To Bird Park

Today we went to the Bird Park. We’ve planned since last week. We went there around 12pm and went back around 2pm. Tak lama as we couldn’t stand the weather and the walking became so tiring. There were many people and we’re glad there is a parking space available when we got there. It is my second time and I think it is going to be my last as it was so hot and I’m sweating like I just took a shower. Nasib baik ada canopy and it is quite breezy but still the sweat sangat melekitkan badan. We brought some egg sandwhiches and fried noodles from home as we thought of having a picnic around the area (instead we bring our food back and eat at home haha..).

I got a stomach discomfort and I guess it must be from the mangoes that I ate yesterday or maybe grapes from last night. Kacau la, it would come and go and I feel like I want to punch my stomach. There were not much bird species walking around except for the flamingos and peacocks. Most of them are in cage so I don’t really like to take their pictures in that condition. But I took one or two pics though.

Despite everything, we had an enjoyable outing and I took lots of pictures (check my flickr).


JM said…
seriesly kalau outing mmg kita akan berpeluh cam mandi...mungkin sbb dok perbikir nk amek shoot terbaik smpi berpeluh2..hehe..

lame tak pegang camera dah ni.. berhabuk dah kut nikon jm tu huu
Claudia said…
betul-betul.. sebab bediri keras nak ambik shot itu yg panas berpeluh..

meh la keluar outing sama2..ingat weekend nie nak cari tempat utk snap-snap lagi :)

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