Rest In Peace

Last Saturday morning, I received a text message from my former colleague about one of our colleague’s father passed away and will be buried at one of the cemetery. I was wondering which colleague was he’s talking about as I have a very terrible memory. Around noon we went to BTS to check for some stuff and had our lunch there. Only then that I remembered which colleague that was. While checking for some shirt, I received a text message from wo saying that auntie Linda had a freak accident and passed away. Again, I was dumbfounded, which auntie was she talking about? Then I remembered we have one auntie (dad’s cousin) by that name. I texted her back to confirm with her. And I was surprised that it was her. I was shocked for a while and terus teringatkan all her children. I’m not close to her but I do know her. She was a sweet, reserved and a classy (not diva) lady. For as long as I know her, I never heard once of her bad mouthing anybody. She came from a well-educated and respected family. She held a high position in a government office. Same goes to her husband who is a doctor. Both and their children are a very nice and humble people.

I remembered, we went to her house (which is big and beautiful) a few times before when she gave birth to her third son and sometime we would go there during Christmas celebration. We would cross each other path from time to time or we would met up when there is a celebration at the club. She and her husband came to our house during my very first Hari Raya celebration when I had my first and only open house. I have a picture of her on my wedding day too.

Like I said although I’m not close to her but when someone that you know and related to you died, you would feel sad and all those memory would come back to you. My heartfelt sympathy and deepest condolence to Cr Dr Nuing Jeluing and (children) cousin, Liza, Joshua, Patrick and Nicholas. Rest in Peace Auntie Linda Nicol.


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