Anti Social In FB?

If you notice, semenjak dua menjak nie I rajin bukak fb and kadang-kadang berborak kat situ. Tak ada la active sangat but once in a while I would menyampuk sana sini on which I see fit. I tengok jugak orang dia macam mana. Kalau orang tu jenis sensitive I tak comment apa-apa kat status dia sebab I try my best to steer out of any controversial or things that might hurt other people’s feeling. Bende yang nothing to me might be something big to them kan. Manusia punya fikiran mana sama. Most of the time I don’t know how to comment base on their posting. Some are so emotional that I’m scared if I say something, I yang kena and I yang akan malu because everybody can read what was said. So I better senyap aje.

Although I suka berborak-borak dengan kawan-kawan or sedara kat situ but I don’t post anything on my wall. The reason was because I don’t know what to say. I know, sounds pelikkan. Maybe, I’m the type yang la tu. Yes I malu and segan to express something there or to tell what I’m doing etc. Apa la guna ada wall post if kita tak tulis apa-apa kat situ kan? The best part, personal info pun tak complete wakaka...

But I have to admit, dalam banyak-banyak post wall kawan-kawan yang I baca, I paling suka Joy punya. Because it was so funny. Ada je bende yang dia tulis buat I gelak and senyum sorang-sorang. She is so good in her writing and how she expressed her feeling. Oh and her English is superb! She knows how to say something that we often didn’t want to say out loud and just keep to ourselves. She is brutally honest and stood by what she said. But sometime ada aje some people yang didn’t get her or misunderstood her. If you really know her, you know what kind of a person she is. To me she is a very nice and fun person to be around with. She is very sweet, open minded and forward. And she is the first and the only one to come up with the nickname Sisty for me. I think it must be a combination of Sis and Misty. Creative isn’t it? I’m glad I met people like Joy. She is truly a Joy to be around.

About picture kat fb, I suka tengok gambar-gambar yang kawan-kawan or sedara mara upload and sometime I would comment on it. But again, I was so malu and segan to put mine. Yang I letak pun ada tiga je gambar, itu pun muka tak nampak sangat, ala-ala tepi tepi je. Pelikkan, nak kata tak ada confident, I don’t think so. Entahlah…

About adding orang, rasanya I tak pernah add orang kecuali masa nak cari neighbour main Farmville dulu but kalau sesaja nak add orang tu, I memang tak pernah. But I do accept sesiapa yang request friend. The thing is, I don’t like orang yang tak kenal add I and tiba-tiba inbox tanya-tanya, I asal mana, kerja apa etc especially kalau lelaki, terus I tak reply. Kalau perempuan I don’t mind but itu pun you have to get to know me first or be acquaintance with me for a while, only then I will happily tell you about myself.

So you see, I don’t know why, I have fb, kalau I tak post about anything, thoughts or activities ke on my wall, seldom masuk fb, malu nak upload gambar, tak add orang and tak mau memperkenalkan diri sendiri dengan lebih mendalam. I guess, I respect my privacy too much or am I that anti-sosial in fb? But I don’t mind telling everybody anything about my life etc. in my blog, weird huh?


Anonymous said…
ni kalau Joy baca ni mesti kembang kempis hidung dia
tp sure dia x baca lg ni, kalau idak mesti dia dh komen
tp x tau la kot2 dia dh baca m shout kt shoutbox tu, sbb kt opis ni, shoutbox tu kena blok, x nmpk apr org jerit kt situ


Claudia said…
hi nakkal,

I think dia x tau kot sebab sis xbgtau dia.. tp mmg betul la nakkal dia punya wall kat fb buat sis gelak sorang2 selalu.. kat shoutbox dia x shout.. so mmg dia xtau tu hehehe..

Btw, I miss you so much...

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