Don't ask me why I'm so rajin to update my blog. This week je almost everyday I update kan.. In fact, I have a few drafts, waiting to be edited a lil' bit and posted (sambil meletakkan telunjuk jari ke pipi.. auwww..). Well... I feel like sekarang nie, I'm more focus (ye ke?) and leave some of the unecessary things behind. Wah, apa yang kau tinggalkan tu Dek? Aaaa... interactive game... hehe. I dah lama tak masuk and I thought of deleting my account all together. I felt like I've wasted a lot of my time in there before but I have to give it a credit for improving my english tremendously! But on the downside, it didn't give me the creative mind so to speak since its occupied lots of spaces in my brain. Selain dari tu, husband I dah tak balik lunch so I don't have to cook anymore. I makan mee maggi je...sian kan.. Kalau nak masak pun tak lalu I nak makan sorang-sorang, nasi yang ditelan bak kerikil-kerikil batu (pitam). Bila petang husband I balik kerja barula I masak tapi yang simple-simple je macam mee goreng ke etc. So husband I pun belagak la tarik pinggang seluar kejap-kejap bila lalu depan I sebab dah longgar konon.. eleh!
Anyway, I am in a place where I'm the happiest! I learned lots of new stuff and discover some of the most amazing application around. Again, thanks to my samsung, I know you guys had been puking lots of blood by now since I nie forever memuja my latest gadget itu..(tengok la sebulan dua nanti..). I dah ada instagram account you, I baru register dua hari lepas, I know I nie ketinggalan, whats app pun baru dua tiga bulan lepas aje I download.
But I really need to get back to my book. I do read a lot before but last month I only read two books and the third book that I just started are still on the same page for the last two weeks. Sewing? Oh...well, I have every intention to get back to it but I don't seems to have the time right now. Camera? It's on my desk table and in front of me but I have yet to snap anything or go everywhere with it. Painting? Baru secalit dua je, nanti I cerita tapi kelakar la. Housekeeping? Tak kuasa I..malas la..(sambil membaringkan kepala di atas meja).
Relationship? Somewhere in Jun or July this year, I was sort of surprised when I received a pictures of a niece and nephew that I never met before from my estranged younger sister. Yes, after years of not speaking to one another. Then, when I downloaded the whatsapp, pictures were sent to me frequently with a short chat. After a while we started to have a pleasant chat like nothing ever happened between us but I was kinda sceptical to say the least. Nevertheless, orang nak berbaik dengan kita, takan kita nak tarik ego walau hati sangat terguris before (the scar is still there). Beside, she's my sister, my blood and I need to show a good example as a muslim to my family. You see, this is why I'm so glad that I'm a muslim. There's a rules of do's and don'ts. I know, other religion pun sama jugak but my religion thought me how to respond and react on a certain issues. And there's always something at the back of my mind telling me and reminded me on such things . That's the beauty of Islam. Cewah, mentang-mentang la hari Jumaat, berkhutbah la pulakkan. 
Anyway, I'm happy and glad that our relationship finally have a happy ending. Mummy pun tak payah risau lagi and all the burdens of thinking "what if's" in my mind had vanished into thin air. Our recent conversation (whatsapp) was the best and we're started making plan for the future. But I have yet to feel the closeness maybe because it has been so long. Yang pasti, dia terpaksa menerima hakikat yang rupa I masih macam dulu/muda (I sungguh syiok!), that is what she said but still I nak kompang kat korang hehe... jumpa betul-betul sure pengsan. Yang pasti nenen dia besar dan mengkal sambil merasa inferiority complex dan memandang nenen sendiri yang layu di tasik madu - Pojiahhh.....huhuhu sadis...
Other than that, I stir away from any negative things/people around me because it is not good for my mind and soul.
Sekian catatan I hari ini....hakuna matata.....and have a wonderful weekend ;)


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