Hari Nie..

There’s not much activities today so far either. Hari nie I don’t feel like having rice so I decided to fried a mee kasar low cholesterol (yang kita kena masak kat air panas untuk melembutkannya before boleh mengoreng). These past few days or should I say weeks, I have been having a lot of unhealthy food. I’m off the track apparently. So mee kasar tu I goreng dengan olive oil, fish ball, nugget ayam dan sausage. I masukkan serbuk perasa ayam sikit, kicap, black pepper dan I banyakkan sayur batang putih. I tak letak oyster sauce as I’m having a bad allergy itchy kat both legs at the moment. Beside, I nak kurangkan my seafood intake.

During makan for lunch, husband I tanya my handphone dah ok ke tak as yesterday it was acting out on me. Sim card tak dapat baca. It was the first. So I bagi kat dia and bila dia check, it was still the same. So I’m out of the hp at the moment as he has to bring the phone/sim card to maxis.. But I don’t mind at all because I don’t and nobody calls me or texting me nowadays. Sebabnya I tak ramai kawan and I malas nak ber contact- contact bukan I sombong tapi I tak tau nak cakap apa hehe... Siti always and was still asking me to register at facebook and told me about betapa bestnya dia bermain game farmtown/Farmville kat situ. I kata I xmo main game kat facebook nanti I become addicted as I have an addicted personality. Dia kata just borak-borak aje. My anak buah pun suruh I register jugak. Dia cakap sekarang nie semua org berfacebook, nampaknya I’m a few yang tak de hahaha... Nakkal pun cakap kalau I dah befacebook please inform him. Remember on my last blog (before I tutup) that I tak mau berfacebook? Sekarang iman I dah goyah balik. So much for fretting not wanting to even think about it... Ok ok la.. tengok la nanti macam mana. But I really need somebody to guide me but I think I akan abandon je nanti because I was always on the run all the time (yela tu dek).

Anyway lepas makan I went and watched some of the torr yang I dah DL tapi tak tengok-tengok lagi.. Banyak oo... and I’m afraid in the future my lappy wouldn’t be able to store it much more longer. But at the moment I’m not too worry as I still have 268GB lagi. I dah transferred banyak to my external drive and I need to delete some of the old one. So just now I went and watched SYTYCD Season6 (US). I’m so glad my favourites couples masih ada lagi... pheww... I was worried when one of my favourite’s couple Nathan and Mollie, was a bottom three and thanks God they were save.

Ok, I got to go. I need to prepare myself for my class this evening and my mata is so mengantuk at the moment what’s with the weather and all. Sejukkkk sangat sekarang nie and I siap berbungkus di siang hari lagi and I didn’t on my aircond pun...

Bye for now..


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