A Case Of Overlooked.....

Case No. 1

Last Friday morning like any other morning, the moment I open my eyes the first thing that I think off and grab is my Mr Lappytoppy. I went immediately to my facebook click on my Farmville and cafeworld. But I noticed the movement of my cursor was so slow and suddenly there is no sign of it anymore. I try to move it around but it still wouldn’t work. I have no choice but to unplug it because I can’t even go to the start. Then I switched it back on, everything works fine but the cursor won’t appear eventhough I try lots of time to move the mouse around. Dalam hati I sudah berkira-kira that I’m gonna get a new one..wohoo... It is not that I don’t like or appreciate my current awesome laptop Sony Vaio , 16.4-inch WXGA (1600 x 900) but the thought of that I’m able to get anything easily due to my well..charm/manipulative way, yeah I admit ;P so I don’t really have a panic attack. I’m just so worried about stuff that I DL, pictures, my writing and all the website that I save in favourites if I have to reformat or send it to the shop.

I called up my husband and told him about it. He said not to worry and just wait for him till he got back. Meanwhile I went to my huge desktop which I rarely or hardly use in the study room to check on my farm and my cafe. After playing a while, I decided to do something else because I’m not use to sitting around, although the executive chair is huge and comfortable (yeah this ma’am is so lazy when she’s online that she is basically lying down, moving around in every position and every angle that she can fine and offcourse on bed). So I decided to continue with my baju melayu’s (lelaki) homework so that I don’t have to kelam kabut come Tuesday. Beside I learnt my lesson well of not to postponed or only do my homework at the last hour.

So when my husband came back for lunch, he went straight to my Mr Lappytoppy that was in the bedroom while I was outside doing my dressing making etc. After about a minute, he called me and told me it was ok and there is nothing wrong with it. I was surprised... there goes my impian to own a new lappy hahaha... He told me there was no problem with it because he can easily move using touch pad and the only glitch was... well.... THE MOUSE is not working anymore. Damn! How can I not realised that?? Then we changed the mouse...tada... it works wonder! Bloody hell... there I was worried about the stuff in my lappy (no, I don’t have any naughty stuff there..) and not knowing what was wrong with it all morning/afternoon.

Case No. 2

Still on the same day. I was not happy with the contact lenses that I just put (change monthly) on my right eyes. It has been acting out on me. I felt so uncomfortable and it was so annoying. It’s like there is a dust or sand. I blinked a few times those past few days but to no avail. Most of the time I see rainbow or some kind of piercing light and it makes my eyes itch and at the same time hurt too. I complained to my husband and we planned to go to the optical shop that I have been going for the past years this coming weekend.

Then after lunch I decided to put it the lenses on. (I was wearing my speck all morning/afternoon). I decided first, I need to check and see what was wrong with it (now why didn’t I think of it all this while?). When I went and check my right lenses, I was so surprised because it was tore and huge in the middle. I almost want to shout because it caused me a lot of discomfort not to mention the emotionally side of it... Damn! Like I said, how can I not see it, I did kinda sorta look at it before but didn’t see anything wrong with it. I guess I didn’t check it thoroughly. Then I called up my husband and told him what was wrong with it and he sound almost disbelieved. Before that he already told the optical staff of the problem and they told him to bring me over and to check my eyes and try the other type of lenses. And they thought the one that I’ve been using for many years now doesn’t suite me anymore. So when my husband went there in the evening to collect the rest of the new contact lenses, they were asking where I was because they thought I would come too and my husband told me about it and I guess they were laughing their arse off of me hahahaha...

I was wondering why can’t I think of something as simple as those two “incidents”? I guess I was so busy thinking about other bigger stuff that I overlooked or missed to see or not able to resolved a simple thing as that.

Me: Update from a hotel room ^^


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