Sunday's Update

(I tak pernah try pakai bulu mata palsu so I decided to buy and try it one of these days)

Yesterday we went to KLCC to do a little bit of shopping etc. It has been such a long time since I last come here, ada la dalam berbulan jugak. Kalau datang pun terus straight pegi Cinema. Anyway, the reason why I went there was because I was curious and I want to see how Sephora in KLCC's looks like.

After lunch at Madam Kwan’s as usual we would go to Kinokuniya Book Store. Oh, I was so happy because I finally found satu buku fashion Jepun yang bagi tunjuk ajar in details macam mana nak jahit leher baju. All this while banyak kain hancur I kerjakan sebab I was not satisfied with what I did and ada yang tak jadi. I tak sabar nak follow yang according to the book but I don’t have the time right now. Too many things to do with so little time. But I’m glad baju untuk hari raya dah antar kat tailor, nasib baik dia masih nak accept because I hantar sampai tiga pasang. I don’t know yang extra two tu nak melaram kat mana nanti. I tak confident nak buat guna kain licin and lembut sebab banyak dah rosak and tak jadi hehe.. beside one of it was kena guna kain lining, although I pernah belajar but I don't dare to take the risk and tak mau la sakit hati nanti kan.. lagipun sayang kat kain yang beli mahal-mahal.

Anyway, mula-mula tu I thought I tak nak beli buku fashion Jepun tu and I boleh ingat cara-cara nak buat but when I told my husband, dia terus suruh I ambik. Then we went to another section and I grab one fiction book that caught my eyes. Then we made our way to Sephora at the ground floor.

Masuk aje, I was surprised because the space was small in comparison to the one at Sephora Champs-Elysees Paris where I went to a few months back. Selection sungguh kurang and tak banyak choice, what a big disappointed. At the end of the day, I only bought a few stuff aje and spend less than ½ hour there! I decided to go elsewhere nanti to buy my toiletries. Then we went to Ego Sunglass International because I need a new shades, murah je brand pun Elle and cost about RM288.00 after 40% discount.

Ok, got to go...busy busy.. bye for now and with more stories to come in the future as I have lots to share…


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