Ungrateful People!

Last Friday was my last day ganti puasa.. horaayy… finally abis jugak... I lost about 1 kg those three days but gained it back today..damn it! Not much happened to me last weekend as we’re just stayed at home due to the berSHIT group roaming around our capital city causing all the commotion around. Such an ungrateful SOB!

Talking about ungrateful, there is a lot of "frustration" “little people” around who always think that they are the victim or victimised by the system so on but little did they know that they are used by certain politician who are another SOB who is greedy and not satisfied until they are in power.

These “little people” are so easily influenced, closed minded and never venture out of their country or even if they do, they are just plained ignorance. I’m sure they don’t know what they are actually doing, I can assure you that. I’ve not travelled much but I’ve been to a few countries, met and experienced all kind of things. I remembered when I was asked where I’m from and when I told them, the first thing that they said to me was, you are very lucky to be born in a peaceful country and to have a great leader. We admire your prime minister and your country's policy. And it happened not just once, but a few times by different people and different kind of races around the world. Sometime we would have long conversation together.

And here you are, complaining, whining like a small kid and pinpoint at others that you think making a huge mistake without looking at yourself. You think that you are so perfect, that you are so pious, that you are so godly? You think your problems are caused by others when you know deep down it is yourself to be blame. Shame on you!


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