An Evening With Chocos and Niece

(Adoii..bedarah hidung tengok pose si diva nih)

We planned to go around KL or a little bit outside of the area to look for a beautiful or attraction place for me to have my photo assignment. To be precise, acara tangkap-tangkap gambar pokok ke, jalan ke..itu je.. But since splasher acid is still around, takut la pulak kan.. Beside sekarang nie heatwave, kang ada photographer ayu kertu jatuh pengsan sebab kepanasan ahak! So we decided to postponed for a while and will planned nicely in the future.

Tengahari, I tak masak and husband I beli nasi bryani and mee bandung johor kat restaurant Alladin. Lepas makan mengantuk la pulak kan. This is due to the nasi bryani itu, so both of us masuk tidur. I tak dapat tidur dengan lena sangat, terbangun kejap-kejap.

Petang, the niece called and kata nak datang and mandi manda kat swimming pool at our house. Kat rumah dorang, orang tengah buat maintenance. Around 6.30pm dorang datang with the diva choco granddaughter itu. As for our grandson, he is more quiet and mature for his age. So as you know kalau dah ada our designated clown maka kecoh la suasana kan. She is petite but so macam mak nenek and full with question. She knows how to ask the “right” question and put you on a spot light. Memang pintar.

So the five of us pun ke swimming pool but I tak mandi. In fact I lama dah tak berenang kat swimming pool nie. I pun tak tau kenapa. Oh, I bring along my Nikon’s, as this is the opportunity that I have, to take photo outside the house. I took a few and I was so happy. At least there is something new, tak la asyik ambik gambar lauk je kan. Not to mention our diva tu, macam-macam pose dia bagi..

Dinner, husband I order pizza and then Aida, showed me a few fabric untuk buat shawl/tudung, which lama dah dia nak suruh I jahit but since she’s busy, dia tak ada masa nak bagi I until yesterday. I’ve told her during birthday party the other day that kalau ada bende-bende nak bagi kat I, bagi sebelum puasa sebab during puasa I nak berehat and I don’t want to do anything. When I saw the sample that she gave me, it was kinda easy to make but I don’t have the special machine just to jahit the shawl/tudung. Kalau nak beli, it was quite expensive, around RM10K. And I have no interest to being a tudung maker as my career. I’m more keen into photography nowadays. But anyway, nanti la I try guna my existing machine and I never know ada orang pakai tudung style macam nie. Yela kan I bukan pakai tudung, so I tak tau macam mana perkembangan fesyen tudung kan.

So right now, I have more task in my hand, beside the tudung la, the photography la (nak edit etc. and I still haven’t had the time to study the photoshop and even mastering my camera), the nak try resepi cake la, the buku yang tak baca lagi la, the painting yang tak siap-siap la, the photo that I have yet to print for my husband la, the sewing of my baju raya that I was supposed to start by now la, Macam-macam “the” and “la”… kan..

But I’m not stressing up (so far la..) because those are the things that I love and dear to my heart. I just have to be smart enough to adjust my schedule, priorities and interest well… Itu tak termasuk lagi things that needs to be done around the house on a daily basis and not to mention, surfing la, watching movie la, blogging la.. and now flickering (oh yeah speaking of flickering, I need to upload the pictures that I took yesterday). I guess those who said that we have so much free time in our hand for being a housewife should think again, especially in this era. We are wiser and more knowledgeable than you can ever think of.

Adios for now…


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