Gossip la pulak...

First and foremost I tak minat and tak kisah tentang Nora Danish yang sungguh cute itu although bila ada gossip pasal dia or any other artis I still baca-baca macam tu aje but since sekarang nie heboh pasal kisah beliau yang menarik diri dari drama Spa Qistina on which I never watch and I don’t know which channel, what time, etc. Back to Nora Danish, I can understand why she was so mad and still tak boleh tengok that perempuan. That shows she is not hypocrite. There is no such thing as being professional when it comes to the matter of a heart and how she or anybody was hurt before. And what can be more hurtful when someone that you love once are taken away from you and broke up your marriage and while you’re still pregnant. Knowing the present of perempuan itu kat set pengambaran eventhough dorang tak bertembung can set her off, to me, she has the right to do so and to feel that way.

Even if it is true the gossip about both of them bertarik rambut nie pun pada I, go ahead je la, alang-alang dah sakit hati. Let just say some people express their feeling differently hahahaha...tapi jangan sampai jadi case murder pulak hehe.. but I’m sure the gossip is not true at all...

As for the produser yang kata dia rugi sebab bende-bende nie, in the first place you should know what are the consequences bila you ambik dua-dua orang nie belakon.

As for that perempuan (on which I don't anti or hate her.. ), yang dikatakan tidak bersalah kerana Nora Danish yang mengamuk, meninggalkan set etc. etc., well to me, siapa suruh rampas kebahagiaan orang in the first place and she should know that her action will affect her in the future tak kira la dalam masa bekerja/belakon atau tidak. Yes, some people said past is past, forgive and forget but please remember you can never forget something that you experienced before especially when it hurts so much. No matter how much you try to forget, it will always linger in our mind. A memory is a recording of your life.

At the end of the day that lelaki yang the real player jugak yang orang tak kutuk-kutuk.


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