Life On The Refrigerator Door by Alice Kuipers

I bought this book during BBW Sales last month and it cost about RM8.00, worth buying huh? ^^.

I’d read/finished this book in just one day about two days ago. It is a simple book with a few sentences/lines in each page. True to the title, the story revolved around the relationship and the communication between a mother and her daughter, leaving notes to each other on the door of a refrigerator. It was different, unique and interesting book to hold on to. It was the first time that I came upon this kind of genre where everything was written on a notes and became a story.

Example, the mother asked the daughter to buy them an egg, bread, milk etc. Or the daughter (name Claire), asked for an allowance/cash, her key, going out babysit, at her bestfriend's house, what she cooked or that someone/friends called etc.. They fought, the made up, they expressed and professed their feeling to each other. And there’s so much love between them too. I can picture every scenario that took place, especially the one where they sit outside to catch the sun or walk along the river. Anyway, as you read along, you can see how the story would end and where it began. It was very touching but it still fail to make me cry. I guess because I already anticipated how it is going to be. A very good but sad story......

Me : Wohoo, I’m glad that I’m able to reach my target to read one book a month. Well, this is only the first month but I do hope it will carry I want to call it my new resolution? Not really because I planned for it for quite sometime...


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