I know it is kinda late for some but not for me to talk about Azam/Resolution in the middle of January but then it is still in January. To me personally it is good kalau anybody ada azam at the beginning of every year. Especially kalau ada azam yang baik-baik, contohnya yang hendak memperbaiki kelemahan diri because at least they know that what they did all this while was wrong or hurt anybody’s feeling with their action or word. It is good to have something to hold on to or something that you’re looking forward or try something different and new such as plan nak take up scuba diving ke, sky jumping ke, belajar buat kek ke or apa-apa la, yang boleh improve diri sendiri. And there is no better time to do it or plan for it then at the beginning of the year. It is like starting a new leaf. I don’t see anything wrong with it. I like to hear or read about it and mana tau I boleh ikut azam dorang.

It doesn’t matter whether they will follow it through or not. It doesn’t matter kalau hangat-hangat or sekerat jalan sekalipun. At least they give it a try or aiming to do something rather than just sitting around doing nothing and complaining pasal orang yang berazam nih. Just because you tak ada azam or azam you yang dulu dulu tu sekerat jalan, that you have the right to condemn those that want to start something good for themselves. What if azam orang tu menjadi and they follow it through for the rest of their life? So whose going to benefit from that? Them not you...

So what is your problem?


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