Being There For A Friend

Remember there was one line of entry that I mentioned about how I went to see a close friend, that she cried on my shoulder for the longest time and that I can't tell you what was the reason? And also about another entry that I worried about things too much? Yeah, it was about her. I’ve known her for about two years and she is a nice, helpful and kind person. Because of her kindness sometime people tend to take advantage on her. From time to time we would meet up in her office just to talk and she said she enjoyed my company. But this past month, she was having some personal issue and it took a tremendous toll on her, mentally, emotionally and somewhat physically. We would leave and replies each other’s messages and she would poured her heart out to me and as a friend I would try to soothe her pain and from time to time I would give her lots of motivational talk. She would be saying how it hurt so much or that how sad she was. Sometime she would cry when she think about it and asking why such thing happened to her.

I didn’t and can't tell her that she should stop crying or that she should move on or forget about it or be patience (unless it was a different circumstances). I have no right to say that kind of things to her. It is not my position to do so. I didn’t feel what she felt, beside I don’t experience what she experienced and the only thing that I can do was to listen to her. But I told her to be strong and that she should put herself first and that her happiness is more important than anybody else in this world (but offcourse for the right reason). I’m sympathy with her and I can understand the suffering that she’s going through right now. The only way that I can do was at least ease the burden on her and make her feel better by being there for her. I really hope that she would eventually find some peace and happiness in her life.

I realised that a true friend is someone who listen and not judging you. A true friend is someone who respected your feeling and think twice before hurting you….


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