Service Terminated...

I decided to end her service after working in my house for the past one and a half years. This was the second time. The first time was when she worked alongside her cousin. They would come on Saturday and both me and my husband would go out until late in the afternoon or early evening. Along the way, I would give them something gifts, souvenirs, food etc. But after a while I decided to end their service after they did something of which I’m not happy about. I didn’t tell them right away, after they went back I smsed her and told her that I wouldn’t be needing their service anymore and if I want them back I would give her a call.

A year later, my ex-officemate rang me up and asked for her number, so I gave it to her. Then a few days later, she called me up and asked whether I need her to come and clean my house. She said, she would be coming alone and not with her cousin anymore. I said ok, as I was satisfied with the work that was done in my house before. She is very hardworking and she cleaned it thoroughly. Each time she left the house at the end of her service, my house would be so spotless that I swear I don’t mind sleeping in the bathroom. Yup, that is how good she was. I always told her, if she’s not satisfied with the pay or anything, to please tell me. In fact I told her she can go back as early as 12pm if she wants to and that she can do or continue her work on her next visit. I was always nice to her and I even recommended her to my friends and my husband’s niece.

Everything went smoothly for a while and she came on the day that she was required to do and always on time. But that changed recently. She didn’t come at 8am which she normally did, instead she came almost 9am. She is still the hardworking that she was but she kept on changing the day that she would come to my house. At first I wouldn’t mind as I thought this would be a temporary thing and not all the time. But I find that she kept on changing it frequently which abruptly disrupted my schedule. I realised that I’ve been tolerant enough and that she would give others priority which is unfair on my part. I’m a flexible person but when it is too much, I just can’t take it anymore.

Last week I was waiting for her to come so that I can unlock the door. I didn’t continue sleeping after my subuh prayer as I plan to cook something extra special for the two of us. I waited until 10am and did not receive any sms from her. I was kinda mad and worried. So i smsed her and she told me, can she come tomorrow. I said, I’m not available and can she please come and take her last month’s pay. She did not reply until late in the evening. She said to pass it to Yati so that she can take it from her and asked me whether I’m free next Thursday. I did not reply until yesterday when she smsed me and asked can she come on Thursday which was yesterday. I reply as polite as I can be. I told her I’m not free, I will pass her pay to Yati with her stuff and that if I want her to clean my house in the future I will call/sms her. With that she didn’t reply or even say thank you. That is how “nice and polite” she was.

I know my house wouldn’t be as clean or as spotless as before but at least I don’t have to pening kepala thinking when would she going to change her schedule to come to my house. I think enough la, I tak mo sesiapa datang cuci rumah lagi, biar la I buat sendiri...


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