An Hour/Seduced By Madness

An Hour To Live, An Hour to Love Author Richard Carlson and Kristine Carlson

Buku nie anak buah I kasi pinjam about a month ago but I didn’t get around to it until last night because I was so busy reading other books (Seduced By Madness). Dia kata baca la, best and touching. So last night I pun baca. Oh... memang best and sangat menyentuh perasaan.

It is a true story, pasal husband dia bagi wife dia a long letter on their eighteenth wedding anniversary. Dalam surat tu, husband dia tanya if you were given an hour to live, Who would you call? What would you say? And Why are you waiting? And husband dia bagitau apa dia akan buat. It was one of the most beautiful love story that I ever read... It was so touching, sincere and pure love. I baca dalam masa sejam aje (buku tak tebal). This book is such an inspiration to me and I'm sure others who read it will feel the same as I do.

Buku nie somewhat memberitahu that material possession, achievement in life is not a goal in life and it meant nothing if you don’t have any love to give/offer...etc... Bende-bende remeh yang sering kita pikiran is not important too.. Ah, banyak manafaat atau kesedaran yang kita perolehi especially perasaan kasih sayang sesama manusia.... Seriously, I look at life differently after reading this book.

Habis aje baca buku nie, immediately I told my husband (as I don’t want to wait), if I have an hour to live, who would I call? I would call you. What would I say? I would say I love you so much and I’m sorry if I ever hurt you all this while. You make me the happiest women alive. You are my heaven and my paradise....and like I told you long time ago and it still stood that loving you is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Then I text/sms my eldest sister, Wo and Mummy. I told both of them that I love and miss them so much. A minute later Mummy replied my sms and said “me too” and she’s out with my cousin and their family. Then I told her to tell my cousins that I send my loving regards to them. A while later I received a phone call from Wo (as her credit is always zero hahaha). We started to talk about how much we love and miss each other. Then we talked about books hahaha... I’m glad I did that and I’m not going to wait if I want to express how much they mean to me anymore.

What are you waiting for?

Seduced by Madness Author Carol Pogash

I finished reading this book last night. It is one of the best or should I say the best true crime story ever written. Carol Pogash wrote brilliantly and her attention to details was so amazing. She successfully brought us the reader, to experience and into the inside of Susan Polk’s mind. I sakit hati betul kat minah tu...

Note : I’m not paid or getting any compensation from the reviewed of the books that I’ve read. All my comment are solely base on my personal view .


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