Paranormal Activity

On Sunday, we spent our time watching movies in the comfort of our home. We watched lots of movies lately such as Perfect Getaway, Orphan, Surrogates and the latest one was Paranormal Activity. It was made into a documentary film and it was so spooky. It was a bit slow at first but half way through, oh dear God, it was scary shit! Although the demon/ghost or whatever it was, was not appeared but the gangguan and sometime the eerie stillness was so overwhelming, tak tau nak cakap dah. I think the unforeseen force and not knowing what it will do to you, I mean the anticipation was so unbearable. But the ending is not what I expected and it is kinda..mmm.... how should I put it.. macam tak kena je....

After watching the film, me and the mamat cute argued about whether the film was authentic or fiction. I was adamant that the film/documentary is not real but the mamat yang amat suka dengan cerita non-fiction berbentuk seram nie kata it was real. So I checked through the net and sama je, kat situ dorang pun berbalah gak. Then just now when I went through the image to put the Paranormal pics to my blog, I found out that it is not a real/film documentary hahaha..I can’t wait to tell the mamat ;p . Believe whatever you want to believe dudeeeee.....


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