately.

Then we mingled a little bit and saw there’s a candy shop kat ground floor. Apalagi terus masuk tapi I tak ada la beli banyak-banyak, just a few aje sebab takut la kena diabetes beside Mummy ada and chances of me getting it is very high since I suka makan junk food manis-manis nih. Mintak di jauh Tuhan. Then next to the candy shop tu ada kedai popcorn jual macam gourmet style. I remember, this is the popcorn that was recommended by Oprah in one of her special segment show about things that she love and like to share. Kita orang tengok kat counter dah macam tak ada apa-apa. Bila tanya kat girl yang kerja kat situ, dia kata dah habis. Frust je. After a while, we went back.


Ingat nak pegi FRIM Kepong since ada acara kebudayaan kat situ. I ingat nak ambik-ambik gambar and experience something new. Furthermore, lama dah nak ke situ but asyik tangguh je. Husband I kata, mesti hujan since this past week kejap-kejap hujan. And pikir balik, iye la kan and beside its quite far. Next time la pegi situ. Then husband I ajak pegi KLCC balik sebab dia nak belikan that gourmet popcorn and I decided to bring along my camera. Beside it is almost our lunch time.

Sampai situ terus cadang pegi makan dulu. We don’t know what we want to eat. Asyik benda yang sama aje, kalau tak Madam Kwan mesti Little Penang. So that Saturday we decided to try kat Restaurant Indonesia called Bumbu Desa that we always pass by but never stop. Nampak macam ramai orang aje and food display dari jauh nampak macam sedap je.

Masuk je, I dah tertarik with the interior yang sungguh Indon itu. I jalan-jalan tengok food display. I understand that, that is not for buffet but kalau kita ndak, we can either pointed out of which we want or order from the menu and they will heated it up for us. Kira separuh masak la yang display tu.

Sementara tunggu food sampai, I snap a few pics around and the waiter was kind enough to show me around and told me what is the right angle to snap. I bet lots of people datang and snap-snap gambar kat dalam so that is why he/they know which spot or patung-patung that is worth taking/snaping.

Then bila food sampai, both of us cepat-cepat makan as we are hungry. Food wise.. mmm.. it was totally different from ours. To me our Malaysian food is much better, delicious, rich and flavourable then theirs. I’m not bias but maybe I’m not use to their food. Rasa makanan dorang, ada masam, manis dan masin tapi cair and not much to desire. I don’t like it at all. Like I said, maybe I’m not to use to their taste. And I’m sure dorang pun kalau first time makan kat our restaurant kita pun tak suka agaknya. But we went to the Indonesia restaurant (not their branch) when my husband worked in Singapore before and I think it was much better.

So lepas makan, husband I tanya, lapar lagi ke. I told him I’m ok. We walked around and I snap a few pictures around. We went to check out the popcorn shop and well.. tutup la pulak. Husband I cakap mesti kena investigate. Pandai la dia buat assumptions. Then I tengok panjangnya queue kat tempat orang jual air just in front of it. I pun join in sekali sebab curious nak taste… I bought two drinks and it was so delicious.. apa tah nama kedai tu, Gong Cha if I’m not mistaken.

On the way back, I told my husband that I nak beli a lot of lock and lock plastic container to put all my spices sebab all this while, all my spices was not on the same container sizes and not in the right order, macam disarrayed aje. We went home to put our stuff/my camera as I don’t want to get the attention, kang orang ingat reporter mana nak buat liputan kat Careffour. We shop for our spices too. After a while, we went back.. husband I suruh I pegi spa, I told him I malas la. I nak mandi and etc. Sebenarnya I was so excited and can’t wait to revamp my spices look…

Oh on, Sunday which was yesterday. Both of us tak keluar and I masak rendang ayam and kuah lodeh. Husband I beli lemang and ketupat kat luar. Macam Hari Raya aje kan. So itu la kisah our weekend.


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