Spa With Pozi (Fauziah)... Part 1

(The Changing Room)

Last Saturday myself and Pozi (my husband’s elder sister) went to a spa together at Great Eastern (Energy Spa). Yea, together you... Nie kalau anak-anak buah tau abis I kena kutuk because they anti their annoying makcik (Pozi) for as long as I can remember. Yup, the makcik is a piece of work and there are times when I feel like I want to strangle her myself but being the outsider (me la) and join the family by marriage I have to go with the flow. Kekadang geram I with her bossy, fussy and macam bagus way. But actually, she is a timid and chicken (pengecut). Ish, this topic is about me and her going to the spa ma.. not kutuks her. Sorry la Pozi, I need for them to know your character in order to go on with my story..muehehe.. Raya nanti I salam mintak maap kat you (nasib u tak tau blog I...).

So anyway, like I said last Saturday we went to the spa together, holding hand and sing a song about loving each other and till death do is part (euwww..). The reason why we were going together was because, dia sudah tagih janji dekat I (a few years ago I told her about me going to the spa and when she said she would like to join me, I said yeah..why not and I will let you know when I’m going there – yup me and my biggie mouth). So, two weeks ago she asked again when am I gonna bring her, so being the “nice” lady that I am. Yela..I kan forgiving punya person (uhuk) and cepat lupa walau macam mana orang tu buat kat I, pun make a date with her.

A few days before going there I reconfirmed with her and told her that I will pick her up at 10am. Actually the appointment was at 11am but knowing how she loves to take her sweet time (her time is sesuka hati dia), so I kasi cepat one hour. Before that she sent a msg to me at 6.55am and called me around 9.00am but I hadn’t switch on my hp. Around 10am, we (me and tamil king) picked her up but as usual we have to wait a while for her (kat depan gate) to come out and I have to msg her, itupun kena tunggu a few minutes. So you see that is why I kena cepatkan time.

(On the left is a shower room and on the right is a toilet)

Sampai kat Great Eastern we decided to have our breakfast but she went and jalan-jalan because dia dah breakfast kat rumah. Around 11am we went inside and talked to the receptionist and told her what kind of treatment that we want and choose the Christmas package and it was quite cheap for two. I add a scalp treatment, it was my favourite. We went to the changing room (oh this is the first time she went to the Energy Spa). When it was time to take off her panties, she was hesitated because she doesn’t want to take it off and change to the disposable panties. I cakap kena bukak nanti basah bila masuk sauna. She said rasa tak sedap. I cakap tukar je la. She mengomel and said she should have brought her extra panties along. And then she said she doesn’t want to take off her bra la pulak. I said bukak je la, tak ada sapa nak tengok your nenen. Then I cakap lagi, “you nie timid la”, ini tak nak itu tak mau ...bukak je.. “ Tapi I dah gelak kat dia sebab it was so funny, she was laughing too. Masa nak keluar pintu, I saw something bulging inside her robe. I tanya lagi, you tak bukak ke your bra..dia gelak kata..tak. I was thinking what was inside her robe. Then we went to the relaxing area, lying down on our sofa yang macam kat swimming pool tapi cushion with pillow and drinking our red date tea yang delicious and warm itu, ala-ala puan sri terkedu.

Then the therapist asked her where is her towel. She said it was inside her robe. I apa lagi bantai gelak kat dia, dia pun gelak jugak (I was thinking, wow, ok jugak minah nie I thought dia akan rigid or defensive ke). Then she said she wants to go to the changing room to take out the towel. I kata go la.. then dia diri sebelah I and nak bukak kat situ. I punya la tak tahan I gelak lagi and dia pun mula la goyangkan badan nak kasi towel jatuh..hahaha.. then I tarik je dari bawah hahaha...adeeihhh... Sementara tunggu our therapist to come dia duduk kat another sofa and I tengok dia pegang laundry bag. I tanya apa hal dia bawak laundry bag and gelak lagi kat dia.. Dia kata I suruh bawak. I kata mana ada I suruh bawak, laundry bag tu kena simpan kat dalam locker bila kita dah abis, kita simpan kita punya robe and towel dalam tu. Dia sengih-sengih and simpan kat changing room. Then both of us masuk kat sauna. I tengok dia duduk kat ujung nun corner tepi. I kata duduk la sebelah I apa nak jauh-jauh kang ada antu menjelma. Then dia kata dia tak nampak sebab gelap and tanya I kat mana..hahahha..I kata pakai la spec... ok silly me.. pakai spec lagi la tak nampak sebab berkabus kang. Dua tiga kali dia kata dia tak nampak, I tengok dia jalan sambil mendepakan tangan macam orang buta. Oh my God, I rasa macam nak pengsan gelakkan dia, dah la I tak dapat bernapas dalam wap kat dalam bilik nie, dia pulak bejalan macam zombie hehehe..then bila I bukak pintu sikit sebab nak kasi wap keluar tak tahan panas tiba-tiba air wap kat ceiling turun macam hujan, dia panic and tanya air apa nie, I kata offcourse la air wap I bukak pintu begegar. Then dia duduk sebelah I, lepas tu ada la air menitik kat badan dia. Dia tanya lagi dengan nada terkejut air apa yang menitik..hehehe..I kata air wap laaa. After that we started to talk about all kind of stuff and I was surprised that she was quite pleasant to talk to.

Then we went out quickly sebab tak tahan panas and tak dapat bernafas. We went back to the relaxing area and minum minum kat situ. Then the therapist came and start with the foot theraphy and after about 30 mins we went to the room to do our apricot scrubbing. Sakit la jugak kena scrub but I tahan aje demi untuk mendapatkan kemulusan kulit...ahh..the extend that what we women do to look or prasan pretty. After the apricot scrubbing we went to have our shower and told her that the scrubbing buat my skin pedih-pedih. On the way out, I told her that my skin rasa pedih-pedih, dia kata dia tak rasa sangat sebab maybe kulit dia tebal. Then we went to take our shower and to prepare for our full body massage.

To be continued...


Amylia said…
kekeke kelakar sgt.. i siap2 imagine how aunty pozi ni looks like..
Misty said…
hehehe.. jangan imagine, nightmare you nanti hehehe... ok let me bagi kiasan..dia pakai spec tebal and everynow and then dia akan naikkan spec dia dengan ujung jari..rambut dia pulak dia colour kan dengan bila uban dia tumbuh kira setengah itam setengah oren wakaka.. (jahatnya I)

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