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Yesterday which was Saturday, we went to the Zoo. Yeah finally after puas di pujuk oleh peminat Animal Planet itu. My husband has been hinting to me about visiting a zoo for as long as I can remember. But I always find an excuse not to go there. After much persuasion and begging from him, I decided to give in to him. We went out quite late around 2.30pm to have our lunch and reached the zoo around 3.30pm. We were told that the daily show was around 11.00am and 3.00pm. Well, we obviously missed it but we can always go anytime we want as it is not far from our house. Anyway, the ticket was RM15 per person. Opening hours is from 9am to 5pm.

Masuk aje, wahh.. tiba-tiba I jadi so excited. The last time I went there was in 1992 if I'm not mistaken. That was a very long time ago. When I saw the animals in the cages suddenly I feel so sad. It broke my heart to see them in such a small confinement/area, not much space to move around and was separated from their cousins around the world. Especially gajah la kan yang selalu go in group. Like I said I was excited to see those animals but at the same time I want to cry watching them in those unsuited environment. I told my husband about my mix feeling, he told me not to worry because the space behind their cage where they will be kept after 5pm is huge and that they will be together on which I totally disagree with his weird and “pandai-pandai” theory.

Well, it was freaking hot and sweaty as usual but the breeze helps a lot to cool us down. I’m glad the trees shade most of the walk ways. Visitors pun tak berapa crowded I think sebab dah petang. While walking near the lion’s cage, I saw one old mat salleh lady putting some sort of a banner about her disagreement with the caging of the animal. I wish to talk with her and hear her opinion but knowing my husband yang not too keen for me to talk to a stranger especially with benda-benda sensitive nie, I changed my mind but I know, he knows what I’m thinking when he look at me with those eyes..dang!

We covered most of the place except for the reptiles section as we dislike those species. Geli la tengok buaya and ular-ular nih. Maybe in the future if we happen to come again we might go to these section. Then we went to the ape section, tiba-tiba I teringat about aunty I yang sewel punya statement, she said one of our relatives, on which I don't know how we are related to him, that used to come to my grandparents's house looks like an ape. I told my husband sambil tersengih-sengih but I felt bad sebab tak baik la. Beside that guy died tragically kat kebun sorang-sorang with a horrible expression on his face, well...that is what aunty sewel said..not me. Anyway, on the way back we decided to make another lencongan to the last place of the area that shows to an aquarium section. Masuk aja..ahhh leganya because ada aircond..rasa macam tak nak keluar. Ok la not bad and nampak baru because some of the section is still under renovation and construction.

Over all we had a great time and it is worth going although there is still a room for improvement for example, maintain and bersih-bersih la kan tempat nie. And also binatang pun nampak macam tak ada hati nak idup lagi. Oh yeah, masa jalan-jalan dalam zoo, ada banyak kedai makan, husband I tanya whether I nak makan or minum-minum or beli makanan and minuman kat situ. I said no, he said why, I told him because I tak nak aura binatang masuk kat dalam makanan or minuman I. Beside most of the place at the zoo is so smelly of the poo and the piss of the animal. Tak lalu maa….

Again, thanks darling for the wonderful outing and offcourse the main reason is for snapping-snapping....

Note : Nanti I update gambar kat zoo kat flickr..oh gambar kat taman bunga dah update..


Amylia Aldrin said…
alah comelnyer.... !! whats ur flickr id?.. nnt nk tgk pics!
JM said…
saya pun baru pergi zoo hari tu datin..sgt sedeh tgk binatang2 tu sume mcm nk tak nk je hidup..sedeh gile..tak mcm yg sy nak la.. oh ke sy nak tgk binatang2 ni cam kt dlm tv dekat afrika tu..hehe..

tp seriesly mmg mcm..dok terpk..zoo ke ni... mmg rase sedeh la.. mase lalu kt tmpt buaya tu terpk datin sbb datin tak suka jm adelah sgt xcited kalau tgk buaya... rase nk dok lame2 je tgk... tp kesian gak buaya skit je ari tu... mcm nk pergi je taman buaya kt melaka tu..nk tgk puas2..hehe..

mase pergi kt cage berung.. sekor beruang tu mcm nk masuk rumah dah..tgk je kiterg pegang camera terus pergi depan kiteorg dan berdiri..dah habis kiteorg snap2 die pon blah...sgt la belakon dieorg ni..dah hari2 gitu kan keje diegr..hehe.. tp kesian kan datinn..

oh dah mcm entry lakk..ahahahaha
Claudia said…
Hi Amy,

Ada kat sidebar. Ok this is the id
Claudia said…
hi jm,
betul rasa sedih sgt tengok rupa dorang kan.. Tempat buruk and macam kat zaman purba je kan..Setuju sgt..sebab kita selalu tengok yg kat africa tu bebas belari merata-rata kan.. Aha no wonder la masa sistin (hehe nama baru gabungan sis and datin hehe), nak snap gambar, beruang tu bediri..agaknya selalu buat show kot.. Memang sayu kan and mcm belakon..

Buaya tu mcm geli je nak tengok tapi tergoda lak bila JM kata excited tengok hehe.. Itula igt nak pegi melaka zoo tapikan mesti kita dua depression nengok binatang kena kandang nih hehehe..

eh..buat la entry psl zoo and luah je feeling xpuas hati kita nie..JM kita dua boleh join animal right la ekeke...

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