Ke Taman KLCC

Yesterday, Sunday, we were planning to just stay at home since Saturday dah pegi zoo and snapping around but as usual mesti tak ikut plan. Around 3pm both of us keluar without breakfast and imagine betapa kosongnya perut. Mula-mula nak makan kat Cosy House than we changed our mind since nak ber snapping kat KLCC, jadi might as well pegi je terus ke situ. We decided to have our late lunch which was around 3.30pm at Little Penang. Lepas makan terus keluar ke taman KLCC.

I have never venture out to taman KLCC nie because I only do my shopping or makan-makan indoor aje. So this was my first time ever! Can you believe it after years of going to KLCC! At first I have no expectation of what I’m going to find as I saw the scene at the fountain was not as desirable as I expected, air fountain tak ada, maybe malam kot baru ada. Then I saw lots of foreigners and local alike lepak-lepak kat tepi fountain yang tak ada air fountain tu. The weather was hot as usual and I sweat a lot although it was almost 5pm. I nie asyik-asyik complaint pasal bertapa panasnya dan berpeluhnya I kan? Anyway, we thought about cutting short the outing as I don’t see any nice scenery for me to take some photos. Then we decided to carry on je la, lagipun I nak tengok macam mana rupa waterfall or swimming pool for kids.

I’m glad I did because there were a lot of interesting scene around the pool. I took lots of children pictures and I was glad the parents didn’t mind at all, although they watch me like I’m some kind of a pervert or something or maybe they thought “Wah! photographer ayu nan manis nie tengah snap-snap gambar, mesti keluar kat magazine anak kita nie kan sayang, mesti photographer yang sejelita miss universe nie professional photographer”..wakaka.. muntah la korang baca..hehe.. Anyway, once in a while I would smiled and laughed watching those kids, macam-macam perangai and sangat kelakar. Then I went behind the waterfall to take more pictures. I told myself that I would come again to these particular spot in the future because watching them without a care in the world membuat I rasa sungguh gembira dan tenang. And I couldn’t wait to bring my nieces and cucu sedara to this place.

After that we continued our jalan-jalan towards a more secluded place and voila..ramainya pasangan kekasih duduk berdua-duaan on several spot. Sungguh romantic. The garden was clean and di jaga dengan sungguh rapi and security personal were everywhere. The view… beautiful, awesome. Had I know taman KLCC nie begini indah I would have come sooner. I totally fall in love with this place… With all the different kind of unique trees and kehijauan yang sungguh menyejukkan mata, nothing can beat nature, I tell you that. Pondok-pondok kayu sungguh cantik and they even have ice water from the tap water for joggers or anybody to drinks to cool themselves. I told my husband that we should do our running here. Ahh.. the scenery was breathtakingly beautiful (err..berapa kali I kata beautiful?) and I took lots of pictures. I was so excited and couldn’t stop smiling. Rasa macam tak nak balik je. I guess I’m a nature kinda photographer…

Then we went back to do a little bit of shopping/marketing and have our dinner at Cosy House GA. And then out of the blue I suggested to my husband that I should take some pictures of KLCC Twin Tower during night time as I never done it before. After dinner off we go… but we didn’t go to the garden because it was getting late. I just took the Twin Tower from a few angles outside the area.

We planned to come again to the garden but it would be during night time to take different set of sceneries. I bet it is going to be more fantastic and wonderful eh?

Syukur and thank you very much Allah for giving me these opportunity to spend another day with my beloved husband and I hope this joy and happiness stay in my heart forever. To my wonderful husband, thank you very much for being so patience and supportive of my passion in photography.

Note : Gambar-gambar kat Zoo dah update kat my flickr esok I update yang kat Taman KLCC yea...


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