Anugerah Skrin 2009

(Jadi pengkritik la pulak)

Husband I tanya earlier on yesterday evening, I tak tengok Anugerah Skrin 2009 ke? I said, ah.. tak kuasa I nak tengok artis-artis (or whoever yang involve in the industry) perasan nih. I tak anti semua, please don’t get me wrong. I’m talking about a few yang tah apa-apa lakonan and tak well known langsung tapi belagak tak sedar diri. But when I glanced at the telly and saw Afdlin was one of the presenters, I told myself, I have to watch this since he is well known for blurting out some funny line spontaneously. Sambil bercucuk tanam sambil tu la jugak I tengok-tengok. Kira multitasker la...

Well... it was sort of disappointed (very). Gandingan dia dan Fara Fauzana tu tak menjadi dan tak ada chemistry langsung. At times, it was meleret-leret and punchline that left you termangu-mangu and also wandering what the hell were they try to convey to you.. you know what I mean? Sometime I cringe my nose and frown my head without realising it. Or was it me who didn’t get the joke, if I want to call it a joke? I pulak yang segan kat dorang and felt sorry for them. And cara both of them try to mengajuk atau memelatkan lidah i.e. berbahasa melayu tapi pelat arab...oh dear....

Ok, I was again surprised, when I saw the theme or “the dress/outfit”. I was like, why did they chose this theme, of all the theme in the world. Kenapa tak choose baju tradisional kan lebih manis dan menawan. I know, dah banyak theme, batik, songket, sutera etc. etc. but why not choose from negeri-negeri yang ada kat Malaysia nie instead of Arabian theme. I’m not asking them to wear cawat though but you know.. I’m sorry Afdlin, no offend I minat your work but you made to look like a clown or maybe it was meant to look funny? I’m not sure. But ramai jugak yang tak ikut theme termasuk la orang-orang penting kat situ.

As for pemenang-pemenang tu, congratulation to them. I tak nak comment on that as I only watched a few of the telefilem and what I can see, semua yang tercalon adalah hebat-hebat belaka regardless yang menang atau pun tidak and I don’t want to call it “tak bernasib baik” sebab dah dicalonkan pun dah nasib baik. Yang penting, you berkarya kerana you love it so bloody much not because nak glamour or money which offcourse is a bonus and not talentless (either as an actor/actress, director, producer or whoever involve in the industry etc.)

So anyway, I love yang membuat persembahan malam tadi, semua best-best especially Aizat, Jack, Black and Lan oh and offcourse Misha and Bob. Suara..wohoo... korang memang fantastico!

Me : Macam kenal aje mata kat poster theme tu, oh yeah it’s her (rolling my eyes) and who else yang menyanyi sebagai penutup tirai.....


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