But It Is A Common Sense...

Once in a while they are people that you thought were close to you and that you thought who really understand you like no others. Sometime when these people bruised your feeling, you might get hurt but you quickly brush it aside as you want to think or look at the good side of them. But if it was too often, you started to think. Am I worth to be treated like that?

I’m not being sensitive or what but to me it is was not normal to have that kind of reaction over something that should be address differently. I was merely passing the message or tell her about the thing that I think she should know the other day. Instead of calling me or texting me to clarify with me immediately, it took her about 2 ½ hours to respond (replied to my text) and it was not what I expected. Then later in the evening, she texted me again and justifying of what had happened. That was not the answer that I want. Then she sent me the mms pics. I was thinking, why did she sent me the pics? When all I want is her explanation or that how sorry she was of the whole thing. And I would say, it’s ok, don’t worry about it. And I wouldn't care about it anymore. Instead, she took it lightly. It was soal remeh actually but the way she handle it was not what I would have done, nevertheless when it involved feeling.

I was not mad at her but I was so disappointed that she didn’t respect me as a person. I was so supportive, nice and kind to her all this while. And for her to pretend it was not a big deal on her part was so uncool. Four days later when I was at the class for the beads lesson, she sent me another mms pics. Again that is not the respond that I want. I think she knows that I was not happy with the other day's incident. Otherwise, why would she sent all the mms pics? I was wondering, why was it so hard for her to just sms or call me and ask what’s wrong since I didn’t response to her text/mms etc.? Doesn’t it ring a bell? If it were me, I would immediately ask that person and try to finds out what’s going on.

Two days ago I sent some gift to her family member because I already bought it a few weeks ago and because I told her before. At first, I thought of giving it to her personally but I changed my mind. I didn’t put any card or words as by now my heart towards her has withered. She texted and thanked me for making her family member so happy and how excited she (her family member) was when she received the gifts, but she never take the time to analysed her action towards me or think how I feel. Although I could never throw her away completely but hati sudah tawar. Kasih sudah hilang dalam hati. I just don’t understand how such people exist and living without feeling any remorse or guilt in their heart.

I can’t really say that I’m crushed because I’m not. I can’t say that I’m angry either because I’m not too. It's just weird that she didn’t care and didn’t realise or see how I have been treated her and her family all this while... I guess, you can’t expect them to be or think like what you want them to be but it is a common sense...


vagg. said…
sometimes, it is true that some people do not possess the 'capability' of using his/her own common sense though it is already there.


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