Isu Hangat Sekarang Nie..

A few days ago, I saw a comment berserta dengan link blog Aidid yang Pump post kat fb. So I decided to click on it. Wow, I was so surprised. Macam-macam info and knowledge I dapat and in my opinion this Aidid guy is very wise, knowledgeable and he talk the talk. Dia tak simply cakap aje siap dengan penerangan yang cukup details, precise and dengan bukti sekali. Oh thank you so much for the info Pump. It was an eye opening. Sebelum nie I selalu tengok kat majalah or gossip online pasal kejayaan business si Ac nih but I tak pernah ambik tau but at the same time the thought did cross my mind about how dia buat business gelang-gelang nih. Until Pump gave the link barula I tau and immediately after that I terus ke fb AC Mizal/ACk and read what was it about.

From that day onward hari-hari I akan check blog Aidid and fb AC and issue nie tengah hangat diperkatakan sekarang. Just now I check kat fb Say No To MLM (SNTMM) and from there I masuk ke berbagai-bagai link yang membawa I ke berbagai-bagai blog pasal system pyramid, MLM, SCK and berbagai-bagai jenis penipuan yang diselongkar. I tak kata or menuduh business ACk nie menipu, didn’t I? Anyway, from this morning until now I jump from one to another fb page/blog etc. And I ketawa sorang-sorang bila baca dorang berbalas-balas comment comment yang kadang kadang sungguh hilarious, sarcastic and childish at the same time. I’ve read that AC is going to make an announcement tonight. I wonder what it is but do I care? Naaahh...

As for pyramid, SCK, MLM or whatever kat luar sana, my conclusion is memang telah menjadi resmi kebanyakkan manusia, suka sangat nak senang dengan cara mudah tanpa berusaha and expect dapat immediate result without memikirkan what are the consequences. When it comes to money and kemewahan most human tend to kabur mata. I’ve been approached by a number of people asking me to join the same kind of scheme but I was never interested in it. Siap tunjuk check kat I lagi and macam-macam “keindahan” yang cuba dijual pada I but my iman never goyah. Biar la orang nak kata I kedekut or that I tak berani to take the risk. It doesn’t matter what they want to say because at the end of the day, it’s my life and the decision is in my hand not them. I ambik langkah berjaga-jaga, even if scheme tu halal and tak menindas sekalipun, I still tak nak and tak akan join.

Nasihat I, please becareful with your money, milik you. It is your hard earn. Pikirkan betapa susahnya you habiskan masa you bekerja untuk dapatkan monthly income and senang-senang nak laburkan kat something yang you belum tau kepastiannya lagi. Labur je la kat ASB ke or simpan kat bank ke. Hasil tak la sebanyak mana but it is secured and guaranteed. Pada I, biar la I tak kaya and biar la dorang kaya by joining those kind of business. Their life or life style didn’t mean a thing to me!


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