Weekend - Saturday

(Fried Rice Pineapple)

As usual I was busy shopping on the weekend. Bila nak start balik berblog I jadi malas. I didn’t surf the net for quite sometime. I still hold on to my “eating healthy regime” phew thanks God! But last Saturday, segalanya lebur menjadi debu when it comes to makan kat luar. We went to The Curve sebab nak cari beg yang anak buah I beli. I was very much interested in the design but I wouldn’t buy the same pattern but yang penting jenama. Before that we plan to have our lunch as we didn’t have our breakfast and hungry at the same time. Since tak tau apa nak makan, ndak tak ndak, no choice terpaksa la makan kat one place where we’ve eaten before. After going through the menu, I have no choice but to order the nasi goreng nenas (pineapple fried rice). My other half pun order nasi goreng, ABC and Curry Chicken Yogurt adeeihh...temptation. Before that, the waiter were asking me whether I want the nasi goreng to be spicy or non-spicy, I choose spicy lerrr... I was hoping that my nasi goreng will be presented in the nenas but it was on a plate instead, bummer.... and they just scattered the nenas around and it was not spicy at all. But the portion was so much.

(Curry Chicken Yogurt)

(ABC - Air Batu Campur)

I exchanged with my darling but the taste was the same and I only took a quarter of it. Beside, I have no appetite to eat but when the ABC came, I hentam like crazy. I try not to think about my calories intake although it was in the back of my mind all the time during my hentam of ABC. I feel bad but what can I say.... So anyway, we promised ourselves we wouldn’t eat at that place anymore. It was our second times actually, I think we make the same pact before. So much for promising.

Anyway, like I said, we went to The Curve to look for that branded bag. Macam nak mati both of us bejalan at every inch of the place but we couldn’t find the outlet. We asked the enquiries and was told that, there’s no such outlet there. Darling called her (our niece) for a few times but she didn’t answer it, must be the stupid service connection again. We were wondering where did she bought it? Oh, I managed to grab two Audrey Hepburn t-shirt, it was beautiful and yeaaahhhh.... plus earrings, hair clips....mama mia...

Note : I’m not paid or getting any compensation from the food pics that I took/put in my blog. All my comments are solely base on my tastebud.


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