I was supposed to update my blog and tells a story la (konon) but since lady of leisure nie tiba-tiba wandering around a lot lately, makanya blog beliau di tinggalkan tanpa rasa belas kasihan.

There had been a lot of things going on last week, with the killing in Norway which came as a shocked to everyone around the world. The country that was supposed to be one of the safest and peaceful in the world turned out to be so tragic, all because of a one person. And then, the demised of Amy Winehouse which comes as a no surprised, to most people. So these past days I went and watched in youtube her last concert in June at Belgrade… Oh dear, teruknya, she appeared to be drunk and dazed. As much as she tried to sing, she stumbled and can’t remember the lyrics to her song. On top of that she got booed…

Anyway, we didn’t go out last weekend like we usually did for my snapping moment. I was so lazy to even get up from the bed. All I did was berbaring sambil berangan berada di kayangan memikirkan alangkah bestnya kalau ada toy boy yang body nya hot memadu asmara dengan I wakaka..matila kalau laki ku membaca ini..which is highly unlikely and I don’t think so he would or even remember my blog punya add nie kan..

Selain daripada itu, we went to my MIL house for one our choco’s first birthday. Kira macam pra birthday la. Buat kecik-kecik just for family aje sebab tomorrow there will be another birthday party celebration yang grand sikit somewhere else. Nanti I story after I attend the party. Anyway, like I said earlier during the pra birthday party for si kenit itu, I saw how close were our family together. I had a lot of catch up to do with them. And it was sungguh meriah dengan suara jeritan batin from the kids. Sungguh-sungguh naughty dan lasak. Being the attentive one, the role of a grandma (meraong), came naturally to me. Maka sibuk la I melayan perangai the kenit-kenits around me. Looking at them, I was thinking to myself, what kind of a mother (which was too late) and how our life (with hubby) would be. I guess some couple are not “allowed” to have any, only God knows why. Maybe we wouldn’t be able to handle the responsibility that came with it. Who knows kan?

As I was sitting there, watching those moment and looking at all of them, and seeing how loving, caring and close the family unit were, I look at myself, a stranger who was ties by marriage but was accepted warmly by them and a stranger yang menadah secebis kasih sayang dari orang lain, then, I look at my own family in my mind….my heart start to bleed…


Zue-rouge said…
Hi sis yg comel..hiks
naper asyik jiwang je ni..jgn le mcm ni..i sebagai peminat kisah2 sis..sgt mendambakan cerita2 lawak tamil sis..

sis..Allah maha mengetahui..Dia tk bagi sis rezeki dlm bentuk anak..tpi sis dapat husband yang tak semua perempuan lain dapat..i mean dari segi kasih sayang, prihatin dia n all the sweetness yang sis dpat sangat menyentuh perasaan i ok..sob..sob..

tak nak le sedih2 k..sis boleh cerita apa saja kt sini..i akan setia mem'follow'

luv u sis.

selamat berpuasa untuk sis n hero tamil..wakakakak..
Zue-rouge said…
hi sis sorry, nk email sis tpi tk tkpelah komen kt sini..yg ni jgn le letak kt blog..saja nk kongsi dgn sis

sis, i've been married 9 yrs, anak dua..eldest 9 n kecik tu is 6yrs.
so far our marriage happy, i mean setakat begaduh biasa2 suami isteri.
tpi apa yg i nk sampaikan ni..i rasa sungguh terharu sbb sis sgt beruntung dpt suami yg sgt penyayang..n mcm tk pecaya masih wujud. is not that my husband bad or tk sayang i ke apa..cuma cara layanan tu sgt berbeza..sometimes the husband doesn't realise that it will only take one simple thing je to melt wife's heart. ooo..tk tau nk ckp macam mana..sorry kalau terpanjang n sis baca ni smbil tersengguk2 mengantuk.. u are one of the luckiest woman. i salute u for that.
it is so nice knowing u sis.
Misty said…
hi Zue,

Wah, touching baca your comment.. I don't what to say except thank you so much kerana sudi membaca kisah hidup sis yang tidak seperti mananya ini. Tak sangka ada jugak orang baca feeling-feeling macam zue ekekeke...

Sis suka bacak2 komen dari zue, xde sengguk2 ngantuk pun, dont worry. I even read it to my husband what you said about us.. People like you are the one who gave me inspiration to write more...

Thank you zue and it is nice knowing you too. Selamat berpuasa...


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