Monday, May 16, 2011

Afternoon Ranting

(Ikan kerapu masak sambal - lunch tadi)

Last two weeks, she smsed me and asked for her job back. She said, she can come on Monday. I told her, I will let her know once I talked to my husband. Actually, hati sudah tutup untuk menerima but I don’t want to reply immediately as I don’t want to sound rude (masih ada hati perasaan jugak eh?) and beside I don’t want to be on anybody’s bad side. Tak pasal-pasal I di esahkan. Not that I think she would do that, I know she is a nice person. A few days later, I told her that if I were to need her service I would let her know. She said ok. Nowadays, my rumah is not as shinny or glint as before. Each time I step my barefoot on the floor, I can feel the small particles around. So, now my barefoot has become a designated broom and tissues. And that sweet husband of my always said that he would vacuum on the weekend but as usual janji tinggal janji and I can’t be bothered to ask! The milo stained on the carpet where I accidentally knocked over a few nights ago, is still there. I have no intention whatsoever to clean it. And yeah, the carpet looks so different, sungguh “cantik” coraknya and blended well hehe..

I have three more days to ganti my puasa on which I should have done it but I didn’t. I thought I was gonna have my “monthly” thing but it was not to be. And my pms is killing me at the moment. Kadang-kadang rasa macam nak geget that mucuk without any particular reason! Even watching glee can make my eyes bertakungan with tears. I went to my inlaw’s birthday’s party yesterday, for my two chochos, they combined the birthdays together. The food was not good on which I already anticipate. I didn’t eat much but I have to force myself as I was so hungry and takut masuk angin. But I eat small portion of each of the dishes. The weather was so hot and I drenched in sweat. I couldn’t wait to go back and have my shower. But the time spent with the family was so great. I enjoyed their company very much and I can feel the love everywhere. I kan anak dagang, mengharap a shred of sympathy dari yang sudi uhuk! Tapi I nie anak dagang yang tak pandai membawa diri..uhuk lagi!

Right now, I’m having a gastric or should I say, burping a lot of times like katak dalam lorong since last night and in fact I was about to vomiting all that I ate yesterday but I decided not to. I’m having a stomach cramp too and I “melepas” this afternoon. I feel sleepy but I refuse to go to sleep or have a nap. I created a flickr account just now and managed to upload one photo that I took a couple of days ago. It’s two lovebird bertenggek di dahan facing my sliding door. And I’m happy in these madness, sickness and sleepiness….

ciao for now....

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