Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Menu Dua Hari Lepas

Two days ago (Monday), I makan, nasi sikit, ayam steam, soup yang di masak rebus with chicken fishball, cauliflower and baby corn. Macam lauk hospital aje sebab colour soup to sungguh clear. Then a few hours later I terasa lapar, so I munched on muesli, 2 pieces of kiwis and china’s pear. I took my dinner at around 5.30pm because I have to go to my class at 6.00pm. My dinner was chicken kebab. Balik dari class, we stopped over at my neighbour’s shop and beli 4 pots (kecik je) of non fat ice cream from her shop (Taiwan’s snowflakes ice cream). Sampai rumah I tak lapar cuma haus although I bawak air apple and almost finish it. After watching Amazing Race around 12am I teringin nak makan the ice cream that we bought earlier on. So I belasah 2 pots of it but I’m not worried because it is not fattening at all.

Yesterday (Tuesday), I makan china’ pear around 12pm. For lunch I masak ikan bawal putih masak singgang and peria yang I goreng with satu sudu kecil minyak. One hour later I minum air strawberry yogurt with a little bit of curry crackers from Japan. I tak risau sebab tak berminyak and tak ada rasa sodium garam and I’m pretty sure they baked it instead of frying it, kataku menyenangkan hati. Tak lama kemudian I ate one bar of my guilty pleasure, chocolate Snickers. An hour later I makan apple. Then around 6.30pm I makan roti lekat kat dinding (roti naan) sekeping. Malam around 10pm I makan a few spoonful of 100% fat free yogurt ice cream. Actually I tak nak tapi budak gumuk tu ler tak mo makan sorang-sorang. Tengah malam terkentut-kentut I.

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