Weekend At Melaka

(Jonker Street At Night - Tapikan berada kat situ rasa macam bukan berada kat Malaysia. I feel like I don’t belong there. I don’t want to elaborate much as I don’t want to have some kind of repercussion or anything. Kang tak pasal-pasal dikatakan saja nak incite sentiment pulak! )

Last Saturday both me and the hubby went to Melaka to spend a night and sightseeing there. Actually, dia ajak about a week ago. I kata ok aje as I don’t know what else to do with my life hahaha.. and beside a change of scenery would be good for the mental state of mind who is clueless for as long as I can remember haha. I didn’t pack early like I normally did which would be a day or night before going on a trip. But I guess since it is just a night stay I don’t see that I need to pack much. Yeah sure and offcourse laptop mana boleh tinggal.

So on the morning of a trip I still try to steal some time to spend a little bit of time in my facebook while at the same time do some packing (ma’am nie memang hebat part part multitasking nih). We decided to have our lunch before leaving. We went to one of the shopping complex and had our lunch there. I was not in the mood or should I say was in a very bad mood. Well.. you know that month kinda thing. I’m not menopause yet you know... Anyway every little thing can trigger such massive drama. The hubby knows too well not to mess with me when I’m “that” situation.

Anyway, after lunch, we went straight to the highway. The journey was smooth except for some stupid motorist/driver who drove like they planned on leaving this earth soon or they drove like they are still in bed. We arrived around 3pm and was shocked to see the massive development at Jalan Banda Hilir/Dataran Pahlawan. The shopping complex was not there when we were there for like a two years ago. Ok, sampai aje, letak bag dalam bilik Hotel Equatorial, terus cari apa bende nak makan, sebelum tu masuk dalam Shopping Complex Pahlawan and buat shopping bende remeh-remeh sikit. After that balik hotel, lepak-lepak and sempat lagi I tinjau-tinjau my Farmville and hantar apa-apa gift yang patut.

Lepas maghrib we decided to ronda-ronda malam. Ingat nak pegi Eye of Malaysia. Is not that I want to ride on it on which I did when it was in Taman Titiwangsa dulu. Both of us cuma nak survey apa yang ada kat tepi-tepi tu, tah macam mana sesat ke theme park nya pulak. Niat nak naik cruise but I changed my mind when I saw akan kederasan boat itu bergerak. Patutnya bawak slow slow la, nie macam speedboat aje, tak best la. Lepas snap-snap gambar, kita orang drive lagi and nampak macam ada lampu cina colour merah bergantungan merata-rata at one place...Oh Jonker Street. So we decided to find a parking space and bejalan aje kat situ. Macam-macam jualan kat situ and sempat lagi I grab a few accessories. As much as I try to refrained myself but I just can’t help it, rambang mata. Manusia punya la ramai and cukup padat. Weather well..walaupun malam but it was hot and stuffy. Sempat lagi I ber snap snap and pose pose manja ayu hoho. Yang pasti kepala mesti terteleng wakakaka..

Tak lama kemudian I terasa nak buang air kecil. Tanya-tanya kedai kat situ, semua kata tak ada. Ada tu tapi saje tak nak kasi. Dah beli barang pun tak mau jugak. But luckily there’s one shop bagi after my husband tanya but not before I berdrama sedih dengan membongkokkan badan sambil memegang perut dan mengerutkan muka, sebenarnya tak sakit apa pun cuma tak tahan nak buang air kecik je. Husband I siap beli 3 packetes of asam pedas adabi and dapat satu mangkuk free (padahal betimbun ada jual kat KL), kira nak ambik ati. On the way out from the toilet, I terserempak dengan owner kedai tu and sempat lagi I bergurau, I said, I only do the small one not the big one, gelak dia, lega perut I. And I capai satu botol cili padi garlic, saje je nampak macam best je.

After puas berhimpitan, both of us decided that it was time to go back and makan as both of us belum dinner lagi. It was already 10pm. But damn, nak balik both of us tersesat jalan and siap mengoogle cari mana address ke hotel. Thanks God for 3G. Annndddd... on the way back, jammed for like two hours! (Serik!) Dengan laparnya and tak tahan nak mandi lagi.. seksa..nasib baik jugak dah buang air kecil or I die. Sampai hotel terus makan kat bawah sebab tak mau dah cari-cari tempat lain sebab dah lambat and jam dah pukul 11.30pm. Lepas makan terus naik atas bilik hotel. Sempat lagi I ber harvesting and went to bed.

Next day which was on Sunday, checked out pukul 12pm, do a little bit of shopping, lunched and we reached our home sweet home around 5pm.

Me : Next time nak datang lagi but this time nak pegi area lain pulak.


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