Dear Zura/Zue-Rogue

Dear Zura/Zue-Rogue,

Thank you so much for the nice comments.

I’m touched with the wish on my jodoh and I really appreciate it very much. Terasa bagai ada gelombang di tekak ini...hehe..

Don’t be sorry for having those beautiful emotion because I know you are a sincere person, I can feel it (psikik la pulak).

Thank you for reading my blog yang tiada istimewanya ini. It is a great pleasure for me to share some of my personal life story with you.

Last but not least, thanks a million time, for accepting me (my personal life story) for who and what I am and not judging me...



Zue-rouge said…
terharunya ada post special untuk saya..kihkih...sgt2 terharu ok..

sis..keep on writing cerita2 thagatirai sis ok..sangat menghiburkan..baca cerita sis macam tgh tgk movie..hehehe.. have a good day sis.
Claudia said…
hehe..mestila, you are the kind of people that I treasue :)

I will continue writing kisah2 menyayat hati ini seikhlas yang boleh wakakaka..Have a good day to you too dear...

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