Ke Taman Rama-Rama

(One of the butterflies around - more pics in my flickr)

Hari ini I sangat gembira sebab akhirnya I ke Taman Rama-Rama. Hehe..I know, it is in KL je and not far from the house, it took about 15 to 20 minutes depend on the jam la kan. We’ve been wanting to go there for a long time but asyik postponed aje. One thing I like about that area, Taman Tasik Perdana nie, because tempat-tempat menarik are within walking distance from each other such as Taman Burung, Taman Bunga Orkid, Taman Bunga Raya, Tugu Negara, Planetarium and banyak lagi. Kira diletak dalam satu bumbung la kan. Anyway, we’ve been to Taman Burung or Bird Park before and it is "The World's Largest Covered Bird Park" or "The World's largest Free Flight Aviary". Hah, jangan tak tau. And a few months ago we went to the Planetarium, penat giler nak naik tangga, sampai atas both of us semput and kaki cramp semacam, almaklum la sekarang nie kan dah level grandma and grandpa kan…(kejaammm). After this we planned to cover all the attraction kat Taman Tasik Perdana nie, demi photography ku. I know, I masih amateur and I don’t take nice picture…huhu..(merendah la konon). I belum lagi edit or buat photoshop kat gambar-gambar that I took so far as I still don't know how and I will find the time to learn as I'm quite busy right now. So gambar-gambar kat flickr tu masih suci lagi..hehe..

So anyway, we went out almost 2pm and had our lunch at San Francisco. I was worried about the weather as I saw a few drops of rain on our car windscreen. I was glad when we reached the place and the rain tak jadi turun..what a relieved! The ticket entrance to Taman Rama-Rama was quite expensive two for RM17. And the place is small. Adakah ianya berbaloi? Well..not really because there are not many butterfly’s species around. Balik-balik yang hitam, orange and a few others. But I’m still happy because my main reason like I said earlier on, was to take the pictures and at the same time gain some experience and knowledge in the photography world of mine. Yela..kalau tak, asyik-asyik ambik gambar pokok kat luar rumah kan.. bosan la tak ada view lain…

After I done with my mission (cewah mission you..), we decided to go to Pasar Seni but I changed my mind and ajak husband I ambik gambar persekitaran Dataran Merdeka, mainly the old building yang unique tu. I don’t snap many pictures because I don’t find nice angle around and macam nak drizzling balik, beside mission accomplished kan. Then we went to Berjaya Times Square because I was looking for a hat and a few shirts.

We decided to have our early dinner at Johnny’s. Lepas abis ber shopping and dinner, we stop at pasar malam to buy me nasi kerabu because I know malam nanti mesti I kebulur. You see, macam mana I tak fatty bom bom? Orang kata jangan makan lepas pukul 6 or 8pm but me pukul 9pm onward la masa I sangat lapar, so how? I sangat susah hati akan bentuk perut I yang melayut ke depan dan berlapis ini and not to mention bahagian lengan yang gelebeh. I’m so f#$%ing mad at myself for not being able to curb my nafsu!

Note : Lawak Jambu + Acong yang cool last night buat I gelak nak pengsan!


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