Akhirnya Cake I Tak Bantat...

(Slices of Pound Cake)

I was so excited when I stumbled upon a website on a marble cake recipe. I don’t remember ever making one before, tah la tak ingat. And I read lots of good reviewed yang dah buat cake nie and menjadi kat site. They said it was so delicious and one even made it as a wedding cake. I remembered mummy used to bake the cake when we were in Singapore. During those time, electric mixer was unheard of, so mummy had to use those spring iron kinda thing and beat the flour, eggs, butter etc. with it for a couple of hours. She would switch hand after a few because it was quite tiring, I guess and I was tiring just to see her doing it. I love to eat the chocolate part because I can smell the cocoa and leave the yellow/white to Wo.

So last two weeks ago, I decided to make one but this one is a marble cheese cake. I called up my husband to buy some ingredient on the way back from work. So during AF was shown on tv I started with my project. I was a bit sceptical with the mixture because it didn’t say that I should put the a flour batter onto a white portion. But since I’m not the expert one, so I thought mesti jadi nie, since kata sedap sedap and gambar pun cantik-cantik je. When I took it off from the oven, I was so disappointed because my marble cheese cake was so penyek and bantat. I was so mad and my husband said this one bagi recipe tipu-tipu but I said, why was the reviewed and those who buat jadi. He said those people are crazy haha.. He tasted it and he said it was delicious and not to worry about the appearance. I said, mana boleh, if it is jadi, it wouldn’t look like this. The next day I threw it away.

(Pound Cake fresh from the oven)

Then last Saturday night, again during AF, I don’t know why, I like to do it on AF night haha.. This time I try Orange Blended Cake’s recipe and again I found it from the internet. I told myself, this time definitely will jadi since the blogger was well known and popular around and his blog produced some of the most amazing picture of food etc., that he bake/make/cook by himself. And nampak sungguh mengiurkan. The ingredient was simple and easy to make. When the cake is ready, again I was so disappointed and cried because cake I penyek, bantat and on top of that keras. I was so mad and cursed like hell. Then my husband the avid supporter said not to worry, don’t be mad, it is not my fault, the owner tipu-tipu bagi recipe. I said what a waste of my time, ingredient and your money. My husband said, “it’s okay, I buy you a tonnes of ingredients or whatever you want anytime, don’t worry about how much it will cost me ok”? As long as you’re happy, that is what matters to me. And I’m 100% sure, whatever you make will turn out well, they are the one who are not being truthful with the measurement etc”. Oh my sweet talker husband, my inspiration and the one who believe in me. I’m so thankful for having him in my life.

Then I told him, I want to make another one although I baru je buat yang bantat tu, he suggested that I try the recipe out of many of my recipe books instead of from the internet. He said, each time I try the one from my book, mesti jadi. Then he went to the kitchen and ask, if there is anything that he can help me beside clean the dishes, which is in his workscope by the way, well, I have sensitive hand. I told him to just grated the lemon for me, that’s all. During those moment, I don’t really have any hope that it would turn up nicely as hati sudah kecewa many times kan. I told myself, kalau sudah fated tak jadi, it’s ok, I can always do again in the future. Oh yeah, this time, I said Bismillah before I start. Every now and then I would peep through my oven through the glass door to see whether my cake will rise or not. When I saw my cake macam jadi je, I was so happy but I don’t want to cepat-cepat nak celebrate kan. So I wait until it was time for me to take it out from the oven and taste it. And yes, I made it! And it looked exactly like the picture from my recipe book! It tasted delicious too. I was ecstatic! I have it for supper and breakfast the next day.

Note : If you want a recipe, I can send it to you through email.. Kat sini I tak boleh publish, copyright infringement nanti…


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