Glee with Season 2 is Back!!

I’ve been wanting to blog about Glee for such a long time but I couldn’t find the time to do so. At first I thought, well this musical series was for the teenagers and didn’t pay much attention to it although there was a lot of twittering about. But one day I decided to DL the whole series and I was blown away with just the first episode.. I mean this musical series is so awesome, amazing and very entertaining and not to mention how good the actor/actress were. There were so into their character which make it more even better. But towards the end it was kinda bored especially when there were a story about Rachel, well I don’t enjoy watching the episode when it is involved her... Menyampah!

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Of all the last season’s episode that I watched, my favourite would be the episode involved Kristin Chenowethon episode 16 – Home.. Oh my God, the one where she sang with Matt – One Less Bell/A House is Not a Home was so heartwrenching and very emotional scene.. What a gorgeous harmony... Eversince that day I never stop humming or listen to it until now and offcourse it has a special place in my ipod!

So anyway, Glee season 2 is backkkkk and as of this writing mine is already 91.1% DL.. can’t wait...


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