Goodbye 2009, Welcome 2010

2009...hmmm... What have I achieved so far? These are the question that always comes to mind at the end of each year for as long as I can remember.

Looking back... there are a few ups/down and things that had happened to me. It’s not much though. There are things that I regret so much and I wish I never done it or went through with it. I always told myself past is past but I can’t help being sad and angry at the same time. I hate what I did. I can’t stop blaming myself and how stupid I am.

Back to what have I achieved so far.... well, I learn how to sew and make my own dress. I’m still a rookie though but I can see that I’m in a right path. And my lesson with the school will be over by end of January next year but I thought of pursuing it further. I have lots of plan in mind for the future. I can feel that 2010 would bring something good to my/our life.

Ok now about the habit that I picked up this year... the bad thing is, I cursed and swore like "The Sopranos" when I’m pissed off. I really really need to stop this because I might be in a situation where I would be surrounded by some relatives or a respected people and out of nowhere those “beautiful” language might come out of my mouth...oh God imagine...

The good thing is, I learned to control my patience (yeah right, sapa yg sepak mesin jahit aritu dan mengomel sambil mencangkung kat LRT?). I’m more understanding and I would quickly say sorry if I did something wrong even if it is not my mistake to my husband. I look on the good side of other people. But the biggest achievement so far for me was and still, is that I managed to carry on with my dressmaking project. I was so worried that this would be another “the half way thing” like my other projects such as piano lesson, knitting, beading/accessories and sketching/drawing. But I’m glad that I still want to continue with my latest project. Thanks God! In fact, I planned to pursue it further by learning a different design other than the one the school give us. I planned to do a personal/solo or with my friends and having an outside class with the teacher. I planned to take up a curtain, pillow case etc. package that the school have but the timing was not right. I don’t know how it goes, we’ll see. Finally, I’m not a “half way girl” anymore, well not for this project anyway. I do hope this good attitude would carry on even on other future project.

As for my diet, eating right and exercise well..... mmm..well.. I kinda...let it go and not following the regime... haha... I will go back to my threadmill soon...(janji pelesu), you see I’m so busy right now... (alasan). I tried not to eat too much but I’m always hungry (cakap je kau memang tamak). Yea yea, I will try again...

So there’s not much happened to me this year but I don’t like 2009. Except for towards end of this year where I start to see some progression in my life. I hope 2010 will bring something new, exciting, fresh and most importantly... I hope both of us will have a good and healthy life, become a better person, mature as our age progress and be closer to God The Almighty. Amin.

This is the quote given to me by my sister through texting earlier on ;

Count the garden by the flowers, never by the leaves that fall. Count your life with smile and not the tears that roll. May your NEW YEAR 2010 filled with happiness and Joy... Happy New Year Everyone....

P/S : Budak Kecik (one of our rabbit), passed away peacefully 2 days before New Year sob sob... bye Miss Grey @ Ketua Penyangak @ Budak Kecik @ Si Tamak, hope to see you someday.....


vagg. said…
huhuh budak kecik? which one? i love the one yg bulu dia mcm snow tu.

that's one of the reason why sy dh malas nk ada pets. kalo diorang mati.. rasa down gile. huhuhu.

skang dh xbela pape dh.
Claudia said…
huhuhu..yang grey..nanti sis check ada simpan gambar ke tak..I will post it here... :(

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