Tragedi tanah runtuh kat rumah anak yatim buat I rasa insaf. It was so unexpected and still is a very sad thing to happen. Dying at such a young age and had very little experience in life is.. well, when it is the time for you to go, doesn’t matter who or what or where you are kan? Before that, I tekejut with the unexpected demise of seniwati Mahyon Ismail, sebab tak ada dengar pun dia sakit yang berat-berat kan and a few days ago I came across about another blogger that I never heard of but when I read about him in his friend’s blog, it seems that he was somebody that they miss dearly. All of a sudden I teringatkan another blogger/forumer friend yang past away a few years back. It was so shocked and sudden. Although I’m not close to him but I cried when I first heard the news.

Then I goggled through and found a few blogger that had gone and one that really caught my eyes. She died at such a young age (20 years old) due to lung cancer. I’ve read all of her entry (last night until wee hour of the morning), from the very beginning in 2004 until her last day on September 2008. I smiled, laughed and felt so sad at the same time as if she was very much alive! She was such a cheerful girl and surrounded by loving family and also friends. She’s very talented and intelligent young lady. And she took beautiful photograph too. After finished reading all of her entry, I felt like I lost a sister or a niece that I never know. Without realising it, I shed a tear. Then I went to her friend’s blog and read what was written about her. They really missed her and I can’t imagine how her family must had felt when they read her blog kan?

And I was wondering myself, what would happen to my blog when I’m gone. Should I ask someone to delete it or should I just leave it there for anybody to see? Should I disable the comment so that anybody can comment whatever they want without having “me” to filter it through? So I decided, to put back my chatbox (lantak la to the spammer), who knows when I’m gone at least there is somebody or anybody who would like to say something on it or sedekah Al Fatihah kat I ke kan, (as if I can read it when I’m 6 feet underground kan?).

Al-Fatihah to those yang dah pegi…


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