A Sweet Gift

Last week my husband came back as usual for lunch. Just before lunch he got up from his chair and went back to the door. I was wandering what was going on. Then he surprised me with a gift of a Floral Collection Rose Soap from Marks & Spencer, RM25. From his eyes, I can see the anticipation of what my reaction would be. I was not expecting at all. Then I gave him the biggest and the sweetest smile that I can muster of and kiss his cheek. I told him I love it and thank you so much and that he shouldn’t bought it, as we just bought a few toiletries two weeks ago which can last me till end of August.

He said don't worry about it and that when he walked past the M&S on the way back, he remembered that I love this kind of stuff and thought he should get something for me. And from now on, every month he will buy a different floral collection soap such as Lavender, Magnolia etc. or any kind of toiletries, so that I would always have a stock ready whenever I want to use it. He is such an awesome, thoughtful and caring guy.

Then I smelled it a few times just to show him that I really appreciate it. I have to do that because my husband was always worried that I might not like it. He would be asking me a few times until he was sure of how I felt. There were times when I have to be a little bit of exaggerated and acting like it is the best gift that he ever gave me. Some men just need more convincing than others and he was one of them. These inexpensive and a simple gift means more to me and it reach my heart in a very sentimental way… Love you sweetie…


Zue-rouge said…
Hi sis

you are one of those lucky woman in the world to have such a caring..romantic..loving husband and most importantly loving u for what u are..unconditional love..

may your jodoh dgn husband kekal smpai akhir hayat and ke syurga.

*sorry, teremo..nk tulis benda lain tpi rasa tesekat di dada..sorry ye sis..komen atas tu ikhlas from the bottom of my heart..walaupun tk kenal sis personally tpi sbb baca kisah sis n hubby rasa mcm kenal sis sgt..

Claudia said…
Hi Zue,

Nanti sis reply... tgh touching nih ekeke..

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